Lots of used sexy underwear

DM me on KIK for private deals ☺️ LolaKElliot xoxo

Wild, wet and willing to fulfill all your fantasies...

I like to ride! ;) Strong, toned, equestrian athlete. Bold and different. I take requests...x  

I’m 19 and new to this

Hey there 😉 Thanks for checking out our shop, we are 3 sister wives in a polygamist marriage. Let me introduce ourselves to you! Catarina is a curvy petite Spanish rose who enjoys hot salsa dances and fulfilling fantasies 😉 Celeste is a kinky French beauty that loves getting wet and staying wet, and Iris is a naughty Celtic housewife, who dabbles in witchery.


Take your pick, and let us fulfill your wildest and wettest dreams.


❤️ $25 3 day wear

❤️ $10 for each additional day

❤️ $10 for workout

❤️ $10 to masturbate or have sex in

❤️ $15 for other bodily fluids (urine, skid marks, period)


Msg if interested in feet fetish or other lingerie items.

Each order includes handwritten note with lipstick kiss, and vacuum sealed to preserve our unique flavor. 💋

A shy but naughty young girl that's always wet, you will always receive a personalized note with each panty ;)

I'm a little masochist slave girl whose always dripping. I have to change my panties 3 times a day because they get so wet, so why shouldn't you get a taste ;) I got permission to share my sweet juices.

27 year old woman who works in marketing. Very hot office; all about pencil skirts.

A thick and juicy snowflake looking to give someone a treat :)

Quench your thirst. Quality pre-worn & loved squirt drenched panties for sale. PM me for more information. A mommy by day & a cam girl by night!

Wheather your after undies soaked in my wet juices, undies after a work out, undies worn for a few days, undies with marks, no request is too much trouble for me to fulfil for you. I also sell socks, stockings and bras. Want to know more? Just message me and we can fulfil your needs as soon as possible. All undies come in zip lock bags.

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Always wet and soaked for your pleasure

Just a girl, trying to make the world a better place, one pair of undies at a time.

Like Sasha Grey, but with bangs and a booty. Can I call you daddy? I would love to sell you my panties and/ or socks for your pleasure. I have a strong, musky scent. I get very wet, and would love to share with you ;)

Hello I’m Anastasia(: I’m a sassy college school girl who loves wearing panties of all different kinds. I’m open to any requests and can’t wait to meet your requests and desires(;

Full time nurse 💉

Best partner to my husband 💑❤️

Always down to try new things 🏵

100% real. I’m proud of my body and embrace every single person. ❤️❤️

Feisty Indonesian bunny who's down to get wet and dirty in her Victoria's Secret undies!

I'm here to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Any special requests let me know and ill be sure to make our dreams come true.

Satisfaction awaits. Indulge your lustful side with a slice of sin sent strait from the dirtiest parts of your imagination.  Here with Mikasa, My passion is to fill your every whim and desire to bring you complete satisfaction. No request is too small or too big. I just aim to please. If you are interested or have any requests, Dont hesitate to message. Im here at your beck and call.

Offering nothing other than the finest of underwear worn on the body of the Mystery girl that is me. A petite Australian with an ass that wraps around the lace of a thong that you can have all to yourself. Find out what the Mystery is all about...

Hi guys, Well what can I say? I am a fun-loving educated girl, who writes sex novels and erotic fantasy for a living. I am in a permanent state of horny. I love playing with myself and can do it all day long. I also have many fuck buddies, so if knickers soaked in cum is your thing... mine or his, or both, then this shop is perfect for you! I am always willing to take requests, no matter how quirky! Tell me what you want from me and I will accommodate you all day long! I want to please you.

Offering up your wildest fanstasies ;)

Leave your stress behind and enter a world of temptation. Skin so soft and sweet as a honey suckle. With a fragrance so natural and majestic like a wood nymph. Feel free to message with any future order requests HUGS ~