Domina, MILF, Bartender. I sell panties, nylons, socks, pops, and assigned tasks.

Hey sweets! Welcome to the candy shop! Im an 18 year old college sorority girl and I'd love to show you some of my panties! Im into anything that you are, im an adventurous girl! Scat, feet, socks, creamy panties, GFE(the best girlfriend everrr) hehe i'd love to talk to you. I love to make someone feel special and if you spoil me, ill definitely spoil you. I can make your fantasies come true!! NEWLY DOING PICTURES AND VIDEO, NEVER DONE BEFORE. Message me for more xo

I’m a bisexual intellectual from Dirty Jersey! I have a very healthy sex life and enjoy masturbating almost daily. The thought of other people enjoying my underwear after I’ve worn them thoroughly turns me on!! Im always down for sexting, private pics, etc so let me know what special requests or fetishes you may have!

Hi, my sexy sluts welcome to juicy delo panties shop I have a wide selection of new, barely worn and worn panties explore my world of the juiciest pussy worn pleasures of a master cum collector bbw. special request excepted for extra $$$$ SPECIAL REQUEST Order # 1   cum on panties  ( cost $3) Order # 2  wear panties for 2 days (cost $5) Order # 3  pee on panties (cost $6) Order # 4 period panties (cost $2) Order # 5 shit on panties (cost $10) Order # 6 go to sleep with panties in my ass overnight (cost $12) Order # 7 panties between my toes overnight (cost $13)

I’m a 4’9″ Latina, that has long black hair and a DD rack. I have beautiful brown eyes. I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, hell who am I kidding I love everything outdoors! I also like to do cross fit type workouts. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I live a fast paced life. Being a mom of 3 gets hot and sweaty. So that makes for good quality panties! I’m looking to make extra money while making your fantasies come true! I really enjoy all request, in fact making panties is kind of my dirty little secret! I absolutely get turned on knowing a man wants to sniff, taste, wear, or cum in  my panties!!! 😍  Like you I also get off, knowing what my panties do for you. So I say let’s help each other out, I’ll wear your next pleasure panty and you enjoy them!👙👙👙

All my panties posted on my shop will only be worn and made once you place your order. I will seal them up and send them out in a discreet package. My list of add ons are as follows: Peed in, masturbated in, sexed, stuffed, Ass wiped, Ass rub, Workout in, 3 photos of me in your panties. Add one or as many as you like. If I didn’t mention your favorite, please message me I’m sure I’m very cable of making it happen for you. I also have an Amazon wish list, where you can purchase panties/costumes/bras for me to wear for you. Check out the list:

I can be contacted here, KIK  with user name PPPM13 or at [email protected]

I am a full time Cam girl so my panties are always nice and used :) I take special requests of activites you'd like me to do in your dirty undies ;) i love fulfilling fantasies!

Ultimate girly girl - I love lace and satin, especially in dark reds, grays and blacks. By day, I'm a thick,  brunette first responder and by night, I'm cuddled up with the dogs, a good book or show and yummy food. I am open to all special requests. For the first 30 days, items are priced as is :) After 10/12, new items will be unworn until just before shipped. I want to be able to fully meet your need, so pricing will be as follows, panties worn during: Masturbation  $10, Sex $20, Workout $10, during/close to cycle $15. Would love to discuss what colors and activities fulfill your fantasies.

I’m a flight attendant (or stewardess/air hostess, if you prefer) for a major US airline. I love to travel, read, learn new languages, and scuba dive. I will have not only my panties for sale, but my stockings, pantyhose, and heels too. I hope to hear from you soon.

Here to help satisfy all your wet pantie needs ;)  Prices vary depending on length of wear, style, and special requests. Southern curvy and pregnant with my next baby so my scent is very present, but sweet ;) I am willing to take requests by color, style, and more.. let me know and you will receive. I am also willing to sell other used clothes to help satisfy all your fetish needs ;*  This tattooed mom is here to make you a happy customer every time you shop and insure you get every pantie desire fulfilled.

Selling juicy worn panties, fucked in, masterbated in, worked out in or other request.  Also love doing pictures and videos.  

Ebony Girl, who likes to please, and be pleased. I'm a bit of a shy girl, but what lies beneath is a wild adventurous lady who loves to have fun and make people happy, I love to chat and have a good time. I have Dozens of Knickers for you to choose from, but if in doubt contact me and lets chat and decide how best to give you what you need, have a look at the photos for an Idea ....then make sure you hit me up !

Wet & ready for you. I have a sweet smell that will most likely make you want more. I take any requests, the longer I wear them the more thrill I get from them. You name it I’ll do it. I am an active person. Monday to Friday I go uni, gym and work. Friday to Sunday I work, party and study all in pretty much the same panties. I love a bad dirty man that can enjoy my used panties as much as I do. Im looking foreword to hear from you

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Hey there ;) I’m a mommy with a big juicy booty and a soaking wet pussy. I workout 5 days and take special requests!

I’m flirty & dirty, and I get off knowing that you’re getting off on my erotic aroma. Who doesn’t love the scent of a woman? I know I do. I will do my best to indulge in your every desire. Optional extras will be considered. I’m not easily shocked, so don’t be afraid to ask away. I’m new to this,  but my fella is away Monday-Friday with the forces. This leaves me feeling lonely, naughty, and very sexually frustrated. I do a lot of wanking in those five days... until I see him at the weekend and ride him like Sea Biscuit. I especially love it when he ties me up with my stockings, and gets me wet through my knickers. More than happy to send some pics... although I’ll have to be careful how I approach that... he’d go nuts if he knew! I’m also breastfeeding so if sweet milky aroma from big veiny milky udders is your thing, don’t hesitate to get in touch! (I’m also happy to send stockings, socks, shoes, and used sex toys... or possibly something else you desire?) Prices don’t include p&p, as this depends what you’re looking for and where you are, but we can work something out. X

Offering nothing other than the finest of underwear worn on the body of the Mystery girl that is me. A petite Australian with an ass that wraps around the lace of a thong that you can have all to yourself. Find out what the Mystery is all about...

Satiate your thirst for the scent of a woman with my soaking wet panties

Hey there babe. I'm a 28-year-old Caucasian lady. I'm here to give you the undies of your dreams. I'm fit and active, and love to go out dancing and get sweaty. I'm always having a good time. Pick a pair of undies and I will wear them for two days straight. Let me know what you want me to do in them. We can also talk if you want me to wear them longer. Undies mailed in a yellow bubble mailer. I seal them in a fresh ziploc right when I take them off while they are still warm with full aromas.  

Hey babes Andy here! A little bit about me… I’m a 19 year old with huge tits and a love for making you happy. I'm a student so I'm always studying, working out, and partying! Message me with what you want and I would love to make that happen for you…

Panties with love from a loving big  heart and affection, possible request taking, bisexual sex scent as well because I have a bisexual roomate

Quench your dirty desires with Clove Buy your Sexy used panties today...

Hey babes, I'm here to keep you satisfied. Tell me what you'd like, I'd love to fulfill your needs. <3

Thinking outside the box. I can hula hoop in a pair of panties for you, wear a pair during sex or wear them for as many days as you want. Message me today to create your perfect pair of panties.

Hello ;-) I am a horny student who gets wet at the thought of you holding my dirty panties in your hands. I enjoy masturbating, kickboxing, reading, and getting down and dirty.   I accept paypal.

My worn panties, worn bra's and well worn nylon tights/socks as well as worn shoes