Modelhub Review

The used panty marketplace

Are you looking for a safe and secure place to sell your adult content online? Then we’ve got the place for you! If you’re an amateur model or independent creator looking to reach larger audiences then keep on reading.

Today we are going to be reviewing ModelHub and seeing whether it’s worth your while uploading content to. With there being no shortage of adult marketplaces on the internet these days, it can be difficult to decide where to go. So let’s take a look at the platform, what they offer and how you can use it to make some money.

What Is ModelHub?

ModelHub is an extension of the world-renowned PornHub, as you might have guessed from the “Hub”. PornHub is without a doubt the world's largest porn site racking up almost 2 billion monthly visitors. Just to put that into perspective it’s the equivalent of almost a quarter of the world's population visiting this website every month. 

ModelHub was launched back in 2018 as a way of staying on top of the free porn market. PornHub got to where they were by being the largest free porn website and weren’t about to lose out to other companies. ModelHub simply acts as a one-stop-shop where users can check out free content from their favourite models, but also opt to purchase premium content, tip or subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee. The best thing about it is it can all be done without leaving the confines of PornHub.

Models can use this to their advantage by uploading videos for the vast amount of users that PornHub gets with the chance to acquire some paying fans along the way. All the while fans and PornHub still get their free content and everyone’s a winner. 

This unique business model has found a way to benefit all parties involved. Thus many other sites like the popular cam site LiveJasmin, have implemented these schemes by producing extension sites like BimBim.

Why Should You Sell On ModelHub?

As we mentioned before, the major advantage for models is being able to tap into the obscene amounts of traffic of one of the biggest and most trusted adult sites. A lot of the time models have to learn the struggles of marketing if they want to get anywhere with their content. However, uploading your content to PornHub grants you a significant chance to go viral based on the steady stream of viral traffic to the site.

Of course, there is also the factor of increased competition. You can bet that with all this viral traffic that you’re not the only one uploading videos. In fact, PornHub has over 7 million videos uploaded to the platform every year so it can be a challenge to stand out. Models acknowledge the fact that there are so many pages to compete with that they may not get the attention they desire.

So how does ModelHub incentivise models to sign up to the site? Well for starters, they have responsive, round-the-clock customer support that can help models who are having any difficulties. They can also offer some advice on promoting content as well as access to an extensive blog full of useful information about being a model on the site.

Furthermore, ModelHub offers numerous ways to make money like custom requests and subscriptions, but we’ll come onto this later. For now, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to solely rely on views. 

Like we said without marketing it’s all a game of chance so ModelHub provides a great range of free marketing tools to help boost traffic to your page. They have an auto-tweet tool that connects directly to your social media websites that can help to drive users to your channel or your personal website. They also have a really active Reddit and Discord community full of models willing to lend a hand. It’s always best to get direct advice from the pros. 

Finally, models are offered great data privacy and security with geoblocking technology. This prevents your content from being shown in any areas that you specify. They also have DMCA fingerprinting on videos that helps them to track down and remove any stolen content. When you’re with one of the biggest adult companies in the world you can be sure that their user safety will have to be at the highest standards.

What Services Does ModelHub Offer?

So now it’s time to take a look at what you can do on ModelHub. Some models like to specialise and have preferences in which content they like to produce. Hence ModelHub has a good few options to choose from.


On your personal channel, ModelHub has a photos section where you’re free to upload all the naughty pictures you’d like. So long as they’re in line with the PornHub terms of service you should be all good. Models also have the option to organise their photos into different albums and collections to keep everything neat and tidy for users to access. This will also allow the opportunity to create free and premium folders that can give sneak previews of what they can access through subscribing to your channel.

Hence you can separate the feet pics from the lingerie shoot and restore some order to your channel.


These are obviously the main moneymakers as this is what the overwhelming majority of visitors are coming for. They want to see some hot takes of you doing your thing so it’s best to give them exactly that. Here you can upload videos to your collection for free or for a fixed price. One thing that ModelHub handle is the previews which are quite convenient. Sometimes a thumbnail isn’t enough to pique interest. Hence a few-second preview of the goods can leave them craving more!

Becoming a verified model on the platform is also beneficial as you will qualify for ad revenue meaning you can get paid based on your views. Although this is a bit counterintuitive a verified model's amateur sex tape is a lot more trusted than one who’s not. This applies to free videos also so it’s always nice to have a mixture of content to build yourself up.

Free videos can be more of an asset than you think on ModelHub as they have implemented a pay-to-download feature. Streaming your video will be free on the site but users will have to pay a fixed fee in order to download your content and access it forever. You could argue that we’re kind of past the era of downloading porn… but real fans will have the last laugh when the internet’s out.


I’m sure we’re all familiar with this premise by now, but one more time for the people at the back! Subscribing to a model's channel gives you access to premium content and various perks that free viewers don't. This could be anything from exclusive videos to private messaging. Models make the rules for the subscriptions, whether they want to offer one month, three months or lifetime packages is entirely up to them. Not to mention they select the price too.

It’s important not to get too carried away with the pricing. You want to make it reasonable enough for the perks that your fans are receiving. As you climb the ranks of models on the platform then you can start upping your rates.


If your fans want to give you money for a satisfactory service, as a gesture of goodwill or just because it turns them on… ModelHub has made this a possibility. The tipping service is simply a button attached to your channel where visitors can make any small contributions that they like, to support your content. So, your hard work won’t go unrewarded.

Custom Requests

This feature is massively popular on many fansites so it’s a good thing that ModelHub jumped on the bandwagon. It would be a shame to not be able to request custom videos from your favourite models. Some models will have their DMs open while more popular ones will include it as part of their subscriptions. 

Nonetheless, users will reach out with video requests they have for you to fulfil their sexual fantasies. From here you’re free to create these videos for an addiction cost that you and your fan agree on. Of course, as it’s a custom request these are usually subject to premium rates. But we’ll leave that part up to you.

Coupon Campaigns

A neat little feature that really helps with the marketing is the coupon campaigns. What this essentially means is you can distribute links that act as coupons to subscribe and access various content for a discounted rate. For instance, if you wanted to offer a summer sale, then you are able to generate a discount link that you can share with fans on social media or wherever.

Signing Up With ModelHub

If at this point you’re interested in signing up we’ve got you covered. This process is a little more longwinded than other sites, but then again, you are signing up to one of the biggest adult sites on the internet so security is paramount. You’ll be pleased to know that becoming a verified model with them is completely free so you won’t have any dodgy tie-ins to worry about. 

All you need to start off is a valid email address. Enter this alongside your username in order to create your account. Give your username some thought and make sure that it’s not your name. Your username will be your only name on the site so make sure that it’s relevant and that your fans can find you. After this, you’ll receive a verification email which you’ll need to accept.

Now comes the task of ID verification. This step is put in place to make sure that all models are of legal age and not using other people's information. You’ll need to select the country your documents were issued and the type of document you wish to submit. From here you will have to take a clear picture of the front and back of the ID making sure that all information is legible.

This might sound slightly like a spy movie but you’ll then need to consent to a live facial scan. By accepting their terms to use your biometrics for verification you’ll be taken to a scanning page where you will have to align your face with the prompt on the screen. Just make sure that the device you’re using to sign up has a camera otherwise this whole process will be a waste of time.

After this, you’re almost there and you just need to fill out your model application. This will include things like your address and preferred payment method etc. PornHub does stress that your information is sent securely to a third-party verification company that specialises in keeping everything confidential. You have the assurance that your information will not be sold to anyone.

Verification can take up to 48 hours to complete which is a little while longer than usual verifications but it’s most likely due to the large volume of daily applicants. If everything checks out you should receive an email to confirm the approval. You have two weeks to do this otherwise you’ll have to start again. So make sure that you’re checking your inbox

What Are Earnings and Payouts Like?

But enough about how the platform works let’s talk money. ModelHub is a successful and well-paying model program that has various ways for its users to earn money. Models are entitled to:

  • 65% of all video sales including custom request videos
  • 80% of earnings made from subscriptions
  • 80% of the money earned through tipping services
  • $50 for every model that they refer to the site using a referral link

Models also get a cut of ad revenue which is currently around $45 per thousand views. This is pretty good considering porn videos are prone to getting millions of views on a whim. If you register to their partner share program it also allows you to earn revenue from your views on other partner sites. ModelHub will automatically upload your videos to sites such as RedTube and YouPorn snatching you a nice little passive income.

On top of this ModelHub host monthly competitions where the best performing models on the site can earn cash prizes. There are regular rewards for Top Newcomer and Best Amateur so it can't hurt to give it you're all.

Payouts are delivered on a monthly basis with the minimum withdrawal limit being $100.

Final Thoughts On ModelHub

Being part of ModelHub is definitely an asset to your adult modelling career. The feel and business model of the platform is more of a program and less of a fansite. While there are numerous benefits of being part of a popular fansite like IsMyGirl or OnlyFans, ModelHub is an awesome accompaniment.

Casting a net out into the sea of 1.8 billion monthly users surely can’t hurt especially as it’s free. Of course, there is the argument of it being harder to get discovered, which is true and can sometimes dampen some models' motivation to invest energy into the site. However, it’s important to remember that you have to take a chance and put in the work to make it. 

ModelHub is also a great opportunity to start rubbing shoulders with the stars as some of the biggest professional pornstars have their own channels on the platform. While getting in touch can be difficult for a small fry it’s still great to look at their content for inspiration on what works.

The main downside to the site is the percentage that they pay their models. Most programs like this will grant their models 80% of video sales as opposed to 65%. Considering this is the primary way to make money on the site that 15% can hurt. But PornHub is a behemoth of a site and in offering their users the chance at traffic that no other site can provide we assume they can charge what they like.

Whether you should sign up or not, we’ll leave that up to you. But we’ve done our part in giving you all of the information you need!