The Best Websites & Apps for Sexting

The used panty marketplace

If you don’t know what sexting is by now, you either live under a rock or you’re a terrible liar. Don’t worry, your secrets are safe here. Sexting is exactly what it sounds like...sexual texting. This form of cybersex can be anything from sexually explicit text messages to nude photos or videos.

It can be relatively harmless, but it can also be troublesome. Sexting can be something you do for fun with potential romantic partners, something you do a few years into a long-term relationship to keep things exciting, or it can be a way of expressing your sexual addiction (which is like any other addiction). For some, sexting is often the primary behavior involved in sex addiction. 

However, sexting can also be something you do for fun or part of a sexy side hustle - something you do on the side to make a little extra cash.

If you’re looking into sexting as a side hustle, there are some things you should know…

Wait...I can earn sexting?! Yes, yes you can. There are quite a few sexting services (some are listed below) where you sign up and are assigned clients to sext with for a fee. 

Who would pay to sext me? 
Well, lots of people. From busy working professionals who don’t have time for dating to shy and introverted people who want more sexual experience to people who are interested in exploring sex, sexual orientation, and kinks online for fear of being judged for it IRL - there are really so many types of people you will come across in your sexting games. 

How much money can I make sexting? 
That’s a pretty loaded question, and it all comes down to two things: how much time you put into it and what the earning potential on the platform you’re using is. For example, Phrendly, a sexting service targeting the US and Canada, offers a fixed rate, and then clients can also tip you and there are some extra incentives. ChatRecruit, on the other hand, is a service where you can set your rate per minute, and clients will either match with you and pay that or find someone else. Here, you can earn as much as $2/minute. Let’s say your average sexting session lasts 45 minutes, that’s $90 from one client. 

To learn more about sexting for money, click here

How are sexting websites and apps different than dating apps?
While you may expect to find websites like Tinder and Bumble on this list - you will not. Why? Because those are dating apps. While you can sext anyone on pretty much any communication app, dating apps are apps that are set up to help you find a romantic partner. Sexting apps and websites are set up to help you find casual, often one-time sexting partners. 

To get paid for sexting, you have to be uninhibited when it comes to sex. Obviously.
This may seem like a pretty simple thing when we’re talking about sexting, and of course, you can have boundaries (and you should make those clear when you’re talking to clients) - but for the most part, you have to be open to talking all things sex and sexuality in order to make this side hustle worthwhile.

You may come across people who are keeping this a secret from their IRL partner.
Unfortunately, this is just the way the internet works - with so much anonymity, it’s really easy to create a fake account somewhere and sext someone online with very little consequence to your personal life. People take advantage of that. While you can certainly ask everyone you chat with if they are single, they may lie - so there is really no way to be sure. 

You may also come across people who need reassurance - and this is the really fun part of the job.
Building up someone’s confidence when it comes to sex can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Just how a masseuse will feel fulfilled knowing they provided a relaxing service for their client, you can feel fulfilled knowing you helped someone experience a sexual release and potentially a huge confidence boost by the time your sexting is done. 

Most sexting platforms will take a cut of your cash. 
Similar to how OnlyFans takes a commission from every membership you gain, sexting apps and websites are likely to take a small percentage of what you earn. This is basically a fee for using their app to find people to sext with for cash. Every platform will have different fees, and I’ll try to outline those as best as possible below. 

Yes, it can get uncomfortable - but there are always easy ways out. 
While most people I’ve talked to who sext for a sexy side hustle say they come across mostly respectful people looking to have some fun, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch that aim to ruin it for the rest. These are people who push your limits, make you feel uncomfortable with questions, and/or bring up topics that are off-limits. When this happens, most services you will use have an easy way out, like texting the word “OVER” in all caps. This will immediately end the sexting session and most platforms have a way to report offensive/harassing behaviors.

It can be quite time-consuming. 
While you may think this is a quick and easy way to make cash - there may be nothing quick about it. Some people want to sext for 1-2 hours, and going into descriptive detail about explicit sexual acts (especially if you’re just typing on your phone) can be a bit more time-consuming than most people think.  

Yes, you can stay anonymous. 
Many of these apps and websites need your information for payment purposes, but creating a screen name and taking photos that don’t give away too much of your identity is easier than ever with these apps and platforms understanding the need for anonymity when it comes to sexy side hustles. 

No, you don’t have to send nudes. 
While you may think sexting and nudes go hand in hand, if sending nude photos isn’t something you want to do, you don’t have to do it. Will you miss out on some clients? Potentially. However, there are lots of clients who are happy with simply texting or talking on the phone with you instead of trading nudes or camming. 

It’s very much a “you get what you put into it” kind of hustle. 
As with most online side hustles, what you get out of this (financially or otherwise) is very much dependent on how much effort, time, and care you put into it. If you’re someone who is relatively available for most clients on various different platforms, you’re going to make good money. If you are a person with limited time and you’ve only signed up for one platform, you’re going to make less. 

What are the best apps and websites for sexting?

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash and sext for a profit or you’re just wanting to unwind and have some fun, there are a plethora of different sexting apps you can use to find the right matches. I’m going to break down each one with as much information as possible so you can choose easily which service is best for you. 

A quick breakdown - the best of the best: 

  • ChatRecuit: the best paid sexting site
  • Arousr: the most kink-friendly sexting service
  • Kik: the more secure sexting app 
  • LewdChat: the best multiple-person sexting service (chatroom style)
  • Between: the best couples sexting app
  • AdultFriendFinder: the most likely to turn into an IRL hookup platform

Options: paid sexting services 

ChatRecruit is known for being predominantly for women who are looking to flirt (and earn some extra cash in the process) with men in the US. You can also do phone calls or even video chats, for extra cash. You can earn as much as $2 per minute on this chat site. 

Options: free and paid sexting services (US & Canada)

Phrendly is the site on this list you’ll want to use if you’re interested in making decent money while sexting but aren’t necessarily a professional sexter. While Arousr caters to dominatrixes looking for clients, Phrendly is more of your “everyday girl just trying to earn some extra cash” sexting service. You keep 70% of all phone and video chat earnings and 90% of all gifts you’re given (yes - people on the app can give you gifts, most of the time in the form of tips). 

Options: both paid and free sexting services 

Arousr is a sexting platform that offers both paid and free sexting services. Arousr uses a credit-based system for users who choose to pay. They buy credits from Arousr and spend them on the people they wish to engage in paid sexting with. The more credits you have, the more opportunities you have for sexting. 

What makes Arousr stand out...they use chat hosts. People on this site who get paid to sext are often pros. They can be sex workers, dominatrixes, professional sexters - whatever their game is, they’re the best at it. This means you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great time, but it’s also somewhere people should go if they know exactly what they are looking for.

Signing up...once you verify your email, you get 100 free credits to use on the platform as a kind of incentive to get you going. Requesting pictures and videos require more credits than simple sexting. 

Text121 Chat 
Options: paid sexting services

This is another platform similar to ChatRecruit (also available mainly in the US/Canada). According to some sources, you can make around $200 per 1000 text messages (which sounds like a lot, but when texting, it tallies up quickly) sexting with this service. 

Options: free sexting services

SextFriend is basically a community of people who want to sext. It’s 100% free - which also means you can’t make money sexting on this site. This is a great site to use if you’re just interested in having good (and by good, I mean naughty) conversations for fun. They do, however, offer a premium membership, where you get access to more features. 

Signing up...once you create a profile, you browse photos of people who are open to sexting. You can adjust your settings to search for people who have similar sexual interests. Once you find a person you’re interested in, you send them a message and see if they are interested in sexting with you.

Options: paid sexting services and live phone calls 

LipSercice is a site where people earn money chatting with other people, sharing steamy texting and photos. While you need to be a resident of Canada or America to apply to join the LipService program, you can be matched with anyone from around the world to sext with - which keeps things very exciting. 

Options: free sexting services (very kink-friendly)

AdultFriendFinder is probably one of the more popular sites on this list for one main reason: they are extremely kink-friendly. They credit themselves as the “world’s largest swinger community” - and while it’s commonly used for hookups and finding threesome (foursome or moresome) fun, they also offer free sexting services. 

You can sort through various filters that get pretty specific, down to relationship status, kinks, fetishes, and/or their location. This can be great because if you’re looking to eventually hookup IRL, you can search in your area. If you’re looking to stay anonymous and just have fun, you can set your filters to match you with people not close to your geographical location. 

One thing to note: because this is a community of people, most of whom are looking for something that will eventually lead to an IRL hookup, it may not be the best app for casual online-only fun. 

Signing easy and free - just put in your name, what you’re looking for, your date of birth, and some general location information and get to matching! 
Options: free, completely anonymous sexting 

Antichat (commonly referred to as AntiLand) is really al and of its own, kind of like Tumblr or Reddit. This platform has kind of grown to be this unstoppable thing. This is a unique platform where you can enjoy hours of sexting with someone without ever even seeing their face. How? The platform does not allow the upload of a profile photo and all conversations are highly moderated when it comes to exchanging personal information. 

This is kind of a free-for-all when it comes to sexting - all people on the platform will have verified their age before they log on, but other than that, you could really be sexting with anyone and you’d never really know anything more about them other than how they sext. 

Options: paid sexting services 

If you want to get paid to flirt, FlirtBucks is there (with the spot-on name). This site has their own personal chat console where you can chat directly with customers - privately and securely. This site hires mostly female chat hostesses and most are from the United States or Canada. They pay through Paypal, which many people like. 

Options: entirely free (coordinated) sexting between partners 

Between is a unique platform that caters mostly to long-distance couples who want to keep the spark alive. You can connect with strangers on Between to chat and sext, but you can also sign up with a partner and use the service as your own personal way to share nudes and sext (there are even video and voice calling options). Between also allows you to share your schedule with your sexting partner, which makes it really easy to coordinate when is the best time to get sexting together! 

Options: paid sexting services catered to women (male sexters) 

This platform just had to be included because it’s one of (if not the only) platform that is specifically for male hosts to chat with female clients - most of the time it’s the other way around. Some people have reported earning up to $500/week from this platform. 

Options: free sexting platform 

Lewdchat is all about completely anonymous sexting with people online. The main sexting chat room is open 24/7 and they are in the process of adding more specific types of chatrooms. You don’t need to actually register for this website at all - you just click the “chat now” button, verify your age and get to sexting. 

Kik, WhatsApp, and Snapchat 
Options: private messaging apps that are best used for sexting securely

I’ve lumped these three together because, while they are quite different, people use them for the same purpose: safely sharing explicit messages with others. 

Kik is one of the safest and most secure ways to sext online. Kik doesn’t store conversations on its database, which means you and your sexting partner are the only ones who ever have access to what you’re chatting about. 

WhatsApp has been regarded as being a secure way to send photos, videos, and text messages (although they have had some breaches in the past, this has mostly been in large-scale company settings, not private day-to-day users). 

Snapchat is the ever-popular choice due to its disappearing messaging system. Using any one of these three (entirely free) apps to sext with someone can ensure a bit more safety and security. 

Last-minute sexting tips and tricks...

Now that you know where to sext, let’s talk about how to sext. While sexting may seem easy, you’d be surprised how much can go wrong during a steamy sexting session. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the conversation flowing naturally into something explicit and exciting.

Start slow - don’t be “too much” in the beginning, it’s a huge turn-off. 
Obviously, if you’re logging onto a site like Arousr or Phrendly, you’re looking for some steamy sexting action. We all know this. However, that doesn’t mean all flirtations and polite conversation go out the window. Have some nice conversation (but not too much) before diving into the super explicit stuff. 

According to this Cosmo article, a simple “what are you doing?” is a great way to start. Most likely, they will respond with something a bit flirtatious and you can go from there. 

Just be respectful. 
Straddling the line between “I hope you’re having a good day” and “I want to sit on your face” is an art. Sliding into a sexting conversation should feel natural and not at all uncomfortable for either person. If there is some awkwardness, either talk about it or stop entirely and find someone new to sext with (if you’re able). Sexting should be fun! 

Make sure you’re paired with the right person - do a kink check early on or use filter options to make sure you’re paired properly. 
In order to have a good sexting session, both you and the person you’re partnered with are going to want to both get something out of it. You’re both in need of sexual release, but what if your sexual interests do not match at all? Find this out early on - politely ask what kinds of things they are looking to talk about during your sexting session or use the website’s filters to be paired with people who are interested in the same kinks as you are. 

If you know each other, going into the whole “I wish you were here…” thing is a great idea. 
If you’re a couple (or people who sext regularly), you can always go with the “what we would be doing right now…” route. This will definitely lead to some naughty fantasies about what you both wish you were doing to each other in person. A great, non-threatening, natural way to start sexting. 

Bring up your latest fantasies! Sexting can be a fantastic way to test out new kinks or bring up the idea of incorporating toys with a partner. 
While most of the platforms listed above are for strangers who want to sext, you may be here reading this looking for sexting tips in a long-term relationship, and let me tell you: sexting is a fantastic way to casually bring up things you’d like to try IRL with your partner. It’s much easier (and less confrontational) for you to bring it up via text (and easier for them to react to it) and you can test it out in roleplay before actually doing any of it. 

Use emojis! 
I’m not talking eggplants and peaches here, I’m talking about subtleties that can be expressed through emojis: winking, smirking, kissy-faces, and pleading eye emojis are all things that can up your emoji game. The flames, squirting, and drooling emojis are sure to follow! 

Sext safely. 
When it comes to exchanging your personal fantasies with someone online (whether you know them IRL or not) - you’re valid for feeling a bit cautious about it. However, using the right apps and finding the right sexting partner can ensure you both have a fantastic time!