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Breathplay, otherwise known as erotic asphyxiation, is a form of sexual arousal or release that involves intentionally limiting or cutting off air supply for you…
By Jaimee Bell
September 25, 2019
Over the past decade, camming has grown into a prominent sector of the sex industry. Major sites like Cams, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and LiveJasmin feature thousands…
By Sofia Gray
September 24, 2019
Panty shots in cartoons may seem surprising, but in the Ecchi sub genre of anime (a style of anime featuring sexually provocative themes and scenes)…
By Sofia Gray
September 20, 2019
Having a fetish has long been viewed as a negative thing, with fetishists frequently being accused of perversion and deviance (as if those things are…
By Kate Sloan
September 18, 2019
BDSM is defined as expressing your fantasies and desires of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, masochism, and sadism.  But ultimately, BDSM is about completely and totally…
By Jaimee Bell
September 16, 2019
When it comes to solo play, things can get kind of routine. It can be tempting to stick with those tried and true methods of…
By Jaimee Bell
September 13, 2019
Live cam sex with a total stranger literally changed my life. Not just my sex life, but my actual life. I’ll get into more details…
By Jaimee Bell
September 13, 2019
Do you feel like Pornhub is the third wheel in your relationship? Is porn a bit of a sore topic for you, or have you…
By Jaimee Bell
September 11, 2019
The idea of women selling their used underwear, online or otherwise, is so widely familiar that it’s no longer shocking. Because of society’s sexualization of…
By Sofia Gray
September 5, 2019


The largest used
underwear marketplace

When we think of the term ‘fetish’ we probably think about leather and latex, stilettos and whips – maybe even ...

There are few things more terrifying in a relationship than the prospect of your partner cheating. The sneaking around. The infidelity. Yikes. We all pray…
By Sofia Gray
August 13, 2019