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Little Secrets Lingerie fulfills fantasies with you in mind! I want you to give you personally worn panties that are worn just for you! Feel free to chat with me and let me know that you want specially worn undies...just for you! I package with sealed bags and discreet packaging. Some background: I am a young, petite student that is single. Let me know if you have special requests!

Hello there 😻….I’m a 25 year old woman living just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I love being active…bowling, hiking, going to the gym..anything to get my juices flowing! I’m 5’6 with a plump booty, a size 38C chest and a sassy mouth 👄 I like smelling my own panties or stuffing them in my mouth while masturbating 💦👅 I take requests to ensure your full fantasy is established.. I’m here for your satisfaction and am excited to share my overflowing panty drawer with you 🌼

I am a business mature woman, so I travel a lot. I have so many shoes, boots, lingerie,(panties, bra., knickers, stockings, etch).....Inmy free time, I love to manufacture BDSM toys (wood paddles, leather collars for slaves, and many other which will be posted soon)....I have no space for them. I have no time to laundry all the time, so sometimes they are trashed. So, if you like something......take it! I will be happy to assist in any wish you may have! Photos....etch...

50 shades was cute, but it's a terrible representation of kink. You're the Master and I'm your sub. Any crazy fantasies or fetishes? Let's discuss them! Don't worry, I won't judge or tell. It's my job to take care of your desires.

I’m 26 and recently moved to a new area to be with my boyfriend. This town is pretty boring, so I have to make up my own fun. This is just one of the ways I add a little spice to my everyday life. Like my shop name says, I’m here to please you.  Which means if you’ve got a request, I’ll be more than happy to oblige ;)

Hey there, I’m ready to give you what your sweet desires: g-strings, thongs, hipsters, bikinis, boy shorts. You name it, I’ve got it for ALL FOR YOU! I’m full figured and beautiful, my panties taste like candy! You’re in for a real treat!

I'm a 20 year old hazel brown multicultural baby. I live and study in Norway, with my ass and body from latin america.  And I would very much like to fulfill your desires. I'm not at all shy so you can ask me anything and your requests will be answered ;* Dime lo que quieres.

Hey there, I'm Sophie :) I'm an 18 year old redhead about to start college and looking to have a little fun. I may be a southern belle from Atlanta but don't let that fool you, even ladies like to get a little naughty. I'm a part-time yoga instructor, vegan, and animal lover. I do have a boyfriend who doesn't know about this little side enterprise of mine, so I hope you'll keep my secret... I'll make it worth your while ;) Message me for any special requests and we can work something out, I'm extremely open-minded for a southern girl

Hi! My name is Jake and I’m an 18-year old model from California. i am 6'6" and 185LB. I am an extreme athlete as well as i am a Swimmer, runner and volleyball player.  I have a lot of boxers on hand, so contact me and tell me what you want.

(no shipping outside of US)

Feel free to ask me any questions or if you have any desires, let me know. Im happy to make everything work out for you!

Selling underwear : panties, thong, socks, thights, used sexy toys and more. just ask.

Hi!! Welcome to HaileyElizabeth :) 20, 5'3, 120 :)

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21 covered in tattoos and piercings. I’ll do any special requests so don’t be afraid to ask.. I only shop at Victoria’s Secret so help me make these panties even more secret... ;) 5’5, thick ass, 38DD’s, brunette, hazel eyes, sex addict..

Two college girls making it big! We take requests for underwear style and length of wear (;

Student looking to sell my sexy panties

I sell sexy, dazzling, hot lingerie, from thongs to bikinis.Open to new requires.

As I walk, workout, even as I make myself cum, these will be the panties worn just for you.

welcome to SWEET TEASE, i hope you'll cum with me on this mind blowing experience, as i provide you with my very own homemade scent-full recipes to feed your sinful cravings- XOXO

Just a little blonde girl wearing panties. Would you like some? Take a peak at my shop or send me some requests! Let's get this panty party started(;

Three Naughty college kittiez. We supply small, medium, and large. Whatever you want, we can deliver. We do love special requests, the kinkier the better. Not sure what you're looking for, go for the mystery option! Can't wait to serve you ;) -xoxo the three blind kittiez

Recently married BI couple selling our used unmentionables. Trying to raise some extra cash for a Condo Apartment. Joanna is 23 years young and I ( Dino) is 30 years young. Her heritage is Italian American and I am Moroccan American. Both of us are quite healthy and active. We can customized to your taste :-) Since both of us have underwear fetishes, we accumulate a lot of them that we need to part with. So please take a gander at out auctions on Sofiagray. Have a jolly time getting off like we do quite often on the undies :-)

two girls, one panty. Double the booties double the fun!

Sexy panties worn by a tight juicy pink pussy.

just your average college sorority girl running around campus to classes, parties on the weekend, and everywhere in between! Open to special requests ;)