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Businessman by day G string lover by night. My love of G-strings, thongs, briefs and trunks.

Black haired, dark featured young adult living in Missouri. I work long hours in a hospital rocking underwear from jockstraps to boxer shorts and everything in between. Calvin Klein, American Eagle, and Teamm8 are among my favorite styles to wear. 

Hey guys,

I'm an office professional by day but let loose during the evening. I work out 5-6 a week whenever I get a spare hour or two.

I prefer tight boxers/briefs and I'm looking forward to showing off some of my best assets.

Open to suggestions if you would like to see something different.


Pure testosterone, sex, and sweat is the scent you'll find here.

Hello There, I'm Behya Mia. I want to thank you for looking at my page. I work as a security officer during the weekdays and a model on the weekends. I have grey blonde hair and green eyes. I wear my precious panties a week till the day of my photoshoots. 1 WHOLE WEEK..and ... just for you. Dress me up I can arrange a cosplay photoshoot of your choice and if you have particular pose in mind......well pose me too! Best part is payment takes place using social media apps so you can stay in touch!

  I'm a cosmetologist so I'm standing on my feet most of the day doing hair/makeup or basically sitting on the floor doing pedicures. A little about me: I'm an avid reader and I love to swim. I get wet very easily and have a large collection of fun toys to use to make these panties extra special;) I love being told what to do some message me for any special requests.

Hi my name is tammy, and I am new to all of this, but I am very excited to try it out! I'm 20, and work in retail. I'm about 5"5 and thick/chubby. Small titties, with a big ass. I have long wavy brown hair, that goes down to the small of my back. I love to masturbate in my panties, and let them soak up the jucies while im at work. Im secretly sexy, but i like to be nasty and im up to trying anything you want me to, and my favorite panties to wear are boyshorts, thongs, and anything lace. Message me for special requests.

Hi everyone! 20 straight male here. I love to model my underwear on Snapchat!  just started modeling Add me to see which pairs I'm showing off today! I take special requests for pairs you would like to purchase. With Snapchat you can watch how naughty and dirty the progression of each pair gets! I wear boxer briefs, briefs and jockstraps! Add me on Snapchat: HottestRobby to see what I'm wearing next!

New York City guy with a great scent!  I'm new to this but I love the idea.  I want to use the money to pay for my school tuition and maybe buy a pair from someone here

I am a mother of three. I work two jobs and enjoy reading alot. I read atleast one romance novel a day. Which is how I found out that I could do this online. As a mother of three it is always hard to make ends meet so intead of look for a third job I am going to try this out!

I work from home, enjoy hiking, working out, and video games, I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and I\'m from a small town, on the east coast. The panties I will be selling will be lace and satin thongs.

I'm a 5'0 big booty chubby girl with long straight brown hair. I'm a college student and work as a secretary. I love sweating, exercising, swimming, having sex, etc. I take requests for just about anything so ask away. Let your imagination run wild.

My name is Amy Navarro. I just turn 19 years old, recently move to the big city for college.. I am a bit shy..never been with a real guy but I LOVE TOYS..  I am open for requests.

Hello, I am a gay Cuban Male living in the sunshine state, I am always on the go going to work school and the gym. Love wearing underwear for long periods of time. I tend to sweat alot since i am harry. Love to share my unique items of a regular latin guy.

Im not one to engage in these activities but the thought of my  essence in a strangers hands excited me. ...I smell of gardenias and taste like heaven. Any special request send me a message and I'll make it happen

Hi! I'm Candy and I'm here for your pleasure ;) I do take requests but I make no promises. I sell anything from thongs to cheekys to boy shorts!

I pride myself on my perfect hourglass figure: my measurements are 37-26-38. My wardrobe is is constantly changing, and I really have no set style. Sometimes I'm bubbly and youthful, sometimes I'm classy and seductive. Sometimes I like being country chic, but sometimes I like being a dominatrix or sweating at the gym. Under it all is the same, fun, sexy lady who knows how to get down! I have no fetishes of my own--except fulfilling the fetishes of others! I'm especially interested in hand, foot, menstrual, and hair fetishes; contact me for custom panties or other items!

Short white girl with brown hair I do a variety of stuff

Hi! I\'m Ricki.

I\'m a 23 year old Midwestern girl who loves the thought of someone sticking their nose into my dirty underwear.

My body is tall (5\'10\'\') and slim, with curves at my hips. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. What can I say, I\'m Dutch.  :)

I love hiking and gardening in my spare time.

I\'m willing to do just about anything in the panties, including pee, poop, bleed, and cum. Just let me know what you like, and I can customize the panties specifically for you.

I also have leggings, thigh high stockings, and socks.


Classy and attractive teacher with a very secretive naughty side! While having some fun one night, I discovered a hidden talent - I can squirt, and not only squirt, but make puddles and squirt distance! This intrigued me so much that I have since perfected the art of it, attempting to quell an insatiable desire for more and more pleasure. I also have a new panty fetish and am well-know in both Victoria's Secret and LaSenza for frequent shopping. Given my personal panty addiction and newfound talent, I have begun my own business selling my panties. I'm from the Chicago area, and in one month's time have regular buyers from areas as far as New York and Arizona! Once they received their panties, completely dripping in my sweet nectar, they were hooked! I cater to personal requests, so if you just want them worn, or worn a couple of days, or stuffed, or squirted, or cum-filled, you tell me what you want and I fulfill all your desires. Other clothing items such as lingerie, socks, etc are also available upon request. So tell me, are you ready to enjoy YOUR new addiction?