Hi.. i have all ranges of panties from thongs to school girl knickers, sexy wear to girl boxers. My job is very physical and highly demanding. I have panties that have been worn at different times and in all styles. I am very open to requests if you have something specific in mind!rnrnGet in touch and let see what i can do for you!

19 year old geeky college student looking to satisfy your needs of underwear.

Short “fun sized” Asian girl always down for a good time and ready to satisfy those hungry customers ;) 22 year old college student, 5’0 with a big butt, got the best of both worlds. Cleaning out those drawers and what better way than to provide for others..let me know of any personal requests! Everything is custom, made to order so that it’s all personalized for you

I love everything about assess! I'm a kinky chocolate girl who loves bondage, rimming, oral, and fart play. I have used panties & socks ("worn" to your specifications) for sale, as well as personalized ass worship and other fetish videos and photos. Have a request? Tell me! I aim to please ;)

Hey everyone, Naughty Vivian here. I'm a curvy 26 year old nerdy gamer girl. Would you like to know my dirty little secret?  ;)  I'm a single mom who's just trying to make a living. I work in the kitchen of a local college. I play more video games than I should. Anything special just chat with me, I LOVE getting hot and bothered filling custom orders.

Hello and welcome...I am 23 years old with a very big sexual appetite. My lover can attest that I am definitely a MILF who likes to pleasure her master as often as possible...I would love to satisfy any and all your desires. Just think of me as your toy to use however you want...I will be your little puppet...your wish is my delicious demand. If you are into watersports, breastmilk, juicy asses, and making your wildest dreams come true, I am your girl.

Hi, my name is Rosita and I am a sweet, young college student from Miami. I feel like a naughty schoolgirl doing this! In my free time, I love working out and dancing at the clubs!! US SHIPPING ONLY!! NO RETURNS ACCEPTED!!

Just a recent college grad here just trying to make some money! :)                                                                      A Little about me: I'm young and I love to work out. Gotta keep this booty in shape. Haha. My vibrator is basically my best friend. I am ready to start selling and want happy customers, so don't be afraid to message me any requests.

Hello, I Love You. Won’t you tell me your name? This foxy lady wants to light your fire. I’m 23 years young 5'3" & 115 lbs. XS-S & 34B. I like to get freaky, I like to get weird, I like to groove. I have passion and drive, and that's how I survive. I'm a very open-minded and down to earth little creature. We all get by with a little help from our friends, right? I could get by with a little help with my college tuition. I'm on my way to becoming an officially liscenced psychologist, & in my nearly professional opinion, I think you could do wonders with a little bit of 21st Century Fox. I know how to make your wants, needs, and desires, manifest into reality. Message me and I'll give you a healthy dose of the strongest medicine I can prescribe. I look forward to connecting with you, when the stars align. ❥

I'm a biracial babe with a fat ass and a juicy pussy. I'm willing to take requests in the hope your fantasies will be fulfilled. Come shop at my store ;)

Heyy! So I am a student, from Texas, where everything is certainly bigger and better (jk) I love teaching myself new things, exploring the world around me and just having fun, If you have any special requests, just message me, I love fulfilling orders.

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Hello my loves! I'm a 23 year old aspiring yogi and soon to be doctoral student. I like relaxing, hiking, and doing yoga with my panties stretched tight against my pussy. I think about sex, a lot. So these panties can get really wet, really quick. Or, not, whatever you prefer. Open to taking panty  requests if you want to see a certain style or color against this brown skin. I'm REALLY open to trying new things. Just DM me with any questions, I'm very discreet and willing to include special requests ;) .Have fun shopping my love!

just a 22 year old girl who wants to share her panties :) please message me for requests!

Just a sexy active college student with a big booty and a sexy kitty 5'2" and 145 lb $5-20 for special requests but no request is off limits ;) I have 5 tattoos and some sexy nipple piercings

Hi, I am 18 years old (Newly legal...) and I am a small build skinny twink. I have a somewhat active lifestyle and love underwear. I also love playing with myself and sometimes if I get too excited it just ends up all over my underwear. I would love to share my underwear with you, and know if you like it. Please send me messages as to what kind of stuff you are into.  I am open to anything... If you have more specific things you would like me to do for you please don't be shy and just send me a message and I'm sure we can work something out. All of the underwear is made to order. So the underwear that is displayed in the pictures is clean and then depending on what you want it will be "used" and "modified" which will determine the price. If you want other specific types/models of underwear (Calvin Klein, Hollister, Jockstrap, Women's) please just let me know.

Woman always excited and alone

Bonjour panty lovers ! I'm a 21 years old art student living in France. I love good wine, good food and... of course, good sex. My fellow students think I'm this glasses wearing, sexy but serious girl... Little do they know that I'm quite naughty and maybe you can help with that side of me ! As a true French girl, I adore lingerie and am always buying too much sexy little things. So if you are interested, I'm sure we could get along ! What do I look like ? Dark haired, hazel eyed, tattooed and pierced tight body (5 ft 4 for 110 lbs) What am I like ? Naughty yet classy. I like the fact that, upon meeting me, people wouldn't think I'm kinky. It's my own well-hidden secret. And... you are my new secret (and maybe I will be yours soon). I can't wait for you to play with my used panties. Prices are for a 24 hours wear. Extra 24 hours for an additional 5£ (5€). Masturbating while wearing the panty for an additional 5£ (5€). Don't hesitate to write to me for special wants (type of panty, fabric, color...). Panties will be shipped with care in a zip bag with a personalized note and maybe a little surprise if you are lucky ! As I'm shipping from France, there are additional costs that are already included in my prices. I will not ask for more. Overseas and international shipping takes more time, but I will give you a number so you can track your order. Discreet shipping guaranteed. A bientot ! Love, Julia Click on Instagram link for direct contact

I’m 21 years old, wear size large undies, all  different styles. Let me know if you have any special requests

Hi there, I'm a Canadian Country Girl.   5'4, 110lbs, 30D 33" round Hips muscular build black curly hair and a passion for Health and Fitness...and a few other thing :)   I'm a healthy, lady with lots of booty that I love to twerk and jiggle for your pleasure. I enjoy recording my dance moves and imagining I'm in the room with you watching. Overall making you hard turns my creative juices on and gets me dripping wet.   By day I'm a chatty, witty, intelligent, friendly lady. I enjoy unleashing and letting my wild naughty side loose here. Wait till you hear me moan or challenge you in an edging contest.   I found this site after a few months on a web cam site. I enjoy role playing, dressing up sissies, instruction giving, domination, while expanding and growing into new areas. I'm always open to learning what makes you tick. Send me a message and let me know how I can help you.   I can't wait to meet you all, strip and tease you all, and 'cum' together with you all....   **I'm a seamstress that enjoys making panties, if you have an outfit or idea shoot me a message. I have lots of fabrics on hand, custom gussets of your choice is an add on.**

Hey there, I'm a 25 year old college graduate and I love having fun. I have a thick body type with a few extra pounds that I’m trying to lose, so I try to workout daily. I aim to please so don't be shy! I'll see what I can do for you, besides you know what they say, "The Customer is always right!" Let me make your fantasy come true!! :P * $20 extra for every day worn after 24 hours.

Hello everyone, I'm an Italian girl named Margot. In life I'm a policewoman, I'm in the army and this rigorous life leads me to transgress in little things. I get excited at the thought that someone can masturbate with my panties ... come and find out if you want ...

College student that parties a lot and gets into wild fun ;) Enjoy my rose and underwear that's along for the ride

Come play with me in my little Opium Den. Try not to get addicted! I'm a 24 year-old Korean sex addict that's longing to fulfill your dirtiest desires. I love getting creamed in and then letting those juices soak into my favorite undies...then shipping them directly off to you ;) Each pair you order will come carefully packaged in plastic to ensure that you get the wettest, juiciest panties possible. You'll also receive a polaroid of me wearing them to complete your dirty fantasy. Peruse my panty drawer, and don't be afraid to send me a message! :) See you in your dreams tonight xx Stella