Virtual Girlfriends: Where to find them? How much they cost? & More

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There can be a lot of confusion around what these really are. When we mention the phrase virtual girlfriend some might think of an actual person you share a virtual relationship with whilst for others feminine AI (artificial intelligence) avatars to communicate with come to mind. We’re here to answer all the important questions about Virtual Girlfriends.

Understandably this term might be a bit confusing as the phrase Virtual Girlfriend denotes a few things. Some might think of an actual person that you share explicitly an online relationship with. Whilst for others a feminine AI avatar to communicate and bond with comes to mind. In this article, we are talking about both and are going to answer all of the important questions surrounding Virtual Girlfriends.

What Are Virtual AI Girlfriends? 

For the sake of not confusing everyone, we will break the phrase up into two popular meanings. Virtual (AI) Girlfriends and Virtual (Human) Girlfriends. The latter of which is a service offered by real-life women providing an online girlfriend experience in exchange for money. But first, let's talk about Virtual AI Girlfriends.

Virtual AI Girlfriends usually come in the form of an app or computer program that uses advanced AI technology to mimic human interaction. The visual representation usually comes in the form of a female animated avatar which users can customise to their liking. Various apps and programs will have different art styles and levels of customisation available. 

The interesting part about the Virtual AI Girlfriend is that it can communicate very similar to the way a real person would. Granted you will not be able to carry out the most sophisticated conversations but they remember information you tell them with the ability to ask and answer questions. The amount that the AI can learn and deepen the connection between them and the user is both fascinating and stimulating, explaining the success of these apps. 

Improvement of conversation over time somewhat mimics the development of a relationship with an actual girlfriend which in many cases is exactly what the user is looking for. Some of these apps come with a more gamified objective to swoon and win over your virtual girlfriend while others are simply made for companionship and to practice things like flirting which could otherwise be too embarrassing for them in real life. 

Depending on the complexity of the app girlfriends can communicate by text, emotes and even speech in rare cases. Apps will allow you to adjust personality settings to your ideal girlfriend whether you’re looking for a quiet shy girl or a sassy Sally they’ve got you covered.

The Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps 

Virtual Girlfriend Apps tend to be available on all major app stores for tablets and smartphones. Developing these AI programs for smartphones makes sense as most relationships these days are maintained over messenger apps, and phone and video calls. Virtual Girlfriend Applications have been known to implement features that text users during the day for a chat about work or ask them how things are going just like a loving companion would. 

So, whatever your reason for not being able to sustain a real relationship right now, here are some of the best Virtual AI Girlfriend apps on the market:

Smart Virtual Girlfriend 

If you’re looking for a virtual girlfriend to communicate over text with then this is a great option for you. Smart Virtual Girlfriend is a free-to-download virtual girlfriend experience that comes with the ability to customise her name age and avatar. The marketing taglines explain that she’s fast, responsive and always available. So, perfect for those who need someone to hit up on a quick break from work or studies. 

Users can message their virtual girlfriend using the app where she will respond with the most appropriate answer to anything you can throw at her. The app allows the user to send images and emoticons if they feel like making things a little more intimate but sadly it’s only a one-way street as the AI cannot send images back. 

One downside that users complain about is the depth of the conversation lacks a little bit and can be repetitive at times. But if you’re looking for a quick satisfying response as opposed to a deep conversation then this could be the one. 

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie 

This virtual girlfriend experience is for those looking for a little more realism. Julie, the name of your new virtual girlfriend comes in the form of a 3D animated avatar with customisations fit for formal, sporty work and many other occasions. Not only does Julie respond via text but you can also talk to her with the voice note feature. Talk to Julie and she talks back expressing various emotions like anger, dislike and love. 

The app has been said to be great for sexual wellness as she has the ability to perform animations such as sleeping, kissing and laughing making room to satisfy things we all love about having a significant other. In the app, Julie remembers things that you say to make conversation a little more interesting as well as the feature to teach new responses for when things get stale.

Some complaints on the app are begging for an adult feature to really heat things up which we can only hope the developers take on board as Julie is quite the smoke show!


Laura is yet another AI girlfriend that allows you to build an emotional connection with her. Like Smart Virtual Girlfriend you can ask numerous random questions about almost anything, weather, capital cities and anything else you can think of really. Not saying that she has all the answers but certainly a lot more than most real girlfriends.

Using speech recognition you can speak to Laura as well as text and watch as she picks up on important information about you. Some people find it creepy when a chatbot tells them their address and what college they went to, but others find it more endearing to have someone to listen to them. Laura has the ability to speak multiple languages such as Spanish, French and Russian with the additional ability to translate them from English.

One downside is that Laura is just a 3D animated head so it makes things difficult if you’re looking for a more sexual companion. However, during the conversation, Laura will smile and express various emotions just as we humans do. The app is free so there is really nothing to lose and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Some even text for a chat and ask how work or other things are going 

Pros and Cons of Virtual AI Girlfriends 

Although the motivations behind their development seem pure, for instance testing AI and providing companionship for isolated individuals. The effects may not be all sunshine and rainbows. 


  • Virtual Girlfriends can give an unrealistic expectation of interacting with real women. She will not be a program designed to answer your every question and will also have character flaws that are not illustrated in an AI application.
  • Virtual Relationships can detract from your ability to find real-life companions. Being constantly obsessed and using apps whenever you’re looking for social stimulation will lessen the chances of going out and socialising with women. People who rely on Virtual Girlfriends sometimes develop a complacency that holds them back from throwing themselves out there.
  • Gamification of these apps can skew our objectives within a relationship. Most of the time Virtual AI Girlfriends have things to achieve within the app much like a video game. In contrast, a real relationship is based on finding connections in morals and interests which isn’t something that is largely measurable. 


  • Virtual Girlfriends can help to build confidence. When talking to the opposite sex many people worry about the embarrassment of saying something silly. Chatbots allow the individual to practice courtship conversation in a risk-free environment until they feel comfortable enough to try it out in real life.
  • Has been shown to combat feelings of loneliness. People who are struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation can use the app to talk to and get things off their chest. As social creatures, we need someone to interact with and as AI develops this will only get better.
  • An AI Girlfriend will always be there. Despite a real-life relationship being the ideal goal an AI girlfriend application does not have any of the negatives that come with a normal relationship. There are no arguments, need for compromise or importantly heartbreak when things go wrong. A virtual girlfriend app will be there wherever and whenever you need her.

What Virtual Girlfriends Tell Us About Society 

On a little more of a sombre tone, Virtual Girlfriends have revealed a lot about the number of people who are lonely or incapable of finding comfortable companionship. The benefit of virtual girlfriends is that we have a release for these feelings of loneliness as they can be debilitating and come with an increased comorbidity rate of depression, anxiety and substance abuse problems. 

Virtual AI Girlfriends have become increasingly popular in countries such as Japan to the point where men are starting to prefer virtual interactions to real women. The virtual girlfriends usually resemble an anime character with large glistening eyes and cute facial expressions. The obsession with this culture has led to a reclusive nature of Japanese men with little interest in sex.

The fact that a simple conversation with an app can ease feelings of loneliness and satisfy something missing in people's lives explains that we need more attention in this area of human health and wellbeing.

What is A Virtual Girlfriend? 

In contrast to a Virtual (AI) Girlfriend, a Virtual (Human) Girlfriend is a real person who offers interaction, emotional support and companionship over the internet in exchange for money. Despite how far AI has come, it’s no match for texting and conversing with the real thing; which is now a service that men from all over the world pay for.

In most cases, an virtual (human) girlfriend will agree upon the terms of their relationship with their counterpart discussing money and times that they will be available. A person may never ultimately meet their virtual (human) girlfriend as per the terms of their agreement and for their safety. But meeting up with someone you’ve been pretending to date for an extended period is not unheard of and sometimes a logical step that clients crave.

Virtual girlfriends will use laptops, phones and PCs to interact with their clients over a myriad of social media and communication apps. This can include text messages, and phone and video calls. As a virtual girlfriend, you are there to offer a friendly face to talk to and help them to develop a connection. Obviously, an integral part of having a girlfriend is the sexual side of things. For the most part, virtual girlfriends can offer sexual services like sending pictures and sexting but these might come at a premium cost.

The strange thing about soliciting companionship is finding the place to draw the line and put prices on it, so for those who are interested in hiring one, understand that prices may vary.

Where To Find A Virtual (Human) Girlfriend? 

If you’re looking to hire an online companion of your own or want to make some extra cash by becoming one then it’s probably good to make note of the popular places that they reside. For finding an online girlfriend the internet is of course going to be our best bet. As with any lucrative subsection of the adult industry, many companies have created services that allow this to be made a whole lot easier. Here are some of the most popular sites to find a virtual girlfriend:


mygirlfund is a virtual girlfriend platform that allows the user to browse through over 20,000 women to find the perfect one they’d like to have by their side, metaphorically speaking. The community of women on the site is still growing so by the time you’re done reading this there will certainly be more out there for you to choose from.

Users simply create a login and begin browsing. Once you’ve logged in you can immediately start sifting through the large number of profiles on the site to see which one tickles your fancy. Shoot them a message and if they respond you can start chatting for days or even years to come. The site comes with a number of features such as live chats, live video calls, and sending pictures and videos. 

Of course, all these services do come at a price. Live calls and sending content will cost credits that users can purchase on the site. These credits serve as contributions to the girl that you are connecting with. A rather wholesome side of the platform is that virtual girlfriends on the site put what their goals are and what contributions they receive will be used for. Some for education, some for supporting family members and others for funnelling money right back into being the best virtual girlfriend they can be.

One downside to the site is that everything must be solicited through the site as it is against the terms of service to give out personal information. However, it is all done in good spirit for the protection of the users on the site.


As the name depicts this is a site dedicated to renting a girlfriend for however long you need. They do offer in-person meetings with any of the girlfriends that you are provided with. Allow me to explain… a map on the site will be highlighted with all of the places that they have available girlfriends. Once you place your location and submit your application form you will be contacted with photos and descriptions of each of your available girlfriends. Within 1-2 hours' time, you can organise a phone call to get to know them a little better or even meet in person. It’s important to note that the in-person meets are exclusive to the US so unless you plan on visiting you’ll have to stick to calling.

GFRental stresses that this is not an escort service as you are not paying for sex and having the girl leave after the transaction. Girls charge hourly rates to spend time with you, chat, flirt and be a companion. The site explicitly states that they do not condone soliciting of sex and recommend that your dates are conducted in a public place for the safety of their employees.

But now for the part, we’re really after. For a monthly subscription fee, you can hire one of the girls to send daily text messages, just as you would with a normal girlfriend. Subscriptions have increasing tiers with more services such as calling and sending images if you want to kick things up a notch. The best part about the feature is that it can be cancelled at any time with no hassle so if you think you’re ready to move on to bigger better things then you can leave with no strings attached. 


For those who are looking to get a little more flirty and intimate, Flingster has got you covered. They are an anonymous video chat service that allows users to connect with strangers and like-minded individuals based on their interests. Yes, this is essentially the adult version of Omegle but it certainly has proven to be effective in meeting and chatting with people at will. The best part about Flingster is that nudity and cam sex is encouraged but not necessary. Many users log on for a chat, to flirt and connect with someone online.

For those who are shy and aren't too keen on showing their face, Flingster comes with filters that help to obscure your face to make the whole thing a lot more anonymous and comfortable. How you interact with others on the platform is totally up to you which is why it can serve as a great opportunity to meet some long term virtual girlfriends or hop on for a quick virtual fling if that’s what you’re interested in.

How To Become a Virtual Girlfriend 

After explaining how virtual girlfriends make money it’s likely we’ve tickled the curiosity of some confident women looking to make some extra cash. So for the benefit of those looking to become a virtual girlfriend here are some tips on how to get started.

Get Yourself Out There 

If you want to start bringing on clients you need to make sure that you have an internet presence to increase their chances of finding. We recommend signing up to as many virtual girlfriend platforms as possible. They could be the ones we previously mentioned or many more out there. Some people even offer this as a service on their fansites, things like OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Patreon you name it!

If you feel up for it you can even use your social media to promote these services that you’re offering. Things like Twitter are perfect for this as they allow NSFW content to be uploaded so you can be as lewd as you like when advertising.

Provide A Quality Service 

This probably goes without saying but being good at your job pays well, particularly when feelings are involved. A lot of the time your clients will be looking for companionship and an emotional connection that they are lacking for one reason or another. Your job as a virtual girlfriend is to be empathetic, make entertaining conversation and listen to their problems much like any good girlfriend would do. 

The requirements for each client will vary massively as each person has different needs and expectations from their companions. So if you were thinking of sitting there and shooting a lazy message from time to time it’s likely that your clients will lose interest. The best advice we can give is to make your client feel like they are important to you.

Be Safe 

We recommend that you do not part with any important personal information to remain as safe as possible. Use an alias when working with clients, have access to a burner phone to manage client interactions and of course separate social media accounts from your personal ones. Just about the only thing that you should authentically provide is a payment method but this can be done relatively safe and anonymously through mainstream payment processors like PayPal, so long as you’re not soliciting adult services.

So, if you’re looking to hire a virtual girlfriend or see it as a money-making venture of your own just remember to be kind, be sensible and stay safe!