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Welcome to Bluejay’s sweets! 🍓🍭🍬🍦

Bluejay is a 22-year-old Korean beauty from Chicago. She likes to spend her time doing yoga, dancing, and going on walks at the lake.

The bond between her client and herself is what Bluejay loves about being a part of Sofia Gray. Bluejay loves to build relationships with her clients and make sure that she is providing customized products specialized for each client’s desires, pleasures, and needs. 

Bluejay masturbates at least twice a day and gets very wet and naughty. She is willing and able to take favors and requests… Wear a thong and masturbate every night to a picture of you? Tie herself up and cum for you? Whatever’s in your deepest and sweetest dreams, Bluejay can provide it for you.

Please email Bluejay at [email protected] with any questions or business offers, or just to get to know her better.


I am a 30 year old busy entrepreneur who spends all day in my office, when I finish work I hit the gym. When I'm home alone, I like to squirt into my panties when I masturbate. I love pretty things and doing dirty stuff to fund my addiction makes it so much more fun for me, don't keep me waiting ;-) I can offer post squirt panties, period panties, everyday wear and much much more, awaiting your orders no request too big or too small ;-)   Email [email protected]

♡ Hi :)  Are you looking for someone real and honest? I'm just that.  I am a strong woman and I will try anything at least one time. I love pleasing others. ♡ I love to feel sexy and you do that for me! Having fun and laughing is important to me. I like yoga, skate, good books and friends. ♡ I m 5ft1"  Size 6  Size 6 shoes  34/a bra  Brown/blond hair  Brown eyes  Big arse small waist  If I am what you're looking for message me ♡ ♡ Tell me, what are you going to do with my panties? ♡  

Just a group of four playful girls in college, wanting to fulfil your sexual fantasies. As you all know college gets very stressful and us four girls love to destress each other. If you want to join in and have a little piece of our naughty fun look no further. We welcome every one of our daddies into our world.

We take special requests on appearance of the panties, scent, duration and any other fantasies you may have. Each order gets sexy packaging with a personalized note.

We all have different body types and are equally sexy in our own ways. Pick from one of us, or pick from all of us. The more you buy the better deal you get, just message us. More erotic photos available upon request. The choice is yours.


Tiffany, Brown hair, Green eyes: Size S-M

Heather, Brown hair, Blue eyes: Size S-M

Holly, Brown hair, Hazel eyes: Size M-L

Emma, Blond hair, Green-Blue eyes: Size L-XL

Puss in Panties are my personal creations for your pleasure. I walk, jog and exercise 4 hours a day and I get really sweaty and sweet at the same time! Cum and taste the rainbow, it's guaranteed to keep you cumming back!

Yummy VS Thongs just for YOU ♥️

Small panties with whatever your heart desires in them.

I'm a 26 year old school teacher who enjoys living in the city. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is hit up the bar scene downtown. I am 100% Portuguese and bilingual and extremely active, working out and taking dance classes 5-6 times a week. I've also gone scuba diving in three different countries and enjoy traveling the world looking for the best places to eat! .... There's something else I'd like to tell you, but you have to keep it a secret! Pinky promise? Okay... I have a boyfriend, but he has NO idea that I'm doing any of this. Shh. You promised to keep it a secret! All of my panties can be customized to your liking! Message me for special panty instructions or requests. Additional charges apply. Base price per panty is $30 for up to 3 days of wear. Additional Prices 4-6 days: $15/day 7 days: $100 7+ days: Let's chat! Message me. Special Request Surcharge: 1 hr dance class: $10 Masturbation: $25   Don't see what you like? Send me a message :) I'd love to get to know you and what makes you tick! Can't wait to hear from you. XO Princess Pink Preferred payment method: Google Wallet **Kik (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY): PrincessPink0307 - Please write: "Hi! I'm from Sofia Gray."  

Cute sexy little blonde.   I want to please you as the client let me know what you want and what you are looking for. I'm just a good girl in a world of bad boys looking to please you.

Intimates handled with care. Customs/Preferences taken into consideration.  ♡ 24, Petite, Tattooed.

I’m A 20 Year Old Full Time College Student Day And Night. I’m A Virgin But Willing To Get Down And Dirty For Your Desires.

My Sizes Are L, XL, 7 And 10 In Lingerie Bottoms As Well As A 38DD/38DDD Bust Size.

Single Pair Prices:

$10 For 12 Hrs Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

$20 For 1 Day Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

$100 For 5 Days Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

$140 For 7 Days Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

$280 For 2 Weeks Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

$560 For 1 Month Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie


$1,120 For 2 Months Wear Of One Ladies Underwear And Lingerie

5 Pack

10 Pack

20 Pack

- Prices Will Vary On Days Worn For Each Pair

- See Days above.

* Willing To Wear For Longer Periods Of Time

Please Contact Me For Special Requests, Custom Orders, Enquiries And Further Information And Prices At [email protected] 

Pretty and curvy girl sells worn underwear! If I can do anything to please your needs please let me know!

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Just an eighteen year old trying to pay her tuition & would be happy to complete custom orders!

21 year old female,fit body, caucasian blonde.(:  Continuously wet and sometimes cum at random.

dirty horny lonely girl, that plays with herself all the time, Will fill any request ❤️ Let me know your desire. if you wanna see my face just ask ❤️  

I masturbate daily and am sopping wet thinking about you getting off to the smell of my pussy. I'm open to trying new things and love a challenge ;) P.S. I'm kinky and extremely willing to work with any requests.

Welcome to my Curvy shop I am ready to meet your needs and wants, dont be shy please say hi ! ❤️        

Hey you guys! Welcome to my dirty little secret. I am a young, athetic and curvy built female who is so happy to be apart of a site that lets me explore my sexuality more. To start off, I am a very sexual person, but more so in the sense that my guilty pleasure is that I masturbate everyday..sometimes twice a day ;) Most of the underwear that I will selling on here will be wore during one of  my "pleasure times". However, special requests are more than welcome, actually encouraged. Your wish is my command. I am not objective to sending you videos of me pleasuring myself, the more people who enjoy it the better right? Also, if you would like me to purchase a specific type/color/brand etc of underwear that you would like to see me wear or fulfill whatever your request may be, I am more then willing to do so. Lets have some naughty fun; being nice is no way to live life.

Special requests on 24 hour regular wear base pay of $40.00

Extended Wear (two weeks max)- $10.00 per day

Worn during sex – $40.00 per session

Masturbated in- $30.00 per session

No shower (4 days max)- $15 per day

Object play- $30.00 (on top of masturbation and depending on object)

Worn during workout- $20 per session

Video of me pleasuring myself in panties- $50.00


Looking to spread a little sexy love around via my own personal scent! Keep a little part of me in that special drawer to enjoy whenever you're feeling frisky ;) prices are based on what you see. I am always available for fetish&/specific panty requests. Nothing is out of the question, gentleman!

***free luxury packaging coming soon! ***

Hello lovelies ! :)  

 just a small 5'3 town girl here trying to make it in a big world! 

I'm a happy go lucky kinda gal, always here to brighten your day and get a giggle out of you. Embracing all my curves and sharing body positivity around me, I have a lovely sweet aroma day to day but it can get a little more pungent after working out and more vigorous exercises (; I share this passion and many other kinks with my love who supports me and aids me on delivering the freshest & best possible product right to you! 

OPEN TO ABSOLUTELY ANY REQUESTS! Disclaimer *** no std's or other health problems ***   Socks and stockings  : £5 meditation and yoga panties :£5 regular panties   :£10 Full exercise routine  panties: £15 pleasure panties ( can include extras) : £15 period panties :£20 Vigorous exercise (; may include extras :£25 extended wear 24hours + :£10 pd Package deal + extras £ 110 Thank you for taking the time to read My shop description. I hope you have a lovely day. Love & light

panties, bras, lingerie, picture from Hawaii, with Aloha (LOVE)

New to this and Super Excited to meet all Your requests hehe…as a matter of fact I’m getting wet just thinking about it haha, Don’t be shy!!! I’m lonely and have been waiting just for you, will gladly chat for awhile 😘

I am a Ukrainian blonde who works all day and really hard- I love going to the gym and working up a sweat. I’m still in grade 12 and just turned 18, I am always wet throughout the day and have a unique and powerful aroma. My discharge is creamy and thick. I get suuuper wet when turned on. I can squirt when I cum ensuring to leave your panties soaking wet. Period and urine soaked panties available upon request.

Open to requests for type of panty, length of time worn, or activities to do in them. Please feel free to contact me so I can get ready just for you.

Lesbian couple here seeking male attention and satisfaction... Anything you desire at your fingertips. Affordable, genuine product. Lily-18, Maria-18  Daily sales and specials. Shop Nasty Galz.  [Panty sizes Lg & Sm]

Blonde, busty, 29 year old, nurse in the day, naughty nurse at night, with extra creamy panties. VERY visible, dare I say tasteable? Come find out... I wear all different styles just let me know what you prefer! I'm eager to please!

I LOVE masturbating and am always game to take special requests. All purchases come with a picture of me wearing the panties.

Special requests on 24 hour regular wear - Base pay of $30.00

  *  Extended Wear (14 days max) - $10.00 per day

  *  Worn during sex - $40.00 per session

  *  Masturbated in - $30.00 per session

  *  No shower (4 days max) - $15.00 per day

  *  Worn during workout - $20.00 per session

  *  Extra pics - $5.00 per picture