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Got a kink for used panties? Well you're in luck because I have just the thing for you ;)

I'm a 23 year old Latina college student. I'm 5'2, 160, 36 C. I'm short with a curvy figure a little on the big side. Light skin and brown caramel eyes, and a big bootie might I add. I'm your typical girl next door.

My panties start at $25 worn for 24 hours. If you have any special request the price will go up depending on the specific request. I'm completely open minded and can provide any type of panties your heart desires. Attached is a couple of pictures of me wearing some panties. If you want any more pictures let me know. I also sell sexy pictures and videos, I  look forward to serving you.

Come look in my shop see what I have to offer !!!!!

*I accept payment from Cash App available on iTunes 
and Play store, $cashtag: $weetLizzy*
* *I do not show my face in any picture**

I have a big Booty with lots of love to come with it

Recycled panties

Hey you ;* I am a 23 year old Danish girl soon to be a medical doctor who is trying out selling my underwear for the first time. Don't be shy to ask for more pictures or any other questions. I am also selling socks and bras on request. Lots of love from the city of smiles


My name is Grace. I'm a 37 year old executive at a major corporation. My high pressure position and workaholic nature leaves me little time for social interaction. I am exploring ways to clear some of my stress. I've had exhibitionistic desires all my life, but never acted on them. The thought of someone enjoying themselves, indirectly, through me, entices and excites me.  I am a brunette, 5' 6" and 140 lbs. My measurements are 34C-28-38.   My position requires I remain anonymous and I won't be providing any identifiable information, nor will my face be visible in any photographs.  I appreciate your understanding. 

I'm offering my own unique form of "aromatherapy" for you to fuel your desires. I am offering panties and other items from my intimates drawer, hot off the presses for $50/pair. They will be worn for two days, for your pleasure and mine.   I will vacuum seal your un-laundered purchase and ship it direct to you in discreet, unmarked packaging. I'll include prints of photographs I've taken while wearing your item along with a handwritten Thank You note. Any special requests that you may have will be considered and may be negotiable. I feel that Paypal will be the most effective means of commerce. Just select me as a friend, use the email address, [email protected].

Scent-sually yours, 



I’m an Equestrian and love the feeling of my panties riding way up my ass and my clit rubbing on the saddle, as I go over a 3 foot jump on my horse. I get so turned on thinking you’ll be getting off on my filthy panties.💋💋

All of my panties are either Victoria’s Secret or Victoria’s Secret PINK. What can I say, I’m a bratty, panty snob. All my panties are worn 24 hours. I take special requests too, so please don’t be shy. I’m quite open minded 😘😍

Hi daddy! I'm a very cute mixed Latina Asian, 22 years old. Athletic body and petite. Panties for sale for your sexual pleasure! All special requests welcomed! All panties discreetly shipped and enclosed in special baggie to preserve freshness. Sexy note included and sealed with a kiss! Panties worn for 24 hrs or more! Want me to cum in them? Work out in them? Want videos and photos of me? Anything you want. ;) Can't wait to talk with you and make you happy. Xoxo

Hi-ya! My name is Sena and I am a 5'0 cutie with a booty. I love to play video games, cosplay/dress-up, and interacting with people (send me messages whenever you like!). I also enjoy outdoor hobbies like hiking, sand volleyball and paddle boarding. I'm shy but I like to show off and I can't wait to please you! Don't be shy about asking for anything and everything. I'm open to most anything and would love to explore my sexuality! Find me on Kik: senful_gray

Hello, im a 22 yo submissive/slave, offering the sale of used clohing itms and toys. Very kink and fetish friendly, feel free to ask if you have any personal requests.

Hi! I'm 21, all natural ginger where YES the carpets do indeed match the drapes. I frequent the gym 5 days a week and drop into yoga in the morning 3 days a week. I am a full time student with a little bit of a kinky wild side(; Happy to accommodate to my customers, as I will do a variety of options as well as special requests! *Please respect my comfort level!*

A tiny curvy (where needed :) ) sweetie is looking for new experiences! I am cute and shy from outside, but that changes if noone is watching.. I like easy aerobic-like training at home, running outside, and taking long walks with my dogs. I also like being alone outside in the woods.. I am sometimes hairy, sometimes bald like a schoolgirl. I can offer different types and colors of panties, stockings, socks, bras. I have simple cotton lingerie, lace, thongs, boyshorts. I have brand-new ones, but I can also send you older, well-used favourite ones, even with holes on them. I love them so much, just can't get rid of them, but you can help.. :) Normally I wear them for a day, so you can get a well-used, scented piece. Other wishes can also come true! Just let me know your dreams and we will see.. ;-) Every package comes with a personal handwritten message, as a present from me!  

Hi Sexxxy, I am a teacher during the day but don't let that fool you...I'm looking to expand my sexual horizons, like you, I'm do you think I Look? Smell?...Taste...I can tell you it's nothing short of delicious. Please feel free to find out for yourself...xoxo

* Standard $25 for 24 hour wear (comes with handwritten note, signed and sealed with a kiss, and one digital picture not shown on site)

* Customize your order Scent! I can spray with my favorite perfume in addition to or instead of my natural scent, just let me know.

* $5 for each extra digital picture

* $5 for printed out extra picture for Cum Tribute (That’s right you bad boy, it’ll be like you’re cumming all over me while you play with my panties)

* $5 per extra 24 hour wear (with shower)

* $7 per extra 24 hour wear (without shower) – 3 day max

* $20 No Wipe Pee

* $10 wear during 1/hour of intense exercise

* $5 cum panties, each orgasm is $3

* Ask me about bralettes and socks- $15 for 24 hour wear and cost of bralette, $10 for 24 hour wear and cost of socks (patterned or basic)

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Hey there;) I’m new here,

I’m Violet, and I’m 20 years old. I’m in college and selling my panties that I wore from high school and now. I’m a 5 foot tall petite girl with DD cups and sexy feet.

I normally wear them through a full day of work, classes, and sometimes the gym.


Message me requests anytime, and I can give you a price. I’d love to hear from you 😊

Hi, my name is Noelle. I would looooove for you to experience everything I have to offer. I take requests, so dont be shy ;) If you have a style, activity, or kink you would like me to do for you, please feel free to ask, if for any reason it's something I am not willing to do, no judgements or critisizing (unless of course that's what you're into, in that case please let me know in advance), I want my customers to feel comfortable with all requests and purchases. *** About me: I am a thick booty-ed queen with a love of all things sexual. I frequent the gym, and adult toy stores. I am almost constantly wet and love myself a good masturbation session. If you would like to see what turns me on, I am on Tumblr.

5’2 Latin dancer

Hi there, my name is Sarah Kia and I am 22 years old. I love to work out a hike. Eating healthy and taking care of myself is important. Strawberries are my favorite and I try to eat them every day. I have many different panties all ranging in sizes XS SMALL and MEDIUM. I can wear them for a few days and even longer if you want. I will make sure the smell is absoluty amazing and will make you wanting more! Some times I play with myself wearing underwear and I do sell those too but I like those to be fresh so just request if that is something you want. Everything will be sealed to perfection so youll be able to have a great experience. I also have sports bras that I work out in if anyone is interested in that.

I'm a 22 year old freelance dance artist who just loves to get hot and sweaty, ripe and wild.  I am excited to hear how I can make all of your fantasies cum true.  I epitomise the scent of a woman and am delighted to sent to you a gift that keeps giving. Drop me a message if you have a special kink for me to fulfill, there's almost nothing I won't do ;) xoxo, Tallulah

Business professional by day, naughty minx by night. I live for pleasure and want to make sure I please you as well with your purchase. Everyone has a naughty little secret. Mine is my sexy little panties under my buisness clothes. Are they for you? They are for the right price. ;) Open to requests and always sealed with a kiss. 

Love wearing small bikinis and lingerie and showing off my sexy body!

Hi there! I take almost all requests so if you have any questions that I can answer, please don't be shy and ask away!

Hi baby, We are 3 university girls, named Becky, Chloé, and Sasha, and we want to give you what you are looking for ;) We are best friends who live together and are inseparable <3 Sasha (Booty on the right in profile picture) I'm a 5'5 blondie and I love to please ;) I workout everyday and train at an MMA gym too. My friends call me the fitness Barbie <3 When I am not at the gym I am doing school work or hanging out with Chloé and Becky in our sauna.  Thanks love xoxo Chloé (Middle booty) I'm a 5'6 chocolate queen who is always up for a good time! I have a lean body and a 30DD chest <3 I love yoga and running. I am studying physiotherapy and love to stretch my friends when they get tight muscles. Becky (Booty on the left of profile picture) Hi i'm Becky and I am 5'7 and have short brown hair. I love boating and spend very long days in the lab working hard at my school work. **Length of wear and other requests may come at additional costs**

Hello guys, I'm an 18 year old college student with a big obsession: thinking about people getting off to my underwear makes me as wet as a lake! I have a sex partner that doesn't know about me on this website, but he sure knows what I'm capable of in bed. :D We have sex as much as when can and whenever I'm horny, which is every time someone buys my panties, so I'm never short of "dirty" material. I'm really excited knowing that I could satisfy your desires! I like to keep fit so I work out 4 times a week doing weight lifting, cardio, yoga, and pilates! I'm open to your requests for my panties, I offer a LOT of extras ;) but you have to keep my secret! I promise I'll make it worth your while! ;)

Everybody has a morning routine. Some people start their day with a good breakfast and a run. Some with a cup of coffee and a bagel. Me? I start my day  Off with a long, slow masturbation session. A little time with my vibrator on my little button and my fingers inside of myself and it’s the start of a great day. I especially love to cum in my panties, soaking them with my juices...have I mentioned that I’m a squirter? sometimes, when I’m at work, I’ll sneak away on my lunch and touch myself. Getting my panties even more wet. wouldnt it be lovely to inhale my scent? Thinking about you pulling my panties to your nose and breathing deep, smelling my juices gets me even more excited. I look forward to hearing from you soon. ~Tabby Payment via PayPal is accepted

Young Super tight MILF ;p !

Message or KIK ME !  TasteyXxCakes

Always up for a chat !

Enjoy a nice conversation & allow me to please you ! I won’t bite unless you ask me too.♧ I am open to all fetishes . It gets me so wett just thinking about you getting off to me . Poo, pee, & potty fun. I’m down . 😋 Dont Be shy . Everything i mail comes w tracking number and in discreet packaging ! I do offer custom videos & photos for small fee. ♡


▪☆ I also offer free demo photos in some of my panties to entice you .. ☆▪

Also will provide fan sighn to verify just how real i am if requested . ;p


●Blonde hair Brown eyed beauty●

Age: 21 years young

Height: 5’4 • 

Weight:130 pounds • 

Breast: 36DD


♡Voluptuous shaped butt w a pungent scent 

♡Tight , juicy & sweet pussy