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I am currently a student who lives on the beach. I am 5'11 with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

I'm an Arabian princess with a curvy hourglass figure. I'm young, sexy, fun, flirty, sweet- I know what I'm doing, and most importantly... delicious ;)

I'm comfortable in my skin and even more comfortable in my wet panties.

Everything you see in my album or in my shop can be customized! Send me a message and let's have fun! ;)


Hi! My name is Taylor. I am a 25 year old, 5ft tall, 90lb California girl living in the canyons of Utah. I have copper eyes and hair and love tattoos. I'm also a bit of a nerd, I love hiking, comic books, and reading. It is so hot to think of you getting off to my juicy scent ;) I love pleasuring myself in the panties I send. I take requests for pictures/ videos/ types of panties. Can't wait to talk with you soon!

This whole experience gets me so hot. I used to "accidentally" leave my panties at boyfriends' houses, but its so much hotter knowing someone I've never met will have them. I sit in class and just wiggle in my seat knowing you're getting the panties I'm wearing right now! It's intoxicating.

A little bit about me, my name is Caroline, I'm 5'5 and spend six days a week in the gym. I'm a full time student and always eager to learn new things-maybe you could teach me a few ;) I only send out fresh product, I package them immediately after wearing them. I will often take requests, and I love a challenge! I am known to be a very sweet and hard working girl but I crave this dirty little secret I want to share with you! 

I'd love to get to know you a little bit so that maybe I can tailor your little package to suit your needs. I range from a size extra small to small in women's sizes, and a medium to large in young girl's sizes.


By the end of night I'm usually soaked-either with sweat or.. other things. I'm abstinent and I have a lot of sexual frustration, I've soaked through panties,workout leggings and even jeans. I'd love to know what you need my wet panties for! I'm dying for you to take a little piece of me home with you ;)

I am Asian thick with big booty. My freetime is stripping and my regular job is IT department working from home. I am a nerd at day time but slut at night. Love making money and love to please guys. I am on of the top dancers at our club beacuse of my pretty and big booty that brought attention to all of my customers. Please send me request if u have any. Would love to hear what you like. Xoxox love u. I will send you my dirty pant to you as requested. They are all used but will wear right before ship it so it has fresh scene.

I am a yoga and pilates instructor. I enjoy being active and outdoors. I am here to satisfy you and what ever you could imagine. I also can do requests if there is anything you're interested in that I don't have up

Hi! My name is Nikki. Im 4'11" and very curvy;) I love running, hiking, and reading. I am a student studying engineering so I'm a little nerdy, too!

I am a 21 year old student on the west coast learning how to save lives. Coming in at 124 lbs and standing at 5'0. This is a fetish for me, hopefully just as much as it is for you. I will take any personal requests and do my best to accommodate what you need and desire.

Hi, I'm Kayla, 23yr old student. My (ridiculously sexy) girlfriend Jen & I planned to do this together, but Jen is really shy & decided it might turn her on more if I let her watch me handle the first sale or two on my own before joining in. Such a voyeur! :-P We are a sexually adventurous couple and the thought of us helping to get you off is a huuuge turn-on. We want to explore this world and at the same time,  share a little piece of our passion with you! Soon, you will be able to buy panties from Jen (36D, 110 lbs) as well ... She rides horses, so her panties after a ride will likely be a special treat! Although i would personally recommend panties from either (or both) of us after one of our hot sex sessions (often 2+ hrs long, always involving multiple orgasms for both of us). Until then, let me introduce you to us with a few of my panties... Every pair offers something different... something for every taste... But if you don't see what you're looking for here, please message me. I'd be happy to dirty a pair of panties up just for you, exactly the way you like them.  ;-) We welcome special requests . Xo, Kayla <3

Young sexy milf ready to full fill your dirty undie needs ;)

Hey, y'all. My name is Kate. I'm 23 years old, a nurse and a mother. I'm 5' 5" and 145lbs. I'm a brunette on top and down low. I trim or get a Brazilian wax from time to time. I have brown eyes and 38DD breasts. Requests are accepted. I'm willing to get nasty.

Hello lovelies. My name is Pearl, I'm 22, 5' tall, my measurements are 32', 26', 39'. I love working out - you can never do too many squats. My panties always get super wet when I'm working on my legs or running, the way they rub off my v feels so good. I want to share that with you. My specialty will be post-workout panties, and if you're feeling extra bad I can send pictures or videos to match them, so you can watch me work up all the juices. I'll consider requests or fetishes too, talk to me about how I can make you cum.

Sexy Used bras and underwear is what I sell

Nineteen year old girl, sweet but naughty. I have a tiny little waist and a thick juicy booty. I love lingerie, especially skimpy thongs and cheeky panties. I am sweet tasting and lovely smelling. I would love to get wet for you, to soak my panties and/or leave a sexy little messy stain. I consider myself quite the gym bunny, so I would love to work out in them for you as well. I will be selling 1-day worn panties, but can wear them for a longer extended period of time upon request. So, if you're wanting to request other specific conditions message me and that can be arranged. Prices will vary from panty to panty depending on the conditions. I have quite a collection of lingerie as it's become a bit of a hobby. Victoria's Secret and Bootaybag are the brands of some of my underwear, just to name a few. I can assure you all pieces are of quality material and I strongly believe you won't be disappointed upon receiving them ;) x  

Hello hello hello! 💙 I am a 20 year old MILF and college student. I am Asian with long black hair. I am 5 foot and 120 pounds. It is very humid and hot where I live so I’m always sweating and wet 💦 no matter what I do.


I love cooking, baking, art, singing, dancing, hanging out with my girl friends and of course sex.


Every panty starts at $5 or $10 and goes up depending on what you want me to do for you. So have a look and contact me, let’s see if I can please you.



Hot 20 year old college girl from California. Blonde, white, green eyes, 5'4", 120 lbs, 34DD. Will take any requests you have :)

Hello! My name is Tayla & I'm a 21 year old student in CT! My panties get wet & have that authentic odor you're looking for. I take requests for panties like a pair I have sex in or a pair I touch myself in/cum on. Whatever floats your boat ;)

I'm the girl next door, but with a kinky side...I am 29, have brown hair, blue eyes, and one of my best features is my butt. I'm a manager, bisexual, and love wearing/buying sexy, cute panties and I touch myself often. Other hobbies include reading, writing, and listening to music. Tank-tops & panties are my go-to pajamas and regular loungewear. Feel free to contact me with requests. Hope to hear from you!  

I'm a college girl who is pretty innocent but loves to try new things;)

I'm a 20 year old girl that tastes and smells sweet. I'm 5'6" and weigh 102 pounds with a bra size of 34A. Very naughty and submissive. Please tell me what you want me to do to my panties... I'll do anything for you!

I'm a young nursing student from Paris. Sometimes, it can be very lonely to live in such big a big city. I a bit shy in public but I in bed I'm really naughty. Most boys my age know nothing about how to please a woman and I find my rush in knowing that a man is getting turned on by my scent. Thinking about gets my nipples hard and I get all wet. I love knowing that I share such an intimate part of myself with a stranger, and I often think about this when I touch myself. I think it's so interesting how the chemistry between two people can be so powerful that only a smell can unleash an arousal, even though they have never met. Wearing panties for stranger it's really a pleasure of mine. Knowing that it will turn you will turn me on. I will be more than happy to wear them for as long as you want and to leave you my cream, my strawberries, my champagne or even my caviar. Just ask for it!

Hey guys, I'm Veronica, 23 years old, very positive (in most cases), friendly, sometimes hard to get LOL... Fun, sexy and smart! You'll find a nice and warm conversation; even though I seem moody sometimes, I can easy laugh and enjoy any kind of topic. Special request are more than welcome ;) You can write me in german, french, english, or even in russian (still learning it in university, so it may be not that good for now...) Waiting to hear from you ;)

I'm a young girl and I'm here to satisfy your needs I want to make your fantasy come true. Tell me how you want them and I will gladly make it happen. my pussy gets soaked when I get horny and I want you to taste how delicious I am

21 year old college student who is ready to make your desires come alive. Your wish is my command