What is a Paypig and What are the Best Sites For Them?

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Have you always dreamed of being independently wealthy? Does the thought of working tirelessly to achieve financial freedom make you cringe? Well, we’ve got good news for you! If you’re a sexy, strong woman open to BDSM, you can create a relationship dynamic that works in your financial favor. And the best part is, there are no sexual favors involved. Unlike a sugar daddy that pays for not just your company but also your body, paypigs want little in return except a bank or PayPal account to send you money. 

While this may sound too good to be true, it’s not. In this article, we’ll explain not only what a paypig is but how to become one. We’ll also share a list of the top websites for rising paypigs to find men with fat wallets just begging to be dominated.

What is a Paypig?

According to Urban Dictionary, a paypig is a submissive (usually always male) who consents to financial servitude towards his mistress. This dynamic exists primarily within the world of BDSM. Paypig is a derogatory or humiliating term that a mistress, or Findom, uses to refer to her submissive. They are also referred to as money slaves. 

Not only do paypigs financially support their mistresses using money and material goods, but they actually pay extra to be dominated. In the eyes of the paypig, they have no other worth or purpose other than pleasing their Findom. A Findom will not only take money from her paypig but also delegate how much of his own money he has access to or can use. Paypigs may even relinquish all of their credit cards, bank information, titles, leases to certain properties, and vehicles.

What Does It Take to Be a Findom?

By now you’re probably wondering if finding a paypig and letting him shower you with money is that easy. The answer is complicated. While it is true that there are men out there who get sexual gratification from surrending their financial power over to you for little in return, finding a legitimate one is getting increasingly difficult. 

The basis of this BDSM relationship is that the submissive (paypig) gets sexual gratification from giving money and gifts to a dominant (findom). But the dynamic may also include other BDSM practices like erotic humiliation. The good news is, outside of this, there’s little to no physical contact, sexual interactions, or intimacy between the two people. In some cases, the relationship takes place completely online. Sometimes, a paypig will accompany his findom on a shopping spree or pay for certain goods and services.

Why Do Paypigs Pay?

It’s not hard to understand why a findom would want to practice this submissive-dominant relationship. She’s essentially getting “free” money. But you’re probably wondering why on earth a man would willingly give away his money and all his rights to his money and assets for nothing in return. There’s no one reason, but some self-proclaimed paypigs have shared insight into what makes this power structure so appealing. 

Some paypigs simply get off on being told what to do. They love nothing more than being controlled by their dominant and bossed around at every turn. The fact that this is done primarily over the Internet and not in person is even more of a turn-on for some money slaves. The idea of not knowing or seeing their findom in person creates an air of mystery and intrigue. 

Many paypigs are extremely wealthy and successful men. One reason is that their everyday lives are busy, hectic, and full of stress and responsibility. That’s why relinquishing control and responsibility to someone else is such an attractive and enticing prospect. Some paypigs claim that there’s nothing more vulnerable or personal than giving over control of their money and capital. 

While most paypig and findom relationships are one-on-one and develop into close relationships over time, cam modeling is also a way to find paypigs. Some cam models will demand that viewers pay them a flat fee for minimal reward.

Tips for Finding a Pigpay

By now, you’re probably asking “Where do I sign up?”. We’ll get to that in a minute by sharing some of the best websites for finding submissive men begging to empty their bank accounts. But first, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind when breaking into the findom lifestyle.

Watch Out for Scammers

Sadly, there’s quite a bit of risk involved with paypigging. To kick things off, the guy will likely ask for your PayPal or bank account information. This is sensitive data that, in the wrong hands, could compromise not just your hard earned money but your identity. Identity theft is a major concern of findoms looking for paypigs, but most report it’s a risk they’re willing to take for the reward.

One way to protect yourself is to open a bank account specifically for this purpose. Don’t deposit any of your own money into it, except maybe a few dollars to get it started. That way, if the paypig turns out to be a fraud, the only thing they’ll get access to is your empty savings account. You should also opt for PayPal or another protected payment source whenever possible. Many findoms request payment in the form of a check or money order. Others even use Amazon wishlists. 

Create Clear Boundaries 

There’s a fine line between a paypig and a sugar daddy and some guys will try to push the envelope. These two relationships are very different. Although both male figures spoil their partners with money, gifts, vacations, and more, a sugar daddy expects a lot more in return. This includes everything from you escorting them on dates, vacationing with them, and yes, having sex. Additionally, most sugar daddies aren’t in the business of being humiliated or told what to do. Because a sugar daddy and his sugar baby aren’t in a BDSM relationship, there’s less domination and control. Both participants are willing and on an even playing field. 

If you want to enter a paypig relationship, be sure to make that perfectly clear from the start. Let the person know that you have no interest or intention of engaging in sex acts or even meeting in person. You’re strictly interested in taking their money and controlling their finances. If you search hard enough, you may just find a guy looking for a findom to obey and spoil.

The Best Sites Findom Sites for Finding Paypigs

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, pucker your lips and start weeding through the fakes to find yourself a full-fledged paypig interested in making all your monetary dreams come true. 

Here are a few websites to get you started.


Loyalfans is like Onlyfans for financial tycoons, entrepreneurs, and other successful individuals. Here, wealthy individuals can communicate with and share money and material items with their loyal fans (hence the name). But it doesn’t end there. Loyalfans also enables live streaming, video chat, voice recordings, podcasts, video and photo sharing, and many more tools and resources that let findoms like you connect with potential paypigs. 

Findoms can find, connect, and communicate with a variety of content creators. The more engaging you are, the better chance you’ll have at landing yourself a money slave. Registering on Loyalfans.com is easy and free. Once signed up, you’ll gain access to a wide range of paypigs from beginners to more experienced submissives. There are benefits to working with both types of paypigs. Beginners are eager and excited about their newfound fetish and, therefore, more giving. Experienced paypigs are often more reliable but they’re also picky about who they give their money to.

Some tips for getting started on this site include creating an attractive and eye-catching profile and using specific tags that let paypigs know what type of services you offer. This makes it easier for paypigs to find you and for you to find the exact type of submissive to control, dominate, and humiliate. 


BDSMdatingonly caters to a variety of BDSM subcultures, including financial domination. Both findoms and paypigs will need to pay a membership fee, but they’re quite reasonable for gaining access to such a niche group of users. 

Similar to other sites, you’ll find a good mix of seasoned paypigs and beginners here, giving you plenty of options. Users report that the paypigs they’ve found on BDSMdatonly have been kind, courteous, and very generous. You can find and communicate with potential matches using the website’s live chat features. Live broadcasts let your paypig watch you spend their money, which is all part of the thrill for many self-proclaimed money slaves. 

BDSMdatingonly also boasts a user-friendly interface making it easy to use all of the site’s features and tools. You can search for paypigs using a variety of keywords, narrowing down your search and finding the perfect fit for your financial needs. 


With a name like Findom.com, it doesn’t get much easier to break into the findom/paypig business. One of the most well-established websites for meeting paypigs, Findom.com offers users a vibrant community where they can meet, chat, and form long-lasting bonds. Although the site is free, it does use a token system to facilitate conversations and interactions. Paypigs have to purchase tokens in order to send presents and tributes to the findoms that catch their eye. As a findom, you can trade your tokens for cash if you’re willing to pay the site a commission.

Paypigs on this site pay their findoms in several different ways including conventional payments, which are a one-time gift, or a tithe. Tithes are ongoing payments that automatically deposit 10% of the paypig’s paycheck into your account. As amazing as this sounds, it takes time and a little bit of luck to find a paypig willing to commit to this type of arrangement. 


Not to be confused with the previous website, Findoms.com (plural) is an entirely different platform. Findoms.com is free to use and registration is simple. The site does, however, charge a one-time fee for cam verification, which you’ll want to host live broadcasts that show your paypig exactly what you’re using their money for. Other tools on Findoms.com include blog posts, forums, chat rooms, and live cam shows. You can use the site’s blogs and cam shows to market yourself and get more eyes on your profile. 

Similar to other websites on this list, Findoms.com attracts a variety of users with different levels of experience in the BDSM world, so beginners and experienced paypigs and findoms are welcome. Findoms.com does offer a trial period, so you may notice quite a bit of turnover on this site. The paypigs that do stick around usually offer a steady, reliable source of income to their favorite findoms. 


Findomme isn’t a single website for findoms and paypigs but instead, a network of websites where users from both sides of the BDSM power structure can explore their fetishes safely and securely. All users must have their profiles fully verified, which offers peace of mind and saves you the time and aggravation of dealing with scammers. 

Findomme is a great place for financial dominants just starting out to search and connect with paypigs from all walks of life, financial brackets, and experience levels. The site also has a unique feature that allows paypigs to cover a findom’s travel expenses and accommodations, if they choose to meet in person. Findoms can also draft invoices for recurring payments, share your private phone number for intimate conversations, and customize website plug-ins. 

Findomme, by far, has the most tools and resources to grow your findom business and capitalize on a large pool of paypigs. Findomme’s virtual session tools give you the chance to create a personalized, live experience for you and your paypig in a secure way. You can also use this site to develop your findom persona, creating a captivating personality that attracts numerous paypigs and even more income. 

Another reason findoms on this site are especially successful is that paypigs know that it’s a trusted platform. They value and appreciate the safety and security offered by Findomme and, therefore, are much more generous and free with their spending. 

Ashley Madison

This website is slightly different from the previous ones on this list and a bit more controversial. That’s because Ashley Madison is a meeting place for married people looking to engage in extramarital affairs. With that being said, Ashley Madison attracts not just singles, but couples, and kinksters into role-playing scenarios, including the paypig/findom dynamic.

One reason people love this website is that it’s chock full of sexy females looking for rich men with deep pockets. Unlike the ladies who can browse and use the site for free, male users need to pay. This is one way that Ashley Madison ensures that the site only attracts serious paypigs ready to spend. Most paypigs on this site have disposable income that they’re itching to spend on a sexy findom like you. Many male users also have kinks and fetishes they want to indulge in and are more than willing to pay for what they want. Paypigs can spoil their findoms with everything from gifts and cash to material items and pretty much anything else their findom demands. 

Another attractive feature of Ashley Madison is its emphasis on privacy. Anonymity is especially important on this site since you’re dealing with married couples and extramarital indiscretions. Here, members can flirt, chat, and have fun without fear of getting caught. 


The name should tell you all that you need to know about this findom website that pairs wealthy men with beautiful women. RichMeetBeautiful is one of the most popular findom dating websites where young, sexy findoms can connect with older, wealthy paypigs. The site mostly boasts older, wealthier men who’ve acquired plenty of income and assets in their lifetime and are looking for fun and kinky ways to spend it. Find the right submissive and you can expect a pretty hefty windfall. 

Findoms can register and create a profile within minutes. Simply set your personal preferences and find paypigs that match your personality, tastes, and spending habits. Each BDSM relationship on this site is unique and customizable. For example, you can find a paypig willing to engage in a complete power exchange that involves giving you cash, presents, and more in exchange for live videos of you spending their money. 

Similar to Ashley Madison, RichMeBeautiful has a pretty rigorous privacy policy and background check in place to protect both findoms and paypigs. The site verifies each user profile by matching them to your social media accounts. This way you don’t have to worry about getting scammed and paypigs feel confident sending you their money. The site also helps match findoms and paypigs that share similar interests and criteria. 


The relationship dynamic on AdoptABrat is slightly different than some other findom and paypig relationships. It still involves a wealthy older man spoiling young, hot women but the relationship is more one of brat or child and guardian. AdoptABrat offers a unique twist on the traditional dom/sub relationship that’s appealing to plenty of kinksters. 

If you want to be a findom on this site, it may require a bit of role playing and acting on your part. Guardians (or paypigs) are looking for spoiled little brats to pamper. These relationships are usually long-term and involve the guardian paying the brat on a consistent basis. This money is used to support the brat’s lavish lifestyle. In exchange, the brat will update their guardian using videos, photos, and texts, letting them know exactly how the money is being spent.

Brats on the site are asked to create a profile, upload some photos, and shoot an introduction video for guardians to view and consider. Once a guardian sees something (or someone) they like, they can adopt or foster the brat and create an allowance. When creating your profile on the site, be sure to set your brat type as “financial dominatrix”. This guarantees you attract strictly paypigs versus sugar daddies. You can also use the website’s custom tags and filters to make sure the right users are seeing your profile. 


This website is for findoms looking for paypigs in the UK. Not only does this website boast a huge database of UK-based paypigs but it lets findoms keep 100% of their earnings. That means no costly commissions and more money for you. Here, findoms can sell a variety of things to their paypigs including videos, images, and other content. 

Paypigs love getting videos of you spending their money, pictures of you wearing clothes you bought with their money, or you demanding more money or access to their finances via text or over the phone. All of the messages you send to your paypig are free, which means more money in your pocket and less overhead. CasualStar also uses a variety of safe, reliable payment platforms including PayPal. Now, your paypig can safely, securely, and quickly send you money, gifts, and more!

Show Me the Money!

Making money online has never been easier. Paypigs are men begging to be controlled, dominated, and bled dry of their hard-earned money. If you’re a sexy female who has a taste for the finer things in life and a commanding personality, you may be the perfect findom for a paypig. 

It’s important to note, though, that there are far more prospective findoms flooding the internet than legitimate paypigs with indisposable income. However, with the right approach, tools, and know-how, you can find the perfect money slave that wants nothing more than to shower you with gifts and cash.

Are you unsure if being a findom or sugar baby is a better fit for you? Click here to learn more!