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Hi there, I wear a size M/L in panties and a 36c in bras. I'm currently 21 years old. I go to school and work full time. I also go to the gym 5x a week. I'm only selling my worn panties at this time but am willing to take special request. Prices: $50 for one day wear $100 for one week wear $500 for 2 weeks $1000 for one month    

Your happiness is just a click away ;)

I’m a daddy’s girl, 22, fit, healthy, and naughty. I want to please you and give you what you desire. Each of my panties will come with my juices soaking them and I will have worn them through classes, work at the hospital, and hot workouts at the gym.


Each gift you order will come with a little gift just for you😉  Help me get through college and I promise you won’t regret it daddy😘


My name is Grace. I'm a 37 year old executive at a major corporation. My high pressure position and workaholic nature leaves me little time for social interaction. I am exploring ways to clear some of my stress. I've had exhibitionistic desires all my life, but never acted on them. The thought of someone enjoying themselves, indirectly, through me, entices and excites me.  I am a brunette, 5' 6" and 140 lbs. My measurements are 34C-28-38.   My position requires I remain anonymous and I won't be providing any identifiable information, nor will my face be visible in any photographs.  I appreciate your understanding. 

I'm offering my own unique form of "aromatherapy" for you to fuel your desires. I am offering panties and other items from my intimates drawer, hot off the presses for $50/pair. They will be worn for two days, for your pleasure and mine.   I will vacuum seal your un-laundered purchase and ship it direct to you in discreet, unmarked packaging. I'll include prints of photographs I've taken while wearing your item along with a handwritten Thank You note. Any special requests that you may have will be considered and may be negotiable. I feel that Paypal will be the most effective means of commerce. Just select me as a friend, use the email address,[email protected].

Scent-sually yours, 



I am a 22 year old female, fit, active and healthy. All undies are worn by me. With every pair you order, at minimum I will have worn them through: - one hour of Yoga - orgasmed at least once - have them on for 24 hours - every pair includes a hand written note with (graphic) details of where the panties have been ;) BY SPECIAL REQUEST: - worn through a session of hot yoga (an hour and a half of Yoga in a 107 degree room) (extra $20) - orgasm multiple times (extra $10) - worn multiple days (extra $10 per day)  

Hi! Welcome to my shop! I'm an open minded, sexy, fun, and flirty young lady. I’m glad I caught your eye. I am 28 year old, 5' 3", 98lbs. I am a tiny, curvy asain from Thailand and just moved to America to live with my girlfriend. I have a very juicy pussy and I can’t wait to share my scent with you! Just thinking about you sniffing my panties turns me on and makes my pussy wet!! I enjoy sex with my girlfriend and masturbating. I also like yoga and jogging.

I can offer different types and colors of panties, stockings, socks, bras. I have simple cotton lingerie, lace, thongs, boyshorts. 

Normally I wear them for a day, so you can get a well-used, scented piece. I take special requests too!

**currently taking special requests, please email/see below** •An exhibitionist selling her panties, stockings, and whatever else you want•   •Exclusive fetish content available, sexy details below•   •I wear panties for at least 3 days•   •Email with any questions•   •Please be able to use PayPal, Ko-Fi, or Amazon•   EXLCUSIVE CONTENT BY ✨GINGER ROSE✨   I am Ginger, naturally a redhead and a learned exhibitionist. I have modeled for over 3 years now, and have some outdoor/flashing exclusive content readily available (you already get a sneak peak in my profile pic) and am ALWAYS taking requests. This is not limited to photos! I have an exlcusive private gmail I am willing to use for a variety of purposes. Rates are negotiable depending on your requests. $5 - a sexy selfie for your eyes only $20 - access to photosets $35 - any pair of panties $50 - initial access to exclusive email    

A yummy way to get a little piece of me 😝 I’m a petite 18 year old still finishing senior year. I weigh about 105 lbs. I’m at the gym frequently trying to get booty gains 😩Message me with any request you can think of and I’ll show you what I can do for you 👅

I'm Ruby! If you enjoy petite build nymphomaniacs then I'm your woman. I'm very active, and enjoy showing off my fit, petite body. I wear a size XS to S in panties, and a 34D in bras. I enjoy most types of kinks, and you are more than welcome to ask If you like something specific. Just let me know, sweetheart! Some of my hobbies include; Sex of course, exhibitionism, video and computer games, and baking.        

I’m an Equestrian and love the feeling of my panties riding way up my ass and my clit rubbing on the saddle, as I go over a 3 foot jump on my horse. I get so turned on thinking you’ll be getting off on my filthy panties.💋💋

All of my panties are either Victoria’s Secret or Victoria’s Secret PINK. What can I say, I’m a bratty, panty snob. All my panties are worn 24 hours. I take special requests too, so please don’t be shy. I’m quite open minded 😘😍

Cute things, lacy things, girly things; to fill your dirty little desires.

Hey, Internet! I'm just a regular girl with tattoos who likes to hang around the house in my underwear whenever I can. I'm extremely open, honest, fun-loving, and up for damn near anything. I'm offering 100% authentic personal items for sale, including some that have been in regular rotation for years and years (yep, with holes, stains, the works!). Currently offering: -Used pantyhose -Underwear worn as long as you like -Period panties (old or recent) -Urine splashes and/or skid marks -Post-workout panties -Post-coital (M/F) -Sweaty bras -Stuffed -Used socks -Used toothbrushes -Custom items on request! Can't wait to make all your dreams come true!

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I'm your typical girl next door with a naughty little secret. Nurse by day and hopefully your sweet dream by night. I'm here to fulfill your deepest darkest fantasy and satisfy your every need.

I'm a shy bookworm who is always reading erotica and daydreaming about things that make me so wet.

Hi daddy! I'm a very cute mixed Latina Asian, 22 years old. Athletic body and petite. Panties for sale for your sexual pleasure! All special requests welcomed! All panties discreetly shipped and enclosed in special baggie to preserve freshness. Sexy note included and sealed with a kiss! Message me for prices!

Nice to meet you :) I'm here to provide you with allll your panty needs.  I sell used, sweaty panties for $15 a day. I take special requests as well. *Custom photos*
5 for $10
10 for $20 *I do not show my face in any pictures due to privacy reasons!!!* Serious buyers only please!

Hot Teen selling used panties and socks. It can be our little secret

Hi-ya! My name is Sena and I am a 5'0 cutie with a booty. I love to play video games, cosplay/dress-up, and interacting with people (send me messages whenever you like!). I also enjoy outdoor hobbies like hiking, sand volleyball and paddle boarding. I'm shy but I like to show off and I can't wait to please you! Don't be shy about asking for anything and everything. I'm open to most anything, but please be respectful of what limits I do have. I'm new to this at the moment so please be patient and teach me about what pleases you. Find me on Kik: senful_gray

Hi daddy :) My name is Bee, I’m 18, and I love to rub my cute little pussy while I think about my daddy smelling and coming on my panties ❤️ Please feel free to message me about making you happy with special panties just for you! I’ll do anything. Xoxo - BabyBee Pricing * Standard $25 for 24/hour wear (comes with handwritten note, signed and sealed with a kiss, and one digital picture not shown in ad) * Customize your order Scent! I can spray with my favorite perfume in addition to or instead of my natural scent, just let me know. * $5 for each extra digital picture * $5 for printed out extra picture for Cum Tribute (That's right daddy, it'll be like you're cumming all over me while you play with my panties) * $5 per extra 24/hour wear (with shower) * $7 per extra 24/hour wear (without shower) - 3 day max * $5 Premium Snapchat Subscription (1 week) - includes fast messaging, pictures, and pictures with filters, and one video * $20 No Wipe Pee * $10 wear during 1/hour of intense exercise * $5 cum panties, each orgasm is $3 * $15 for 15 second sexy video of masturbating in the panties * $20 during sex (pulled to side) - can request condom to be worn during sex * $20 for skid mark * $20 for period soak * Ask me about bralettes and socks- $15 for 24/hour wear+cost of bralette, $10 for 24/hour wear+cost of socks (patterned or basic) Private Dirty Messaging is encouraged for a sexier time while you play with my panties. Kik sessions are $1 per minute, but I give discounts of 15% off bundles (example: 15 minutes is $12.75) - cap of 30 minutes. I Love Making Daddy Happy, so please give me any requests or custom orders! I offer anonymous payments and shipping, double sealed for freshness PLEASE... * Respect me when I say no * Serious inquiries only * My kik is for paid customers only, I will only respond when in a paid session * I take payments upfront for all services * I personally love custom orders, just let me know what I can do for you

Hey fellow fetish lovers! I am a young fun loving girl, who loves a good time! I love to please people, and give them what they need ;) I am open to all different types of requests, please feel free to ask! I look forward to hearing about your yummy fantasies ;) xxoo - JJ

Lynn’s loveables offers variety of different lingerie pieces. Can do custom orders if requested.

Hi There!

My Name Is Jade And I'm A 20 Year Old girl who loves to read and play dressup!  I Am 5'3" With Blue Eyes And Dark Curly Hair, And Enjoy Swimming And Going On Runs To Keep A Trim Waistline. I Also Do This By Maintaining A Vegetarian, Plant Based Diet. I also LOVE watching animated shows; I’m currently making my way through the anime Fairy Tail.


I Seek To Provide Clients With A Classy And Intimate Experience With Plenty Of Personalization; Let's Tailor Everything To Fit Your Personal Needs And Desires. I Of Course Then Take Plenty Of Requests, And Encourage Clients To Reach Out To Me!


I Sell Panties, Bras, Socks, Photos, And Some Private Kik Chat Sessions. I Ask In Advance That Clients Respect My Boundaries And Time. "No" Means "No", And Please Only Message With Serious Inquiries.


If What I Have Listed Is Not Satisfactory, Again Just Reach Out And We Can Find Some Fun Things For You ;)



**For Every Five Purchases You Make With Me (Purchases NOT Items) You Will Receive A Free Pair Of Cotton 24 Hour Worn Panties


•24 Hours Underwear Is $25, With Each Additional 12 Hours Being $5

• $10 Add On For Cum, Skid Marks, And 1 Hour Of Workout

• $15 Add On For Pee Soak

• $20 Add On For Period Soak

• $15 For 24 Hour Bra Wear Plus Cost Of Bra. Each Additional 12 Hours Is $5

• 24 Hour Basic Socks Are $10 Each. Each Additional 12 Hours Is $3.50

• While Each Order Will Come With A Digital Photo Of Me In The Garment Emailed To You (A Different One Than What Is Listed If Not A Private Request), Additional Photos Are $2 Each.

• Private Dirty Messaging Is $1 Per Minute, And I Do Packages Of 15 Minutes. (I.e. $15 Minimum)



• Respect My Boundaries: "No" Is "No"

• Serious Inquries Only

• My Kik Is Only For Paying Customers, And I Will Only Respond When In A Paid Session Through There, Unless Requesting A Product

• I Take My Payment Up Front For All Services