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Naughty 19 year old with a massive ass, looking to satisfy dirty older men who are after a fun time NO MATTER what it involves. With 2 years experience in selling to one seller I’ve decided to  Supply multiple men’s needs because it what I enjoy and do best.  But SHHH don’t tell my boyfriend💁🏽

Requests/negotiation welcome.

[email protected] – Be sure to request ANYTHING, my email is always open as I’m still suprising myself today with the dirty things I get up to. 😉😈

Just a young women looking to give your senses a mystical experience. Purchase from me and I guarantee your journey through my heavenly sanctuary will be Hotter than Hell. There are no commandments here but there is one rule you must follow: be bad and have fun. 

Welcome, first off let me start by telling you about myself. (18 years old) I'm a very adventurous women, so I'd love to take on the more challenging requests for all of my panty buyers. :) I'm a submissive women and I love the idea of someone getting off on my scent. I'd love to get to know you and form a relationship with my customers if possible. Follow my Tumblr account for information regarding my selling of pictures and videos! I'd be more than happy to provide videos of myself doing things in the panties and preforming tasks. :)

Sweet African girl who loves to share and play. I like to please and your wish is my command so message me with your deepest desire

22 year college student, and part time preschool teacher. On my way to becoming a nurse! I spend majority of my time studying, working, or at the gym. But of course i squeeze in the occasional girls nights. ;) I'm still new to this, but i'm always open to trying new things. Really looking forward to the fun we could have. I will absolutely take requests or suggestions. Guaranteed to satisfy. I am looking forward to providing the perfect product for you. *Message me about shipping*

Hi Sexxxy, I am a teacher during the day but don't let that fool you...I'm looking to expand my sexual horizons, like you, I'm do you think I Look? Smell?...Taste...I can tell you it's nothing short of delicious. Please feel free to find out for yourself...xoxo

* Standard $25 for 24 hour wear (comes with handwritten note, signed and sealed with a kiss, and one digital picture not shown on site)

* Customize your order Scent! I can spray with my favorite perfume in addition to or instead of my natural scent, just let me know.

* $5 for each extra digital picture

* $5 for printed out extra picture for Cum Tribute (That’s right you bad boy, it’ll be like you’re cumming all over me while you play with my panties)

* $5 per extra 24 hour wear (with shower)

* $7 per extra 24 hour wear (without shower) – 3 day max

* $20 No Wipe Pee

* $10 wear during 1/hour of intense exercise

* $5 cum panties, each orgasm is $3

* Ask me about bralettes and socks- $15 for 24 hour wear and cost of bralette, $10 for 24 hour wear and cost of socks (patterned or basic)

Hey fellow fetish lovers! I am a young fun loving girl, who loves a good time! I love to please people, and give them what they need ;) I am open to all different types of requests, please feel free to ask! I look forward to hearing about your yummy fantasies ;) xxoo - JJ

I’m a 23yr European Aussie

I love sun bathing, masturbating and hitting the gym. I also have a lingerie addiction.

Im a size 12 or M in panties

custom requests available, pretty much anything you like, for example you’d like me to wear a pink lace G-String for 3 days and so on. I’m pretty kinky so don’t be shy with requests 😊


Trying to sell my used panties to help pay for school costs

50 shades was cute, but it's a terrible representation of kink. You're the Master and I'm your sub. Any crazy fantasies or fetishes? Let's discuss them! Don't worry, I won't judge or tell. It's my job to take care of your desires.

5’2. 115 lbs. C34 bra size. Thick latina ass. I’m a very naughty 18 year old girl but I do what I’m told. Message me to talk about special requests.

I’m a young woman with a lot of love, a little bit of a wild side and some big dreams. I’ve done lesbian porn 🙈😽, now I dance 💃 😏 & I will be Physician Assistant 👩‍⚕️. I love to please and I hope to brighten your day 😘.  If you don’t already know this about me, I am an exhibitionist and a very sexual woman.  I love thinking about others getting turned on by me and getting off to my videos, pictures and panties.  I take requests!  Let me fulfill your fantasy.  All panties will be worn the night before shipment.  Nude pictures and videos available with panties if you spoil!  Shipping included.  All panties are sent discretely in ziplock bags to keep them fresh for you.  Will include 1 custom picture that is not seen by anyone else and a letter just for you.

Email [email protected] for special requests.  Want me to masturbate for you?  Work out in them?  Hook up with my hubby in them?  Make a video in them?  Custom photos?  Let me know how I can please you!  I am open to kinky requests. If you are a fan and cannot find something that works for you let me know and we can arrange something.  XOXO


Also open to other requests such as selling worn socks, heels, bras, leggings, Polaroid photos, signed printed photos, etc!  Photos available for signed prints are on

                                          q$$$$$$$P;   ,  /$$$$P
                                        .$$$P^::Y$/`  _  .:.$$$/
                                       .P.:..     `._.-:.. $P
                                       $':.  __.. :   :..    :'
                                      /:_..::.   `. .:.    .'|
                                    _::..          T:..   /  :
                                 .::..             J:..  :  :
                              .::..          7:..   F:.. :  ;
                          _.::..             |:..   J:.. `./
                     _..:::..               /J:..    F:.  : 
                   .::::..                .T  :..   J:.  /
                  /:::...               .' `.  :..   F_o'
                 .:::...              .'       :..  J ;
                 ::::...           .-'`.    _.`._:..  '
                 ':::...         .'  `._7.-'_.-  `:.   
                  :::...   _..-'__.._/_.--' ,:.   b:.   ._ 
                   `::::..-"_.'-"_..--"      :..   /):.   `.   
                     `-:/"-7.--""            _::.-'P::..    } 
          _....------""""""            _..--".-'   ::..     `. 
         (::..              _...----"""  _.-'       `---:..    `-.
          ::..      _.-""""   `""""---""                `::...___)

32C-25-39.  5’3″ Small and petite. Slim thick. Size 5 feet.

Have done lesbian porn with popular female porn stars such as Christy Mack, Luna Star, and Malena Morgan.  Have done scenes for Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Mofos and more!

Want to spoil me?  My amazon wishlist… you spoil I spoil back!

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Im gym and swim boy, sometimes im run Actually i dont like to used undies more than 2 days, but i will do if thats ur request I like to fullfill ur imagination, just sell used undies not socks or etc Love to hear whats ur request Price is always negotiable, not include the cost of shipping I will give you choice of items thats you can choose sorry thats country information is not my real country Try and smell it my asian treasure, you never regret :)

meow... polyamorous weird girl, tattooed freak, kinky as fuck.   buy my panties

My name is Skyler I'm 19 I'm a personal assistant for as long as I could remember I've always been looked at as the quiet innocent girl and hidden my "sexy" side Id like to share with you and I might just surprise you.



I’m Hannah and this is my little closet of naughty delights. I have a range of my own panties, from the tiniest pair, to the slightly more comfortable items, along a range of clothing and toys. I also have a section dedicated to my boyfriend, which includes worn boxers and work out clothing. All items are as you wish to receive them, at your personal request. We like to work hard and fuck hard, so what you purchase will not be a disappointment. 

I am a classy, not trashy kind of girl, but open to new ideas. I like to treat my customers as I would a business client, with total respect and professionalism. All contact is preferred via email ([email protected]) and PM. I do not have WhatsApp/KIK or any other format of IM. 

Due to both mine and my boyfriend’s line of work, we do not send digital images that include our face, we do however, take requests and can work with you in order to satisfy your wish. 

Each item will be sent in discreet packaging, from the cost of £1.50-£5.00 per parcel, all depending on the style and size of the contents (discounted for multiple pairs/outfits). Sent with a little personalised note and cheeky spritz of perfume 💋

I am currently doing a couple of offers (check out images) but this is for a short time only and subject to availability! This is due to a high influx of requests and sales. So be sure to grab it while you can!

Payment via PayPal/Bank Transfer, however Bank Transfer is preferred 💰


Enjoy 🎀



Lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. 18 year old senior looking to please. I need money for college and consider this my main job.  I also waitress and go to school full time. On top of that I run track and cross country. I workout every weekday at 5 am, so I'm always on the go. Passions include: saving animals, making art, and earning money. All my products come with a short hand written note with a kiss! email: [email protected]  

I'm a 23 year old college student that loves  to play & have a good time. I've done the whole Cam Girl thing before & I absolutely loved to get down & dirty, so I thought I would give this a shot. I am 5'7, red hair, 36 DD bra & wear a M/L in panties depending on the style. I love to do customs & take requests. Message me to get the party started ;)

4 classy college girls who live together and love to have some fun.  We are into anything and everything and we rarely turn down a request.  Send us a message and see what you've been missing out on.

I'm Devin, I'm a 5'9 model in NYC and I'm young & kinky. I love my juicy pussy and can't wait to share my undies with you. :) It turns me on to know you're going to be taking good care of them when they arrive. I'm happy to meet your specifications and requests. All undies are vacuum sealed and discretely shipped. I love to fuck and I can be a little dirty. I'm vegan and bisexual, so I am sweeter and naughtier than what you might be used to. If you want panties that I've pulled to the side to be fucked in, or panties that I've worn after being cream-pied, I am more than happy to oblige. If you want panties that I've masturbated in while thinking of you, we can do that, too. :) Listed price includes 24 hours of wear and 2 personalized photos. +$5/extra day (up to 5) +$10/extra play +$5 for a polaroid photo +$5 for personalized note telling you exactly what I did or fantasized about in them (depending on what you ask for, of course) +$10 for video

Just an 18 year old girl tryna have fun and also pay for college. Want something spesh? Just ask!

Hey you nasty piece of shit! Yeah you. I know you have a secret. One you don’t want others to know about. That you love used panties. You pervert! I bet you would love for me to be your dirty little secret!  

want something special from a young, petite, sexy girl? I'm 21 and I have just enough curves in all the right places. Masturbation is my go to, and I have a wide variety of how I do it :). enjoy loves!

Welcome to AmberPaige’s Store

Browse, Shop, and feel free to Request!

More than just Used Panties!  Buy Used Bras, Dirty Pictures, and More!!

I smell great and I’m SO Juicy!  My normal activities:

-Yoga -Hikes -Working Out -Masterbating and Sex!

Feel Good Add Ons:

-Pee $5 (with video $10)

-Stuffed $5 (with 3 pics $10)

-Surprise me with your wild ideas and we’ll work it out!

Enjoy yourself and Enjoy me 😘