Top 5 Anime Panty Shots

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Panty shots in cartoons may seem surprising, but in the Ecchi sub genre of anime (a style of anime featuring sexually provocative themes and scenes) they aren’t totally out of place. In fact, they can be used to set the tone for an anime show; whether something humorous, or something a little more shocking. 

It’s important to note that panty shots aren’t really an anime genre; but more of a trope. They are a form of ‘fan service’ meaning they’re designed to be a little bit titillating - something to reward fans and draw them in. 

This type of fan service is mostly non-explicit in nature, so we aren’t going to see much (c’mon, this isn’t Hentai). But there’s something about the tease, the withholding of sexually explicit sights and the cute covering of body parts that makes the whole panty shot image and idea so exciting.

So, in celebration of this tantalizing TV trope, we’ve put together a list of our top five favorite panty shots in anime to entertain and excite - but above all to prove that cartoons really aren’t just for kids! 

1 High School DxD

First on our list is a little scene from High School DxD season one. The panty shot in question features character Asia Argento - and is a perfect example of the tantalising embarrassment and indulgent feeling of shame and excitement that is often displayed within anime whenever the subject matter has a slightly ‘adult’ theme. 

The main protagonist Issei meets Asia in episode 2 of the very first season. Upon going to school in the morning, Issei is greeted with a pretty stimulating sight. He first sees Asia after she has tripped and fallen face-down on the ground, with her white panties on display. He doesn’t try to help her up immediately - but decides to drink in the sight of her instead.

This really sets the tone for the series, so if you want an anime that’s rich with panty shots then High School DxD is definitely one to watch. There are a number of scenes that could have made this list, but ultimately we decided to opt for Asia's cheeky debut.

2 Heaven’s Lost Property

The second panty shot on our list is from Heaven’s Lost Property, and features Sohara Mitsuki, a sweet if a little cocky and somewhat clumsy heroine. Sohara’s cockiness serves to enhance the impact of the embarrassing situations she finds herself in - as her clumsy nature ends up forcing her into somewhat compromising situations with best friend Tomoki. 

The panty shot we are referencing here occurs in episode 13. At the end of class - Sohara approaches Tomoki to give him a packed lunch she lovingly prepared for him (this shows her sweet nature and reminds us that they are cute childhood friends here).

But then, Sohara’s clumsiness comes into play and she trips and falls to the ground face first. We - and Tomoki - are treated to the sight of Sohara’s round butt, and white panties featuring a kawaii (cute) bear on them. This is not the first or last panty shot in Heaven’s Lost Property - but the cute bear and the Tomoki's shamed reaction made it hard for us to pass this one up - so we felt it deserved a place on the list. 

3 Noragami

While plenty of the panty shots in Anime can fall somewhere within the realm of the ‘comedic underwear exposure’ trope (c’mon - most of the time they’re a little bit funny, as well as sexy), a Noragami does not always fit this category. And we love it!

Our number 3 entry on this list isn’t a single panty shot, per se, but rather we are paying homage to Hiyori’s badass kicks - which give a flash of her underwear. The shots are often quick and teasing but without being overly egregious; just enough action for us to see what’s there. Plus, we often see these quick little glimpses while she’s kicking some serious butt!  

4 Future Diary

Our next panty shot comes from Future Diary; a mystery drama and thriller with supernatural elements. It focuses on Yukiteru, a loner whos only friend is imaginary (yep) and who spends his time journaling his thoughts and experiences on his cell. 

He’s exactly the sort of character who would become flustered when faced with a pair of panties - and this is exactly what happens in episode 8. 

While at school, Yukitero is mistakenly knocked to the ground by bubbly and vivacious fellow classmate Hinata, when she tries to stick up for Yukitero by smacking a bully with her notebook (she’s that kind of chick). When Hinata offers a hand to help him up, Yukitero stumbles and instead of grabbing her hand, pulls down Hinata’s shorts.

He reveals her cute striped panties (bow detail and all), causing her some extreme embarrassment - as the whole class is watching! This panty shot deserves a place on our list because it’s one of the better examples of a front-facing panty shot; and the design of her underwear is just too cute to ignore.

5 Rosario to Vampire

We’re wrapping up this list with an anime that takes fan service seriously! If you want a fun anime that falls securely within the classic ecchi subgenre, and contains action, romance and panty shots galore - then Rosario to Vampire might be right up your street.

Since this series puts a lot of emphasis on giving fans exciting scenes and cheeky, provocative content, it does not really follow the source material of the original manga. But - that doesn’t matter; the anime is still funny, sexy and full of action.

There really are too many panty shots to choose from - but one that sticks out is Moka’s first transformation. Here we see Moka change from sweet schoolgirl to sexy (and totally badass) vampire. We are treated to a low camera angle shot, moving slowly around Moka, up her long legs and to the sweet spot where the hem of her (suddenly too-short) skirt meets the crease of her butt cheeks.  A flash of nudity makes for a nice effect, and the following high kicks showing flashes of white-underwear clad crotch and butt really sets the tone for the rest of this series.

So there we have it! Five tantalising anime panty shots to whet your appetite. 

While this wraps up our listicle - this is by no means the ultimate list of anime panty shots out there. They are a common trope within anime; so you’ll often be lucky enough to glimpse them here and there throughout different anime series and feature films - whether part of the ecchi sub genre or not!

What’s your favorite anime panty shot? Let us know (in the comments section/ on facebook at @insertnameandlink/ social media handles etc)