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I’m a barely legal (20-year-old) hot looking athlete with a swimmer's build. I am your dream Trophy Boi. Young, Hung and Full of Cum. I get into sweaty outdoor activities like biking, running, and hiking so my gear has a young stud's masculine smell. I have a fun kinky side too so check out the items that I share with my two brothers. I even at times raid my father’s used alpha gear adding my own scent on top of his ripe bull balls. I'm always open to special requests.

Relaxation. Indulgence. Pleasure. Good words to live by. I'm an easy-going, creative big boy; 5"11, and a hefty 135kg. I joined this site as a way to have fun, and make some extra income to help save for a trip I'm planning. I plan to spend time this Aussie summer relaxing in the garments featured here, snacking on various items, and jacking off; sounds like a good time, huh? ;)

самые ароматные трусики в мире. Английский, русский, azeri, türkçe

I'm Musky, and I'm a 20 year old transguy living in Canada. I wear both panties and boxers, and I will cater to most requests ;) I love getting to know the people I'm selling to, so don't be afraid to send me a message anytime! I'm happy to answer any question that you might have. Because I am trans, my underwear get a really musky deep scent due to the testosterone.

I’m an athletic nursing student. 26 and very clean. Don’t let the hair fool you. I’m not hairy every where. Whatever your needs just let me know. I have a lot of selections. Let me know. Also if you want pictures of random boxers or briefs I’d be happy to be a model. I have tattoos on my knees to make them look more awesome.

Recently married BI couple selling our used unmentionables. Trying to raise some extra cash for a Condo Apartment. Joanna is 23 years young and I ( Dino) is 30 years young. Her heritage is Italian American and I am Moroccan American. Both of us are quite healthy and active. We can customized to your taste :-) Since both of us have underwear fetishes, we accumulate a lot of them that we need to part with. So please take a gander at out auctions on Sofiagray. Have a jolly time getting off like we do quite often on the undies :-)

Kik me at RealMr.Gray I'm late 20's, athletic build, 6'1". I'm a laborer and don't mind getting dirty. Most days are long, hard hours of working up a sweat. I am open to request and will personalize your order to give the best experience I can. Every order comes with a picture of me wearing them. All garments are new and clean (unless stated otherwise in description) and worn to your specific request once ordered. Additional options include: 24 hours- +$5 48 hours- +$10 72 hours- +$15 Masturbation- +$15 Sex- +$20 Pictures- $5 or 5 for $20 I am open to any other suggestions. Just let me know what you'd like. Venmo for payment. Kik me for the account.

Salutations, everyone! My name is Oliver and I am untouched terrain, ready to be explored by the right person, man or woman, and willing to learn just how to do it. I’m a small-town boy with too much time and cum on his hands. What else is a guy to do?  I can't just spend all of my time with my nose stuck in a book--there's so much life and boundaries to explore and I can't wait to explore them with you.  Before you ask, yes the virgin title, being as I am from the world's tiniest, most religious town, I'm 20 years old and still a virgin. 

A shop full of fun

Welcome to my Shop! You will find nothing but the best man undies here. I guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. My name is master rebel and I don't play by the rule book! Size large: 34-36 inches All items come bagged and sealed to insure freshness.

My name is Jules and I'm a 19-year old model from Belgium. My body type is slim and I am white. I have clear blue eyes and light brown hair. I am 1m84 / 6feet tall and I weigh 59kg/130lb. I can do a lot on request, have a look at what I can offer you. I have a lot of boxers on hand, so contact me and tell me what to do.

Hot Military dad & gorgeous milf selling

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Hi Guy i'm 18,  i'm 1,78 mètre, Grey eyes, blond hair, and in second years of sport school. I'm Soon get graduated and coach. Salut,  j'ai 18 ans, je mesures 1,78, mes yeux sont gris en fonction de la lumière,  et mes cheveux sont blonds-bruns et je suis en deuxième année de sport. Je serais donc bientôt coach et je suis passioné.

Straight white male looking to clean out my closet and share some southern hospitality with you. What I have on hand is all that I will be selling so if you see something you like let me know what you want and how you want it. Taking all requests and nothing is off limits! Happy shopping ;)

Twenty-three year old recently relocated to New York City. Slim waisted, Caucasian, and an avid rollerblader. I sell a wide variety of underwear ranging from boxer briefs to jock straps to G strings. Tell me how you want them and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

"Mature" heterosexual male-to-female crossdresser who loves to slip into a bra and panties, dress or skirt and blouse or skinny jeans and top and a pair of high heels or wedges. When I do I get excited and might leave a spot on my panties. Thongs are my faves. What's your favorite! Making men hard and women wet gets me doing both!

I'm a college athlete turned Yoga Instructor with a dirty little secret - it makes me wet knowing strangers enjoy the treats I send them in the mail.  I'm 5'10", have blonde hair and take care of my body.  I'm often asked if I model.  The panties you'll get from me will smell and taste like a sensual Lotus flower.  I'm open to specific requests from customers.  My hubby doesn't know about my sexy secret so shhh...

I am a heterosexual male age 30. Blue eyes, brown hair, 6ft3inch, 180 lbs, slim build. I spend my work day delivering packages. I am new to this site and will be selling underwear that have been worn to work for a few days, masturbation, and sex. I usually wear boxer briefs size large. If you have a delivery man fantasy im your guy! I am also willing to provide special requests!

I am a native american male from the southwest, at a young age of 23 just looking to make some money. I thought it would be something different to the website since not many native american men do this. I work out and go to work alot moving around. 

I am 26 yrs old, latino, in good shape. 5-5 and 138lbs. The underwear here is wear all day and when i workout. So very sweaty and smelly.

Businessman by day G string lover by night. My love of G-strings, thongs, briefs and trunks.

Black haired, dark featured young adult living in Missouri. I work long hours in a hospital rocking underwear from jockstraps to boxer shorts and everything in between. Calvin Klein, American Eagle, and Teamm8 are among my favorite styles to wear. 

Hey guys,

I'm an office professional by day but let loose during the evening. I work out 5-6 a week whenever I get a spare hour or two.

I prefer tight boxers/briefs and I'm looking forward to showing off some of my best assets.

Open to suggestions if you would like to see something different.