Southern beauty offering anything you would like from panties to lingerie. Message me with what you want and I will make it happen . Payments accepted are google wallet, cash app, amazon gift card and square . Don’t be shy I’m easy to talk to .

Like Sasha Grey, but with bangs and a booty. Can I call you daddy? I would love to sell you my panties and/ or socks for your pleasure. I have a strong, musky scent. I get very wet, and would love to share with you ;)

Hello, Welcome to my store! I am a sexy, chocolate, petite 20 year old, college student! I am very active and have a nice panty collection, I’m so horny most days I’m always orgasming on myself. Meaninnngggg, my panties are always full of cum by the end of the day. I have pretty panties, I taste good, and smell even better. My panties are well worth every dollar! If you have any request just let me know!



All items listed are worn and washed, but they don’t have to be... Please get in touch with me for any additional requests you might have! :)

I’m a young sexy little blonde. I’m a 34D, tiny waist and I take pride in my big luscious booty 😋 I can’t wait for you to fuck my wet panties 😉

special requests available 👅

taking any requests.

Welcome to Kinky Callie's Closet... Just petite young lady making your wildest panty dreams come true! *I take special requests, to make sure your panty experience is one to always remember!*

Juicy thighs and wet lips. Panties to adore.

Just trying this out! I'm a 21 year old South African college student living in Canada, I am also an esl teacher and suicide girl hopeful! You can check out my suicide page at! Your wish is my command, I take any and all special requests and love helping fulfil your wildest dreams. I am open to all kink! All items come with a signed letter and photograph with me in the product! I do lingerie sets, shoes/heels , stockings, socks, bras, thongs, and underwear. I love gyming and pole dancing and am almost always sweaty, I have a healthy sexual life and appetite and often leave the smell of my nights of pleasure in my underwear. Ask me anything, I reply to all messages on here or instagram I love to spoil those who spoil me ;) All my photographs are on my page at the moment are selfies, or from a shoot I had done with my amazing suicide photographer!

Gingerwear is for those that love redheads.  I’m 5 ft 6 in, 140 lbs, red hair, fair skinned, and blues eyes.  The carpets do match the drapes.  I like to keep it all natural from top to bottom.  I take special requests.

20 y/o nursing student at your service  ;) here to serve you, your cravings, and much to offer to you, so what are you waiting for?

Hi There, i’m luna 😉 I am 28 years old, married, have kids and work full time in health care. My husband and I have a wonderfully kinky sex life but he knows my biggest turn on is sharing myself with others. Nothing makes me more wet than the thought of someone touching themselves and playing with my panties and pictures. I am always looking for fun and LOVE pleasing others. 🌙



– This is where I have the most fun!! Tell me what kind of panties you want me to wear, 24hr wear time and what to do with/in them. $40

-Custom order with 2 photos of me wearing them or what I did in them. $50

-Custom order with video of me wearing them or what I did in them. $55

-Custom order with 2 photos and 1 video. $60


-Will gladly take pictures and/or videos customized to what you are looking for. DM to arrange custom order


-I have a selection of old or current panties and other items I have for sale. Prices vary.


Can’t wait to show you all how amazing my scent is. You won’t ever be let down 😘


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Shoot me a nessage and just ask. Im very open to suggestions.

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Are you looking for the perfect panties owned by the tightest little pussy? Then you're in luck ;) Worn by a thick assed, young and tight 18yr old; my soaked and pampered pussy is sure to fuel your fantasies. My played in and sexy intimates could be all yours today ;)

I love wearing pretty panties and making myself come in them. I’ve ruined my fair share of underwear, I just hope someone can benefit from the messes I make in them.

I'm a nerdy tattooed gender queer guy who's always horny ;) come and check out what I've got! I'm open to requests so feel free to ask ;)

25 year old Construction Worker-Student. Athletic. I love jacking off and i always want to fulfill somebody else's fantasy through my scent and my underwears. (But you have the option to buy the clean one or the used-sweaty one.) I'm a young guy living in the United States -construction worker by day, college student by night. I am half Asian-American, But i look more white. I work hard and play harder (coz i dont just fuck-I fuck hard). I’m in my early twenties, 5'10", straight, athletic, hung, and soon to be dad. Selling all sorts of things — just explore! and ask. Do not hesitate to message me. Shoe size: 10 My girlfriend is not aware of my side business. I'm doing this for her so I could save money for our soon to be born baby and our future wedding (because I know shes waiting for me to ask her to marry me but my money is not enough yet) Hey! Thank you for visiting my shop. All items listed are mine. They can be customised according to what you want. No additional charges for day wears, sweat, cum etc. Send me a message [email protected] if you have any questions. What you see is what you get.

Hey there babe. I'm a 28-year-old Caucasian lady. I'm here to give you the undies of your dreams. I'm fit and active, and love to go out dancing and get sweaty. I'm always having a good time. Pick a pair of undies and I will wear them for two days straight. Let me know what you want me to do in them. We can also talk if you want me to wear them longer. Undies mailed in a yellow bubble mailer. I seal them in a fresh ziploc right when I take them off while they are still warm with full aromas.  

MILF that wants to have some fun. Taking requests.  I love to cycle and can wear on my workouts or cum for you. xoxo

Hey babes Andy here! A little bit about me… I’m a 19 year old with huge tits and a love for making you happy. I'm a student so I'm always studying, working out, and partying! Message me with what you want and I would love to make that happen for you…

I like to make Everyone enjoy my smell taste and dress. I enjoy healing people by letting them be themselves when enjoying my most special and seductive treats.   Have a special request? Ask! I Love them.

Just a broke college girl who likes to take cute underwear pics and satisfy my customers.

23 year old hot yoga teacher (: I am extremely active and get soaked each yoga class I teach. Only the softest delicate panties on my kitty 🐱

Personalized panty package $50! I’ll wear them for however long you want, do whatever you want in them and send a personalized polaroid with each pair. (: Tell me what you want.

Are you familiar with the Myth of Pandoras Box?  I'll let you in on the short version.  A mysterious forbidden box full of hidden sins, to which a few curious souls would risk there lives just to see what's inside.... That is where I come in, to fulfill every panty desire no matter how subtle or kinky I am at your service, For a small fee of course Dont be shy , come on in ....

19 year old horny college girl looking to make some extra cash

I love dancing, power yoga, and partying.

be loyal to me and I promise to be loyal to you

I’ll take any special requests just tell me what you want me to do 😉