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I'm Rylee, a hot, college-educated, twenty-something business professional.  I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion with long legs, 34 Bs, and an ass that stops traffic.  My lingerie chest includes office, playtime, and workout panties. I am just as comfortable in a pencil skirt & cheekies as I am in yoga pants & a thong, and everything in between.  But enough about me, tell me all about what you want. XO

Got a kink for used panties? Well you're in luck because I have just the thing for you ;)

I'm a 23 year old Latina college student. I'm 5'2, 160, 36 C. I'm short with a curvy figure a little on the big side. Light skin and brown caramel eyes, and a big bootie might I add. I'm your typical girl next door.

My panties start at $25 worn for 24 hours. If you have any special request the price will go up depending on the specific request. I'm completely open minded and can provide any type of panties your heart desires. Attached is a couple of pictures of me wearing some panties. If you want any more pictures let me know. I also sell sexy pictures and videos, I  look forward to serving you.

Come look in my shop see what I have to offer !!!!!

*I accept payment from Cash App available on iTunes 
and Play store, $cashtag: $weetLizzy*
* *I do not show my face in any picture**

Natural Redhead excited to get wet for you. Once you open this box you'll be hooked. Panties come with a polaroid photo of me wearing them. I'll take requests for length of wear, style of panties, or whatever you want me to do in them :) Let me know if you want to buy access to my Snapchat

Not another blonde sorority girl. This girl is hardworking and going to college! In debt, need money to pay off my student loans. Prices negotiable, I'm willing to do almost anything for money **** wink wink*****

Little Secrets Lingerie fulfills fantasies with you in mind! I want you to give you personally worn panties that are worn just for you! Feel free to chat with me and let me know that you want specially worn undies...just for you! I package with sealed bags and discreet packaging. Some background: I am a young, petite student that is single. Let me know if you have special requests!

Hey, I'm Rachel and i'm here to sell and make some extra cash! Im a 19 year-old college student looking to pay off as much of my tuition and rent as possible! Feel free to buy as  much as you like, as i always need money for something, maybe even new panties! Thank you and happy buying!

18 year old College kid looking for some extra cash ;) I take special requests, and my priority is to make you happy!  

Just a young women looking to give your senses a mystical experience. Purchase from me and I guarantee your journey through my heavenly sanctuary will be Hotter than Hell. There are no commandments here but there is one rule you must follow: be bad and have fun. 

Hello there 😻….I’m a 25 year old woman living just outside of Columbus, Ohio. I love being active…bowling, hiking, going to the gym..anything to get my juices flowing! I’m 5’6 with a plump booty, a size 38C chest and a sassy mouth 👄 I like smelling my own panties or stuffing them in my mouth while masturbating 💦👅 I take requests to ensure your full fantasy is established.. I’m here for your satisfaction and am excited to share my overflowing panty drawer with you 🌼

Hello there, I’m V. I’m 22 and I’m a pretty normal girl except for this little secret. I get off on fulfilling your fantasies. I do panties, bras, lingerie sets, and I take requests too. Each of my panties are worn for one day unless there’s something special you want. Don’t be shy because I’m certainly not. Send me your requests ❤️

Hello, I'm Ashley Monro I'm a Camgirl 21 years old and thriving. I make the panties exactly how you like them lightly scented, or filthy my expertise! I can do custom orders. I also can provide extra photos with the panties you order for 10$.

Recent college graduate/nonprofit advocate with a kinky side, my vagina has been described as tasting like cake :)

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Hi! I’m your little Italian nasty girl! I’m a fetish model, an indipendent porn performer and also an hard rock drummer with a juicy wet pussy! I love wearing panties and do all the craziest things with them on! ...also, I’m always really horny (and thinking about someone wants my juicy panties, drive me crazy!) so they are always super creamy! Yummy! All my panties are custom, so just choose your favorite one and ask me to do all you want for the time you want! I’m here to satisfie all your wishes and I will never say no!  All panties come in a descreet pack, with a hand written letter to thank you. EXTRA In addition, you can receive a special pic for each day of wearing, adding $5.00 per pic (ex: 1day wearing/1 pic/$5.00 - 3days wearing/3 pics/$15.00) or a video of me doing the activity you requested for an extra of $50.00 (ex: video of me masturbating with the panty on, or peeing in it, as your request) I really can’t wait to send you a part of me!

Shh, don't tell my parents! This is our little secret. I'm so happy you're here to play, I have a lot to show you. I'm a student with a dirty mind, a vivid imagination, and a panty drawer that's getting a little bit too full.   Most days you'll find me at the gym or playing around in my favorite pole fitness studio. I love staying in shape. I've had a few people ask me if I had any bras to sell... I wish! I owned like... two, but honestly I don't typically wear one. I'm fun and frisky, and things have been getting a little wet and messy around what do you say? Want to help me clean up a little?   Payments are accepted on google wallet, and flat rate shipping is $5! I also take requests! Snapchat: ArielArches Pics of me in panties: $5

Tattooed, fit and fuckable girlie with a gym addiction and a kinky side. I always aim to please. ;) I also include a photo and handwritten note with all purchases! Happy to satisfy your needs with custom orders, don't be shy. :)

Welcome, first off let me start by telling you about myself. (18 years old) I'm a very adventurous women, so I'd love to take on the more challenging requests for all of my panty buyers. :) I'm a submissive women and I love the idea of someone getting off on my scent. I'd love to get to know you and form a relationship with my customers if possible. Follow my Tumblr account for information regarding my selling of pictures and videos! I'd be more than happy to provide videos of myself doing things in the panties and preforming tasks. :)

Hello there :) I'm a 23 year old young professional from Minnesota. I’m 5’4 and curvy in all the right places. I’m very sexual and sensual and am thinking about pleasuring myself about 75% of the day. I’m your horny darling with a pussy that is creamy, sweet and strong. When I’m not working at my career, I love to explore my sexuality, and workout until I'm dripping with sweat. I wear medium size panties and my bra size is 36DD All my panties are made to order, so if you see a pair you like just send me a message about what kind of wear you’re interested in. I'm willing to do almost anything to pay off my student loans ;)   I also offer add-ons of digital photos with requested poses!

Hi! Welcome to my shop! I'm an open minded, sexy, fun, and flirty young lady. I’m glad I caught your eye. I am 28 year old, 5' 3", 98lbs. I am a tiny, curvy asain from Thailand and just moved to America to live with my girlfriend. I have a very juicy pussy and I can’t wait to share my scent with you! Just thinking about you sniffing my panties turns me on and makes my pussy wet!! I enjoy sex with my girlfriend and masturbating. I also like yoga and jogging.

I can offer different types and colors of panties, stockings, socks, bras. I have simple cotton lingerie, lace, thongs, boyshorts. 

Normally I wear them for a day, so you can get a well-used, scented piece. I take special requests too!

Hey, Internet! I'm just a regular girl with tattoos who likes to hang around the house in my underwear whenever I can. I'm extremely open, honest, fun-loving, and up for damn near anything. I'm offering 100% authentic personal items for sale, including some that have been in regular rotation for years and years (yep, with holes, stains, the works!). Currently offering: -Used pantyhose -Underwear worn as long as you like -Period panties (old or recent) -Urine splashes and/or skid marks -Post-workout panties -Post-coital (M/F) -Sweaty bras -Stuffed -Used socks -Used toothbrushes -Custom items on request! Can't wait to make all your dreams come true!

Hi potential buyer, I'm excited you've made this far! I'm a 21-year-old Puerto Rican and Italian princess, I stand petite with long black hair and a gorgeous sun kissed frame. I've placed shop on Sofiagray's site in hopes of receiving contributions towards affording a new vehicle. As a young college student, I look forward to providing the best for your panty party fantasy. Leaving you and I mutually happy and satisfied. Now here's a look at the personal collection of my sweetest intimates. 1 for $35 2 for $60 3 for $100 Enjoy! (;

I'm a shy bookworm who is always reading erotica and daydreaming about things that make me so wet.

My boyfriend doesn't know how juicy I make myself for you. I'm Penny, a 5"6 girl of 20. I'm cute and slender, white-skinned with pink undertones. My little titties are 32B with tiny pink nipples, and I can hold them in my hands but they spill through my fingers. I have tiny hands and feet, my shoes size in heels is only 7 inches! My ass is big and juicy, it can swallow your whole cock between its cheeks! I have larger pussy lips than most, I found that out when I explored my friend's pussies. I started masturbating young and ever since I've stayed very hot and wet. I love pretty panties and I love to cum hard over and over again. I'm in college studying business and I have a boyfriend, but he doesn't know about my secret fetish. I want to share my body with you! My wildest sex? My threesome with my best friend and my ex-boyfriend. My friend is a lesbian and wanted my body all to herself so it was hot to finally watch them hate-fuck each other. My sexy secret? I love it when I feel a man's hot cum shooting up my asshole.   Customize me! *$5 for a squirt of my favorite perfume in addition to/ instead of my natural scent. *$10 for my tasty cum cream. (Price per cum gush.) Want personal pics of me? Order up to three pictures of any part of my body you choose (except my face) to be printed and sent with your order. Use them to cum on my body while you play with my panties! *$5 for titties, feet, hands, etc. *$10 for ass and pussy.  

I am a business mature woman, so I travel a lot. I have so many shoes, boots, lingerie,(panties, bra., knickers, stockings, etch).....Inmy free time, I love to manufacture BDSM toys (wood paddles, leather collars for slaves, and many other which will be posted soon)....I have no space for them. I have no time to laundry all the time, so sometimes they are trashed. So, if you like something......take it! I will be happy to assist in any wish you may have! Photos....etch...

I'm a student. I'll be happy and I want you to be happy also if you buy my wet, juicy panties ;)