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Twenty-three year old recently relocated to New York City. Slim waisted, Caucasian, and an avid rollerblader. I sell a wide variety of underwear ranging from boxer briefs to jock straps to G strings. Tell me how you want them and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Businessman by day G string lover by night. My love of G-strings, thongs, briefs and trunks.

Black haired, dark featured young adult living in Missouri. I work long hours in a hospital rocking underwear from jockstraps to boxer shorts and everything in between. Calvin Klein, American Eagle, and Teamm8 are among my favorite styles to wear. 

I travel around the country for work, working with leather for trade shows. I\'m often described as a nomad nymph, and I pick up underwear from various places around the nation. I\'m a huge fan of my own underwear, so I thought it about time to share my junk with the interweb world.