Hi boys! I believe it’s very important to take time for self pleasure. I am a curvy 5’9 caramel brunette with a naughty side. I am hoping to fullfil your desires with my scented sexy panties.
I am open to special requests. 

34 year old single MILF. Can't wait to share my cream filled panties with you. Special requests accepted - let me know I can fulfill your fantasy.

Welcome to a sexy witches magickal boudoir... order your full moon sex magick lingerie now.  Ritually enchanted with powerful sex magick my lingerie will protect and help you with all your endeavors personal and business.  Only two can be sold per month and must be pre-ordered.  Please message me for any other custom spells and enchantment request(s) and don't be shy.  Male and Females welcomed here! All full moon orders will include an autographed personal photo.

Tell me what’s you’re fantasy. Lace, silk, cotton? Whats your favorite color? How long do you want me to wear them or what to do in them. Be my guest, as long as it’s do able I’ll wear them for you.

Do you enjoy the natural scent of a woman? Does the thought of owning a pair of womens' pre-loved undergarments arouse a deep, primal desire in you? I offer different styles of pre-loved, high quality undergarments to discerning gentlemen. Let yourself indulge in your desires with an in-person meeting, in addition to a personalized experience. A bit about me: I'm a woman in my mid-twenties with luscious hips, big brown eyes and soft red hair. I take excellent care of my body, and enjoy self-stimulation while wearing my favorite sexy undergarments. If you would like to experience the thrill... send me a message. Only serious inquiries will be honored and responded to. I also sell videos and pics so dm for info and prices.

Hey y’all my name is Clarabelle Jean I’m from Fairhope Alabama a small Southern town. I come from several generations of Southern belles and a very wealthy family. I was raised up right and always taught to look my best, use my manners, to love God and my country. I love to sing, shop, walk through the country, ride horses, and hang out with my friends, I’m deeply rooted in my community and church. So a lot of y’all are probably wondering what the heck I’m doing here well I was always taught to be perfect, but deep down I have an urge to be super dirty and disobey my daddy. I am still a virgin and Am supposed to wait till I’m married to have sex. I finally deciding to explore this sexual side and disobedience that lives in me.I love to masturbate and my cumm taste and smells so sweet;) I want to please all the men on this site especially Daddy’s by being a submissive good little belle and want to get paid for selling my used panties, socks, Fulfilling fantasy’s, and selling pictures and videos of myself. I want to feel used and spoiled at the same time. Please message  me if you have any questions. I also have Instagram Kik and Snapchat. But I want to reserve that for special men  who intend to spoil me and use me. Maybe if ur lucky I’ll give my number. Have a wonderful day y’all and thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me.

Just a college girl looking to make someone happy 😉

Cutie with a booty. Petite undies warn by me just for you.

Hi, I am Lotus Lilly! I am a 34 DD, beautifully put together woman with a sensual figure that loves to wear cute things under her skirts. All of my garments listed have been worn often, smell lovely and have the essence of my pheromones to keep you going crazy throughout the day! I can't wait for you to enjoy me.

Dare to click, come have a look at my sweet wet panties & much more!  Satisfaction guaranteed!!! 

All panties are worn for one day unless requested or stated otherwise! The price includes shipping. You can add on any special requests for an added fee. I run a premium snapchat for those of you that want to really get to know me. Skype chats also available! Message me!

I’m a 4’9″ Latina, that has long black hair and a DD rack. I have beautiful brown eyes. I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, hell who am I kidding I love everything outdoors! I also like to do cross fit type workouts. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I live a fast paced life. Being a mom of 3 gets hot and sweaty. So that makes for good quality panties! I’m looking to make extra money while making your fantasies come true! I really enjoy all request, in fact making panties is kind of my dirty little secret! I absolutely get turned on knowing a man wants to sniff, taste, wear, or cum in  my panties!!! 😍  Like you I also get off, knowing what my panties do for you. So I say let’s help each other out, I’ll wear your next pleasure panty and you enjoy them!👙👙👙

All my panties posted on my shop will only be worn and made once you place your order. I will seal them up and send them out in a discreet package. My list of add ons are as follows: Peed in, masturbated in, sexed, stuffed, Ass wiped, Ass rub, Workout in, 3 photos of me in your panties. Add one or as many as you like. If I didn’t mention your favorite, please message me I’m sure I’m very cable of making it happen for you. I also have an Amazon wish list, where you can purchase panties/costumes/bras for me to wear for you. Check out the list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/29NCJILIS9E9Q

I can be contacted here, KIK  with user name PPPM13 or at [email protected]

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I heard that someone might be interested in my panties? Well of course I’d love to help you out! I’ll be posting as items become... ready for you. Obviously any special requests are welcome. I’m sure whatever you need I can absolutely accommodate it.

Hi! ❤️
I'm Sara and I'm 32. I love exercise and the great outdoors which means I can guarantee you underwear that I've been active in!
I am always well groomed so you can also know that your underwear has had maximum contact with my pussy...
I am happy to chat if you want to get to know me more and do get in touch if I can do a special request or custom order for you.
S xx

I'm a young Danish student, with wide hips and a small waist, that would like to earn a little extra by selling my used panties and socks. I can fulfill your wishes, and limited only by your imagination. I love to know that there is someone enjoying my sent. Shoot me a message, so we can make a naughty deal <3 Feel free to ask me anything. <3 Love, the Danish student

Hi I’m a 22 year old petite size Xs  and I have a lot of underwear with my fragrance and juices ready for your fantasies. I get an immense fulfilment and turn on knowing that you are having my panties that I’ve worn to do naughty things with them! If you’re generous with me I will be generous with you! I love doing requests and pleasing you!

If you're like me, you love a good secret. I'm here to give you what you need and what your boring girlfriend can't... I promise I won't tell if you don't.

Any style of panties anyway you want

💋 Hi sweetie!! My name is Peaches. Supple hottie mom with a southern belle draw- MILF by day and cop by night. 

Special requests available 😘

Follow my curves and let’s ride…CUM on….let’s play good mom, bad cop….I’ll bring the cuffs 💖

Let me help you relax. Every panty purchase comes with a FREE picture and some chat time. Let me do for you what you don’t want anyone to know about. I’ll get you off physically and mentally. 😍

I take requests 😇

Selling cute used panties!

Have you ever wondered what a bubble butt Latina smells like?

you might be lucky enough to find out today papi..

Let me know if you have any special requests 😉 I’ll be happy to help


A thick and juicy snowflake looking to give someone a treat :)