What Women Love About a Man’s Hands.

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What Women Love About a Man’s Hands.

There is something about a man’s hands. I didn’t realize that I had a thing for a man’s hands. Honestly, I always had a preference for arms. You know, the big burly biceps that weren’t too big but had definition and bulk. And that lovely cut of triceps on the backside of the arm that becomes so accentuated when he’s on top. The kind of arms that look amazing in a fitted shirt.

Case in point, I’ve had a love affair with General Hospital’s Steve Burton’s arms for the majority of my life. The way his tight black t-shirts and black leather jacket hug the curves of the muscles of his arms are enough to make me swoon every time he comes on the screen. He’s a tough guy with a heart of gold. His lethal arms turn gentle when embracing his lover or his kids.

Then I got active on Twitter and fell hard for a cowboy’s hard-working hands on a bale of hay. And on the steering wheel of his tractor. And on a wrench. That’s when something shifted. Something shifted in a good way. His hands moved me. It was the raw masculinity of what those hands were doing. Sometimes cuts. I began following his hands and noticing others. Now I’m hooked.

Is it a Fetish?

There are fetishes for just about anything. Some examples of fetishes folks can have would be a foot fetishes, breasts, ass, legs, baby talk, and even stuffed animals. There’s loads of money to be made with fetishes. I wrote an article not that long ago about how to make money selling feet pics. We have an entire section here on Sofia Gray that discusses different fetishes. This is a good one to start.

A fetish can be defined as a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

While there are some that have a fetish when it comes to hands (women aren’t the only one with this), I found that it was more of what the hands indicate about the person that they are attached to.

I think that hands tell so very much about the person that they are a part of and for me, that will make the biggest difference in my level of attraction. For me, it’s what the hands can do. I am in love with the idea that a man’s hands can be strong and powerful one moment, tender the next. It’s the power of a man’s hand. The strength and the ability to switch it up. Those strong hands that fix things can also hold a newborn with gentleness and care. My husband holding our daughter with entire head in the palm of his hand is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

What Can Hands Do?

I did some research about what it is about hands that is so attractive. Overall, I found that it wasn’t that hands were pretty or well-manicured, although there is a camp for men with manicured hands. It was the things that we imagine the hands would do; how the hands would feel.

The hands of a man will do many things. They provide comfort. They provide strength. They provide pleasure. They provide protection. They provide tenderness. They provide a life.

On girlsaskguys.com, there was a fairly lengthy discussion about hands and what this fascination with man hands means. It broke down to the firmness of a handshake or maybe the length of the fingers of a man that plays the piano. The women in the thread talk about how they wonder about what the long fingers will do or how the calloused hands will feel against their soft skin.

A woman answered this question on Quora, “Hands are sexy because of all the extra things they do.” Most women don’t go around seeking an attractive pair of man hands, but in thread after thread on Quora there was an indication that hands are important to women on a subconscious level.

If a man has strong hands or hands that look like they work hard, then women can equate that with the ability to nurture and protect. If a man works with his hands, he will be able to provide for me and our unborn children. That’s the overarching thought at a primal level. Strong hands means I have found a man that can keep me safe.

Science and Hands

There is evidence to for the draw of a man’s hands and how it contributes to the attractiveness of their owner. There is science that can back up that a man’s hands can help contribute to the attractiveness of the mate. This translates to the nicer the hands the hotter they are. According to Daily Male UK, if the ring finger is longer than the index finger, at the subconscious level, the male is more attractive. The article goes on to say that when the ring finger is longer than the index finger, the person is more masculine; citing that it has to do with exposure to higher levels of testosterone while in the womb.

This idea of the long ring finger and increased testosterone was seen as true for both males and lesbians. The length of the ring finger can also lead to higher income according to independent.co.uk. It’s referred to as the Casanova pattern. The Casanova pattern is when comparing the index finger and the ring finger, the ring finger is longer.

Hand size and penis length?

This is such a practical question. It’s also a natural leap since we usually make the same assumption with shoe size. It’s easy to assume that the larger a man’s hand, longer his fingers are, that his member follows suit. I am happy to report that there is a correlation between the length of a penis and the size of its owner’s hand.

A scientific study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology found that there was a correlation between the digit ratio (ratio between the length of the index finger and the ring finger) and penis length. The smaller the ratio, the larger the penis. WebMD also went on to say that the ratio can be linked to sexual behavior and hormones.

Granted, this was a study done with one race of men with their penises not erect and while under anesthesia, but still. Men with the smaller ratio had bigger junk.

Hands and Sex

I found this idea of the two fingers and their length ratio to be fascinating, so I did more digging. In looking into this digit ratio more, I found study after study that explained that the smaller the ratio, the more partners they will tend to have.

Men with longer ring fingers also have a tendency to partner with women they feel are more fertile. Again, this is all at a subconscious level. Researchers also found that men with longer ring fingers were kinder and more attentive lovers. If they had longer index fingers, they had a tendency to be more argumentative with their partners and spouses.

When I look at a man’s hands, I imagine what they will do. The firm, but gentle grab on the nape of my neck. The way they will grab onto my waist during sex. The way their fingers will trail and trace every inch of my body. To me, hands are a big tell of how things are in the bedroom. Will they be rough or gentle? Will they know that I like my hair pulled that certain way or know to gently wipe away tears when I cry?

And I’m not the only woman to feel this way. In our article about the Top 10 Man Parts, hands came in second, along with the forearms they are attached to.


I was always taught that there are two things that people folks pay attention to when you first meet them: your teeth and your hands. Because of this it was always important to keep my teeth in pristine shape and my hands should always be clean, soft, and manicured. While I am not a huge fan of a man getting a manicure (lots of ladies feel this is too effeminate), I do appreciate when a man has clean fingernails that are trim and not scraggly.

I can see the appeal of a man getting a manicure. As someone that gets one every two weeks without fail, I like when my hands look good. It’s important to me and worth every penny. So, if a man is willing to spend the time, money, and effort into his hands, it could be easy to think he treats all aspects of his life with that level of care.

I think that this goes to how the person feels about themselves and to their cleanliness and attention to detail. The more they pay attention to the hands and feet (the parts that the world can see) usually, not always, speaks to how much care and attention is paid to the parts they can’t see. It speaks to pride in appearance and self-worth.

Also, hand care can be telling of a personality. If they bite their nails, they are maybe a nervous person. If they have rough and calloused hands, they are no strangers to hard work. If they have long fingers, there is a good chance they play the piano or an athlete. Fingers and hands are big tells to the type of life that a man leads.

Other Sexy man parts

Even though hands are my favorite part of a man, there are other parts of their anatomy that I thoroughly enjoy looking at, touching, and fantasizing about. Here are some other parts that round out my own ranking:

  • Forearms: So many parts of the male specimen are attractive. A man’s forearm is one that got brought up frequently when discussing the hand. There is also something about the veins in the forearms. When a man shows his forearm it’s almost like a trip to a time and place where a woman showing an ankle was scandalous. When a man in a long sleeve dress shirt rolls up his sleeves and loosens his tie, it tells me that he’s ready to work. And the kind of work doesn’t even matter, as long as it’s working on me.
  • Shoulders and back: Another that came up frequently when I went to Twitter was the shoulders and back. The way the muscles of the back and shoulders work when doing manual labor. These came in third and fourth on our Top 10 list and it’s easy to see why. A strong back coupled with strong shoulders indicate that a man can hunt and provide for his woman. He can chop wood and build a fire when it gets cold. He can throw us over his shoulder and carry us to bed.
  • Chest: Chest came in at number five, and no disrespect to the ladies that have already responded, but I would rank this one higher. A hard chest is another way that men display their strength physically. But it can offer more than that. A man’s chest is comfort to me. A place to rest my head after a good romp. It’s the place where my head fits perfectly during a hug, the sound of his heartbeat recharging my battery after a long day. My head on his chest as his arm wraps around me is one of my greatest sources of joy.
  • Neck and Jawline: Quite a few of my Twitter friends agree with me here. A strong jawline with a bit of stubble is panty dropping. I personally love a nice beard. Not long, one that is trim and emphasizes the jaw line. I love the feel of a scratchy beard against the most sensitive parts of my body. The scratch against bare skin is a wonderful sense of friction. And a strong neck is good for holding on to during, um, recreational activities.
  • Abs: Abs and the happy trail came up number one on multiple lists, and I get it, nice abs are well, nice. They are a sign of excellent physical fitness. However, something could be said for “dad bod” abs. While they show that they don’t put a ton of emphasis on their body’s appearance, it does show us something that I think is better. It shows that they are comfortable with who they are. They have other priorities ranked higher than spending hours in the gym sculpting the perfect body.
  • Eyes and Smile: Again, the smile goes back to the whole cleanliness thing I talked about earlier. Eyes and smile are something I write about a ton in my creative work. Eyes tell so much without saying a single word. You can see lust, love, desire, in fact the whole range of human emotions comes across in a look. And the same goes with a smile. Smiles show a range of positive emotions towards the other person.

Objectifying Men

Look, this article isn’t about objectifying men. I wanted to write about this to gain further understanding about what draws us to the opposite sex. I want to understand how sometimes those attractions lead to deeper connections and other times they don’t. It’s not objectifying, it’s naming what we find most attractive and why. I wanted to understand why I love hands so much.

Hands, or anything on my list, isn’t a make it or break it for me in a relationship, but they are almost a gatekeeper. If I see that you have nice eyes and a nice smile, it puts me at ease in a conversation. If I like how your hands look and/or feel when we shake hands for the first time, then I’m probably going to continue the conversation and be more open to learning more about you. At a primal level we equate what we find attractive with someone that is safe to be around and also could produce viable offspring. It’s just how we’re wired.

Women are smaller in size and biologically we are wired to want to be protected. Ladies, don’t worry, I’m a feminist and I believe in equality. I’m talking about needs at a primal level. Sometimes we need the guy to come and open the pickle jar or change the tires on our car.

A man that is bigger than me, in both stature and weight, and has parts that show that strength make me feel secure in knowing that they will protect and care for me. Not will, can. There is a huge difference. Men that can protect and provide are more attractive than those that can’t. For me, that will seal the deal. It’s the indicators, things like arms and hands, that let us know this.

Men have objectified women since the dawn of time, or so it seems. It’s way bigger than that. It goes back to biology and furthering the species. Men may just like big boobs and huge hips. But those two parts of a woman show that they may be fertile and provide good, healthy offspring. I’m not saying that’s the reason relationships work or they don’t. It’s about that underlying primal need to reproduce. This biological need to help our species survive is the driving force.

What’s Your Thought on Hands?

Personally, hands do something to me. More mental than physical. Cowboy (a guy that always includes his hands in his Twitter posts) doesn’t just share his hands in photos. He shares traits of what a good man should be. Cowboy says things like “Be the rock in her life gentlemen. When shit hits the fan and emotions get high for any and all things just stay steady for her. Let the waves of her fears and stresses of life crash against you and wash away. She’s capable without you so she clearly doesn’t need weakness.”

He wants to teach others how to be good men. He wants women to value themselves and see that he is a humble man in awe of the beauty he sees. He instructs men on the power of hands and what they represent to a woman. He gets it and I can tell that he practices what he preaches.

His hands were a gatekeeper that led to me, and so many others, to reading his words. Getting to know the type of man he is and then figuring out things about life that we want to know.

Every week I ask for man hands photos. And men respond in droves, acting as though it’s a silly request. They don’t understand what their hands mean to us. I’ve explained to some that it’s like #tittytuesday for us. Hand and forearm pics are almost like porn to many.

I try and guess things about their personalities and occupations based on their hands. I like to see if I can guess the type of work that they do based on what their hands look like. It’s a fun game to play.

My favorite recent guess was a set of firefighter hands. I had no idea that he was a firefighter, but I knew they were hands that knew work. They had strength. When he told me he was a firefighter, that created a whole other level of sensation that needs an entire other post to talk about.

Really thinking about my fascination with hands has put a lot into perspective. I equate strong hands with a man that is respectful, kind, compassionate, and all of those things make him that much sexier to me. So far, my assumptions are correct.

Final note: I went back and looked up pics of Steve Burton’s hands, which I had never paid attention to in the past. His arms in the black tees and ice blue eyes and captivating smile had my attention. I examined and I am happy to report that his ring finger is longer than his index finger. My initial suspicions about his masculinity are on point. Also, my other celebrity crushes The Rock and Henry Cavill also have a small finger ratio.  Let the fantasizing continue.