How Sofia Gray Works
How it works for sellers:
Click “Sell Now”, to start setting up your shop, and select your membership package.
Pick what you want to sell! You can choose from used items, pictures, videos, messaging and so much more!
When your shop’s ready, connect with our buyers. Try to respond to orders and messages promptly, have fun, and be yourself.
Once the orders start rolling in you can withdraw your funds through one of our many convenient payout options. Remember we don’t take a commission on your sales, you receive 100% of your funds.
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How it works for buyers:
Browse sexy sellers on our shop page to find girls that do it for you!
Get to know them through their personal profile, free gallery, and items for sale.
Once you’re ready to take things a step further, send a message, buy those pretty panties, unlock private galleries, or even make custom requests.
As you continue to enjoy SG girls, your profile will gain more credibility - making you a magnet for girls eager to please.
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What are SG Coins?
SG Coins are the currency that power Sofia Gray
It’s what’s used for every transaction, message, and interaction between our lovely buyers and sellers.
Buyers purchase SG Coins to spend unlocking videos, pictures, making custom offer sand so much more!
Using our currency converter sellers can set all of their prices in SG coins and know the exact value in USD. They can then easily convert their SG Coins into USD and withdraw using one of our many payout options.
For Sellers    

  • What can I sell?

    On Sofia Gray you can sell everything from used items, such as; panties, sex toys and socks to exclusive pictures and videos. Sellers can see the full list of things they can sell from their personal dashboard.

  • Do you take a commission or percentage from my sales?

    No, we do not take any commission or percentage from your sales. You keep 100% of the funds made on your sold items and content.

  • How much do sellers make?

    The earning potential on Sofia Gray is unlimited! We have hobbyist sellers making a cool side income, to hardcore sellers who sell on Sofia Gray full-time!

    But we know you’re looking for numbers, right? So here’s a breakdown of monthly sales for the average active seller* on Sofia Gray:

    8 items a month sold

    10 private collections unlocked

    15 message unlocks

    5 videos unlocked

    *Correct as of July 2021. Active sellers are those with complete profiles reaching SG Superstar status.

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For Buyers    

  • Is it free to sign up as a buyer?

    Yes, it’s completely free to sign up as a buyer! Please note: we only allow one account per person.

  • Why should I join Sofia Gray?

    We’ve worked hard to make our platform the go-to for those interested in buying used items and amateur content.

    Our extensive filtering options help you easily find the girl (or girls) of your dreams. With just a couple of clicks, you can message, enjoy free galleries, unlock private galleries and videos, order custom content, and more.

    You can also choose to showcase your own profile in our buyers section, and have girls contact you first. We’re committed to you having a positive experience, so if you need any help or support, please do reach out to us.

  • How do I find what I’m looking for?

    Our shop has in-depth filtering to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Be it shops selling dirty panties, or raunchy videos, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to exactly what you want.

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Why sell with us?

  • Create your own private shop in minutes

    Set up your store in minutes! List used panties, lingerie, sex toys, and more.

  • Sell sexy content

    Sofia Gray isn’t just for sexy used items. Get paid everytime someone wants to unlock your private galleries, videos, or even message you!

  • Keep 100% of profits

    We do not take any commission, percentage or markup from your sales. Our only charge is a small membership fee to open your shop.

  • Message our buyers directly

    Why wait for the buyers to come to you, when you can go to them? Sellers can contact any of our lovely buyers directly to see if they’re interested in their shop or just want to have a chat.

  • Thousands of potential buyers

    We already have tens of thousands of buyers signed up with more joining each and everyday.

  • Fulfil custom orders

    You can accept custom requests from buyers! Be it pictures, videos or items - live out their fantasies and drive them wild.

  • Fast & easy payouts

    We have a number of convenient payout options, meaning once you make a withdrawal you’ll have the cash in your hands in no time.

  • Remain completely anonymous

    Some sellers like to be seen, some don’t. Show however little or much as you want to. You have the control.

  • Receive Tips

    Each shop comes with a ‘Tip’ feature - allowing happy buyers to tip you in just a few clicks.

  • Seller Reviews

    Our seller review system allows you to establish yourself as a reliable, satisfying seller - helping you to exponentially increase your shop purchases.

  • Make a great side income

    Join the thousands of sellers just like you making a side income selling their used panties with us.

Sell Now

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Why buy with us?

  • More than just used panties

    As sexy as used panties are, we don’t stop there! Browse lovingly used lingerie, sex toys, private galleries, and much more!

  • Unlock exclusive galleries and videos

    Gain permanent access to the hottest pics and clips from our lovely Sofia Gray sellers.

  • Make special requests and custom orders

    Have a specific fantasy? Want your items to be worn in a certain way? Request a custom order! Sellers can create custom videos, pictures and even customise items.

  • Chat with all seller's directly

    Direct message any seller on the site, ask a question, make an order, or just have a chat.

  • Filter by your preferences

    Using our in depth filtering options you'll easily be able to find just the type of seller, item or shop you’re looking for!

  • Remain completely anonymous

    Your information is never stored, archived or collected . Users will not see your personal information at any point .

  • Safe and secure transactions

    Sofia Gray will never appear on your bank statements . You will remain completely anonymous and secure in all transactions through our platform.

  • Review your favourite sellers

    After making a purchase, unlocking a gallery or even just having a conversation, you can leave a review on the seller's profile telling others about your experience.

  • Become featured

    Do you like the attention of the sexiest women from around the world? Good! You now have the option to be a featured buyer - where you’re placed at the top of all buyer listings, getting the most attention, love and deals!

  • Build a following

    It’s not only sellers who can build a following. Buyers can gain followers, reviews and so much more. Build your profile as one of the most trusted and loyal buyers on Sofia Gray.

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