Looking for some pre-worn pussylicious panties? Worn by a young natural blonde beauty with natural curves. My underwear ranges from a size medium to large. Underwear requests available.

Hey there sexy, my name is Lily and I’m a 22-year-old college student who's just trying to pay my student loans and have some fun. I’m a Texas cutie with a thing for tattoos and piercings. I can be sweet and shy at times but don’t let that fool you, I won't put up with your shit ;) I can be your plaything if you’d prefer a submissive girl or an assertive and domineering master if that’s your thing, just let me know up front and I can fulfill your deepest fantasies. It makes me so hot to know I’m bringing someone else pleasure so please don’t hesitate to let me in on your every need.rnrnMy boyfriend doubles as a live-in photo/videographer/co-star upon request, getting all the best angles for you to get you your money's worth. It turns him on to know how many other men and women find me as attractive and irresistible as he does and he’s willing to put in extra work to share the wealth, because as he puts it: an essence as creamy and sweet-smelling as Lily’s does no good being hidden away from the rest of the world, it’s just not fair.rnrnAll clothing items sold will come in a vacuum sealed bag to maximize freshness. For quicker response and inquiry of other services, you can kik me @ deeptootxxx but please only message me with serious purchase requests. Ultimately, I am here to make money and refuse to get anyone off for free unless I already know them, very, very well. I am happy to talk and get to know you, but all too often people are only attempting to get free services. So after about 10+ messages with me, if you’re interested in continuing the conversation please purchase something that way I can focus my attention on you and getting you to your happy (and messy) ending in whatever form/fashion you decide on ;). I have newly started this business so all of my boundaries and prices haven’t been fully established yet. Right now, clothing prices are listed in the shop tab with a list of set prices for add-ons as well. This list is in no way exhaustive so if you have any additional requests please just shoot me a message. Other clothing items I’m working on uploading: used socks, used stockings, used tights, used leggings, used bras, and used workout clothes. So if you have a request for any of these make sure to message me so I can prioritize uploading them first. Feel free to send me requests or custom orders and I'll do my best to get your needs taken care of. Payment accepted through venmo Boundaries: Please no rape, incest, or racist fantasy requests

Hi there! I'm a twenty two year old history major and all around nerd. I'm a little curvy but I love to go running and dancing! I'm an all natural, tan girl with brunette hair and green eyes. I love being in the sun and you can probably see my tan lines... I'm obsessed with TV shows, movies, and books... but what I really love is reading erotica! It gets me hot and bothered ;) I work at a panty store so if you are interested in something special or custom, message me and I can work to make your dreams come true!

Petite Rae is now listing my own personal petite panties. Worn by a sweet petite and tight perky ass. Shop away and show me what you really like. I'll be wearing more of what is popular <3. If you have another preference, shoot me a message  xOxO -Rae

Hello all! I'm a college student trying to advance in the medical field. I work long hours and get very dirty (down there. xoxo)  My skirt may be short, but when I am on the golf course there is plenty of sweat for you :)rnrnI have plenty of panties for all your desires. I have what you want and you have what I need to get through school :)rnrnHappy Shopping!!!


Hey, my name is Lola and I’m a 22 year old brunette from London. I’m a small size 8 but with big boobs and a bum. I’m looking to sell my warm and wet panties to you to help me raise some money for travelling but I’m not looking for an online relationship, just to to trade my worn little knickers for your cash. I’m open to all suggestions so feel free to message me. Lots of love, Lola xx

Hey Sweetie! I am 21 years old skinny (XS, 75B,46kg) juicy Slavic brunette making your fantasies come true😘 I love traveling, doing yoga and (obviously) elegant lingerie🍑 Don’t be shy with the special requests, let’s keep it interesting😽 Welcome to my closet!🎀

Hello! My name is Nikki and I am an all natural MILF  who secretly loves kinky adventures with my husband. During the day I am a stay at home mom running around with my boys, and at night I fill my beloved husbands dirtiest desires, while he fills all of my holes. ;) I am curvaceous, with a big round ass and an hourglass figure. My perky breasts are a size 38C. I am a natural redhead with lots of freckles and big blue eyes.   I enjoy trying new things in the bedroom and this results in lots of soaked panties. My husband and I have vaginal and anal sex regularly and I love having him cum inside both my holes. I have lots of cum loaded panties for you to choose from. If this is not for you I also have panties soaked in my own cum as well. I am willing to take requests as wild as can be with no judgement. With each pair of panties I will include a picture of me wearing them. Panties will come in discreet packaging and sealed immediately after wear with all my sweet scents inside :) Hope you like what you see  :)

Hello  I’m smart, classy, and superbly scented. I’m also a 28 year old graduate student writing my dissertation in psychology. Researching brains is wonderful, but when I’m bored, I often find myself daydreaming. And I and bored a lot, which means I am nearly always fantasizing, and am nearly always wet. When I’m not writing or fantasizing, I’m often hiking, working out, or in bed with my new husband. We’re newlyweds, but I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t share my panties with him, only here, with you. I take pride in my polished appearance, but I love to have fun under my tailored suits and tight dresses. I’m a size 4, 32D, and most often wear a size small. I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just a “hello.” I’d also love to hear if you have any special requests or favorites!

Aloha, my name is Kauai. Im a young, sexy island girl from Hawaii who loves spreading this sweet island pussy juice all over my thongs! I am open to ANY special requests, just ask and you shall receive! Each item will be dirtied up upon request so be sure to let me know. XOXO!

I'm a dirty college girl who loves working out at the gym and in the bedroom ;) I offer panties that I've worked out in, panties that I've spend a looonnggg hootttt summer day in and panties that I've gotten frisky in. I've got something for everyone. I'm happy to include a spritz of my perfume as well into the package. For an extra small fee, you can also get a photo of me ;) xoxo Moon <3 Special requests accepted :)

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Short “fun sized” Asian girl always down for a good time and ready to satisfy those hungry customers ;) 22 year old college student, 5’0 with a big butt, got the best of both worlds. Cleaning out those drawers and what better way than to provide for others..let me know of any personal requests! Everything is custom, made to order so that it’s all personalized for you

I'm just a naughty baby girl that wants to make your dreams come true. I take special requests, don't be afraid to ask ;) I'm a super sweetie - I'm a vegetarian so I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I love hiking, walking and jogging, going to the gym, sleeping, taking baths, watching movies, riding my bike, and playing with myself. I also have a camera that takes pictures and videos in 4k ;)

I am a lonely, lonely submissive hoping to make your kinkiest dreams come true....My name is Jane. I am 24 years old. Measurements: 109 lbs- 32 B bust - 25" waist - 7 1/2 shoe size. Blue eyes. Blonde hair...I've chosen to be celibate for the year and am dying for your attention... I can't submit to your touch- all I can do to satisfy my needs is to serve you my scent! It'll be my pleasure to be a part of your fantasy. I love being tied up and submitting to my master's will. I get off on giving you the power. I'd love to find a way to weave kink into our transaction. All of my panties are 90-100% cotton and in light colors. Why? Because this will retain my scent most effectively and show my mark most vividly. All of the panties I wear are immediately double-sealed and discreetly packaged, along with a note and lipstick kiss, when ready to ship. Moistness and strong scent guaranteed!

Hello, my name is Scarlett. I am a mixed race, big bootied-5'2 18y/o with long blonde hair. At the moment I'm currently a student at university just trying to make a bit of money on the side for breast enlargement surgery, but between my part time job and my studies can't seem to make ends meet. So this is why I have decided to share all my scents with those of you eager to own my wet and creamy panties! I figure why just please myself when I can also please others! Not looking for any kind of relationship I simply just wanna provide a service, to those of you who want it!  Send me your personal request and I will see what I can do! All panties are open to requests and will be worn just prior to sending so they remain nice and creamy! ;) Yours, Scarlett

Here you will enjoy a diversity of my favorite underwear with lots of different activities in them, I will happily please with anything you guys want!

Thank you for visiting my shop, the name is stynkiemac and I'm 29 year old, bisexual, and thicket than your milkshake. I can do custom orders to for your fantasy if you drop into my dm.

I am a 21 year old college girl! I have many quirks and perks, just ask me! If all you want are my panties, then I can give them to you. You may request anything you like! I'll tell you the price when you tell me what you like :) I'll let you in on a secret. When I cum, I squirt... a lot... on demand. And I can squirt in your panties if you want me to. Send me a message and we can play!

Sassy, sweet, curvy, cute. I am the tanned, hourglass-figured, tantalizing beauty at the pool you've always wanted to talk to.  Purveyor of panties, socks, stockings, and pictures. Come delight in my wares.

let me know if you see anything you like :)

I'm just a 21 year old College Student looking for some help cleaning out my panty drawer ;) I'm wear a medium panty and I'm open to requests, whatever makes you happy <3 I wear allll types of panties and if there's a special kind you want just let me know and we'll figure something out :)

Satisfy your sweet tooth with something naughty from Candy's Sweet Treat Shop. Busy, professional 32 year old single mom. Whether running errands, being a literal soccer mom, or taking care of my own urges, my high sex drive leaves a wet and sweet scent on everything between my thighs. I am open to any and all requests, I just want to please you.