I am a 20 year old college kid looking for someone who can help me pay rent. If you are interesting in my panties, let me know!

Hi boys! I believe it’s very important to take time for self pleasure. I am a curvy 5’9 caramel brunette with a naughty side. I am hoping to fullfil your desires with my scented sexy panties.
I am open to special requests. 

I can be as filthy as you need me to be.. barely 18 and the name is fitting😜😉

hello my name is Chloe, my friends call me Kitty 😻. I’m 5″2 and 120 pounds aka fun sized with some Latina curves hehe. I was born in Puerto Rico but have been living in Miami for some time now. I am open to any fun ideas or suggestions so feel free to reach out to me with any special request I will happily tend to your wants and fantasies. I’m currently studying to become a nurse, so I’m constantly running around and learning how to save lives 😸. I take every order with special care and I will take my time to make sure it fulfills every request

Hi there! I’m an Australian babe who loves to get wet that’s why I love a good bikini 😋

Had enough of being a good girl 💋

Hi, I am Lotus Lilly! I am a 34 DD, beautifully put together woman with a sensual figure that loves to wear cute things under her skirts. All of my garments listed have been worn often, smell lovely and have the essence of my pheromones to keep you going crazy throughout the day! I can't wait for you to enjoy me.

Sexy ass milf I sell ANYTHING tailored to suit you..+ a free photo package to prove your buying exactly what you asked for, mmmm. prices include any length of wear..And any condition you’d like Look forward to your custom x postage not inc x

I’m a 4’9″ Latina, that has long black hair and a DD rack. I have beautiful brown eyes. I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, hell who am I kidding I love everything outdoors! I also like to do cross fit type workouts. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I live a fast paced life. Being a mom of 3 gets hot and sweaty. So that makes for good quality panties! I’m looking to make extra money while making your fantasies come true! I really enjoy all request, in fact making panties is kind of my dirty little secret! I absolutely get turned on knowing a man wants to sniff, taste, wear, or cum in  my panties!!! 😍  Like you I also get off, knowing what my panties do for you. So I say let’s help each other out, I’ll wear your next pleasure panty and you enjoy them!👙👙👙

All my panties posted on my shop will only be worn and made once you place your order. I will seal them up and send them out in a discreet package. My list of add ons are as follows: Peed in, masturbated in, sexed, stuffed, Ass wiped, Ass rub, Workout in, 3 photos of me in your panties. Add one or as many as you like. If I didn’t mention your favorite, please message me I’m sure I’m very cable of making it happen for you. I also have an Amazon wish list, where you can purchase panties/costumes/bras for me to wear for you. Check out the list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/29NCJILIS9E9Q

I can be contacted here, KIK  with user name PPPM13 or at [email protected]

I heard that someone might be interested in my panties? Well of course I’d love to help you out! I’ll be posting as items become... ready for you. Obviously any special requests are welcome. I’m sure whatever you need I can absolutely accommodate it.

Your wish in s my comand. Tell me what u like I will send your wish your way. Message me and we can arrange a price for your desire ;)

I am a full time Cam girl so my panties are always nice and used :) I take special requests of activites you'd like me to do in your dirty undies ;) i love fulfilling fantasies!

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Welcome to my little panties store! SO GLAD you stopped by!

Well, I’m pretty horny ALL the time so I spend most of my days REALLY WETTTTT, just waiting for my PUSSY to receive PLEASURE…!!!

And when she gets it–either from my man or myself–she REALLY goes CRAZY with the juices…!!! Cumming and SQUIRTING and CUMMING…!!! My PUSSY is a NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRL and she just LOVES to CUM and CUM and CUM!

So after a couple of days of CUMMING AND CUMMING OFF THE HOOK, my panties are RIPE with my scent–which is SWEET and TANGY and PUNGENT with SUGAR n SPICE n all wrapped up SO NICEEEEEE!

See for yourself how SWEET AND SPICY my PUSSY REALLY is by ordering a pair of my SEXY, 3-DAYS-OR-MORE-WORN panties–YOU WON’T regret it!!! 👿😎😍👠💄👙👗👢💗💗💗💞👄👄👄👅

Every purchase includes a short video of me taking off my panties after they have been worn and putting them in a zip-lock bag before sending them out to you…

* PHOTOS – nude with autograph
* VIDEOS – special order
* CUSTOM REQUESTS – gladly considered

I’m a curvey busty blonde who will try anything. I love to exercise in my undies. Squats and all. I love to be naughty and play with myself in the middle of the day for hours and get hot and sweaty. Send me a request and I’m sure I can fulfill your wishes

During the day, I'm playing down in the lush, fields and at night I'm enjoying the juicy, fruits of my labor. Neither are fun to do alone though... so while I wait patiently for my helping hand, I'll continue to slowly graze for only the sweetest of berries; or in this case, the cream of the crop, that will have your mouth watering enough for just a taste but will keep you coming back for more.

Hy, my name is Kassy. I really hope you will enjoy my staff:)

Wet & ready for you. I have a sweet smell that will most likely make you want more. I take any requests, the longer I wear them the more thrill I get from them. You name it I’ll do it. I am an active person. Monday to Friday I go uni, gym and work. Friday to Sunday I work, party and study all in pretty much the same panties. I love a bad dirty man that can enjoy my used panties as much as I do. Im looking foreword to hear from you

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site. I'm a 21 year old virgin. I'm recently single; my ex would never let me go on this site, but now he can't tell me no. I like to stay healthy by having a sweaty workout every day between my classes and studying. I like to relax before bed by using my vibrator until I cum and squirt. I usually take off my panties before squirting, but I can leave them on if needed ;) Let me help you. Feel free to send requests! $5 extra for picture Sorry guys, but I'm not comfortable showing my face :(

I'm a little masochist slave girl whose always dripping. I have to change my panties 3 times a day because they get so wet, so why shouldn't you get a taste ;) I got permission to share my sweet juices.

Gingerwear is for those that love redheads.  I’m 5 ft 6 in, 140 lbs, red hair, fair skinned, and blues eyes.  The carpets do match the drapes.  I like to keep it all natural from top to bottom.  I take special requests.

20 y/o nursing student at your service  ;) here to serve you, your cravings, and fantasies...so much to offer to you, so what are you waiting for?

Welcome to Sweet S where I taste as good as I look! I am a young, Indian woman residing in NYC. I like the kinkier things in life and hope to fulfill all your dirtiest fantasies. That being said, I’m open to hear what you like and want from Sweet S ;)

I'm 24 years old Asain and I love sex more than everything. I masturbate myself everyday and I think about sex every moment. I like to fuck around and I love to sleep with someone who is naughty like me. I wear my underwear and touch myself everyday. If you're looking for something amazing, please let me know, I would like to give you whatever you want,only if you like my smelling panties. I always want more, hope you too.