How to Make Money on Phrendly: The Ultimate Guide

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Flirting is an innocent and discreet way to let someone know that you’re interested in them. Plus, it’s just fun. But flirting isn’t reserved just for single people who meet on the street or online. Harmless flirting between two people in committed relationships is more common than you might think. It’s a fun way to explore other options and remind yourself that you're attractive and desirable. It’s important, though, that both parties understand that things won’t and can’t go any further (i.e. lead to a hook-up). Lines get blurred when one person wants to take things to the next step.

But what if you could engage in playful flirting without any worry that the other person might want to hook up? What if we sweetened the deal by telling you that you could actually get paid for engaging in flirtatious behavior and conversations from the comfort of your home? 

Thanks to the popular online website, Phrendly, not only is it possible but it’s turning into a lucrative side hustle for many dedicated users. Keep reading for our ultimate guide on using Phrendly to bring in some extra income.

What is Phrendly?

Phrendly is an online platform that focuses on the fun of flirting. We’ve all been there. You meet someone online and you start a hot and witty banter back and forth that has you checking your phone every few seconds to see if they’ve responded. We call this the honeymoon phase and some people are hesitant to take it any further. 

One reason is the fear of shattering a perfectly fun and healthy online bond. Second, some people don’t want real-life intimacy or a relationship but prefer meaningful conversations and a little innocent flirtation. Lastly, you can be whoever you want to be and find the courage to flirt with people you may not have the confidence to approach in real life. All of this is made possible on Phrendly. And thanks to the website’s secure vetting process, users are guaranteed a fun and safe experience.

Not only do you get that adrenaline rush and emotional high of feeling wanted, but Phrendly offers tangible rewards and benefits also. If you find someone on Phrendly that you’re attracted to, you can share a virtual drink with them that has real monetary value. The guy or girl on the receiving end of your gesture receives a monetary reward every time you buy them a “drink”. This system works both ways. Phrendly members can return the favor and users will receive the value of the drink to use at a later date. The person who sends the first message or drink is the one who pays for the interaction. This initial gesture can start the ball rolling for a phone call or video chat, with each engaging conversation giving you the chance to earn more.

Getting Started on Phrendly: How it Works

If you’re still not sure exactly how Phrendly works, let us explain. Think of Phrendly as the flirting equivalent to Tinder. People on both sides of the equation, men and women, are looking for other attractive people to chat and flirt with, minus the need for an in-person meeting or any real commitment. It’s about creating emotional connections that are light-hearted and playful. If you’re using Phrendly to make money, chances are, you’ll be waiting until someone contacts you and buys you a virtual drink that has monetary value. Satisfied customers can also send monetary gifts (more on this in a minute). 

But, if you see someone that you’re interested in or who you think might turn into a paying customer, you can make the first move and invite them to share a virtual glass of wine or cup of coffee. Just keep in mind that whoever initiates contact is responsible for the initial payment. If the person engages you in conversation, you start to share portions of your drink (sips) with them. You may send the drink but you aren’t charged for their first sip (response). If they don’t respond at all, you aren’t charged any more money. You’re not charged for your responses, since you already paid for the drink, however, “sips” are taken from the drink each time the other person writes back. Phrendly also gives new users free drinks to get started and get a feel for how the site works. Making your profile public is the best way to earn more drinks and more money. 

Speaking of your profile, you’ll need to download the Phrendly app from the Apple store or Google play to get started. It’s free to download and join. Once you launch the app, you’ll be asked for basic information pertaining to your account like your name, user name, and email address. Phrendly will verify your account and information using your mobile number. You can add pictures and a bio to your profile to help attract more people and increase your chances of getting offered a drink. As of now, Phrendly only supports direct deposit payments to US-based banks, so you need to live in the US and have a verified bank account to get started and get paid.

More Ways to Make Money on Phrendly

If you’re wondering if the only way to make money on Phrendly is to grab the attention of someone who wants to buy you a virtual cocktail, the answer is no. There are a few different ways to earn some extra cash on this chat-based website using chats, video and phone calls, and gifts. Each tool allows you to make money in a different way.


When someone sees your profile and wants to chat, if they send you a message first (which also involves sending a virtual drink), they pay each time you respond (take a sip). Each drink is $10. 

Video Calls

When you’re ready to take things to the next level and engage in face-to-face contact, you can enter a video call.  This works the same as a chat. The person that initiates or makes the call is the one that pays so having stellar people skills is a must for garnishing attention and income on Phrendly. Keep in mind, though, that the website keeps 30% of the drinks users buy you. That means you get 70% of your earnings. Longer calls mean larger payments.


Similar to tips on sites like OnlyFans and Chatuerbate, people on Phrendly can send each other monetary gifts as a token of their appreciation. This is the best way to make money on the platform since you get to keep 90% of what you earn. Gifts range from $5 to $100. 

Refer a Friend

Phrendly also has a referral program where you can earn money when a friend signs up using your referral code. Your friend will receive a free drink for signing up and you’ll receive one (the equivalent of $10.00) as a thank you for growing the Phrendly community. Your friend will have to spend or earn $15.00 in real money (gifts) to qualify.

How Much Money Can You Make on Phrendly?

As with most online ventures, the amount you earn on Phrendly is directly proportional to how much time and effort you put into it. Profiles that are active, engaged, and flirtatious will attract more attention and, therefore, more money. If you only log into your account once a week and don’t make an effort to interact with or attract other users, chances are, you won’t make much at all. The more interactions you have, the more money you’ll make.

Some people on Phrendly earn around $70 per hour through video calls and up to $100 in gifts. For every chat message, you respond to within 24 hours, you earn $.035. While this may sound like a lot, it can add up over time if you receive dozens of inquiries a day. You can also set your own rates to help you earn more. The baseline is one drink buys someone an eight-minute phone call or a six-minute video call. If they want more, they’ll need to pay. The minimum rate for a one-hour video call is $66 and $48 per hour for phone calls. If you set a fair price and spend a few hours per day on the website, you can earn over $1,000 per month. 

Most chatters admit to using Phrendly as a side hustle and don’t recommend you quit your day job and plan to solely support yourself by flirting. You can, however, use Phrendly as supplemental income while you explore other avenues like OnlyFans, Chaturbate, or even selling your used panties online. Plus, Phrendly is emotionally satisfying in ways that other paid online services aren’t.

Phrendly’s Payment Structure

There are a few ways for you to get paid on Phrendly based on your preference and financial need.

Express Pay

Express pay allows you to get paid every day, but the money doesn’t show up until about 10 days later. This option means waiting up to 10 days for the money to become available. You also need at least $10 in your account to make a withdrawal. 

Monthly Direct Deposit

Similar to express pay, the money you receive through monthly direct deposits isn’t available for approximately 10 days. The difference is, you receive one large lump sum every month instead of smaller payments every day. This works better for some people who want to save their money or look forward to a large, single payment. 

Monthly payments are made on the first of every month. Checks are mailed to the address you provide when you register and arrive within 2 weeks. There’s also a $2.00 fee for every check. If the address you entered is incorrect or the check is returned, you’ll have to pay a $20.00 fee. 

Navigating the Phrendly site and checking on your payments and earnings is fairly easy. Simply go to the settings tab and “Payout Info”. Here’s where you’ll enter your address and US banking information. Next, scroll to “Request Payout” and choose the form of payment you want and the frequency. Phrendly will verify your identity before issuing the payment or cutting you a check. 

One thing that makes Phrendly unique is its outreach efforts. Phrendly gives users the option to donate a percentage of their earnings to one of nine charities, which is an option many users take advantage of. These charities are:

  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Planned Parenthood
  • BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Facility)
  • Children’s Health Fund
  • Scholarship America
  • EDF (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • Animal Welfare Institute 
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Doctors Without Borders

This unique feature lets you give back to others and adds another level of gratification to the entire experience.

Tips for Earning More on Phrendly

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your experience on Phrendly. Here are a few tips from successful chatters on the website.

Consider Lighting and Camera Angles

If you’re comfortable chatting via video call, you want to present yourself in the best possible light – literally. There’s nothing worse than getting catfished. Avoid posting a picture of yourself using heavy filters or edits. Once you enter a video call, the person on the other end will see you in real life. It’s always best to be honest and upfront about your appearance and win over your audience with your charismatic personality. 

Good lighting in your bedroom, office, or wherever you conduct your calls, can make for a much more enjoyable experience. Also, consider the camera angle. Filming yourself from above can give the illusion of a longer, sleeker neck and slimmer face and body. Don’t slouch or appear too lazy or uninterested. It’s fine to lounge on your bed and be sexy and comfortable, but you still need to maintain the illusion of a desirable mate. Make sure you always look presentable and attractive. Not only will this boost your confidence but also your earnings. 

Keep Your Notifications On

On Phrendly, it’s important to be responsive and answer all chat messages within 24 hours. If you do, you’ll earn money. If you don’t, it’ll be a lost opportunity. By keeping your notifications on, you’ll receive real-time alerts when someone views your profiles, messages you, or wants to initiate a call or send a gift. The faster you respond and the more attentive you are, the more connections and money you’ll make.

Fill Your Profile with Details

The best way to connect with people on Phrendly is to bond over shared interests. Similar to other dating apps like Tinder, the more details you include about yourself in your profile, the better. Share your hobbies, favorites, likes, and dislikes. Avoid sharing too much personal information if you want to remain partially anonymous, although this is tricky when it comes time to engage in a video call. Even though you’re revealing your face, you should never reveal your exact location or other private details about your personal life that extend beyond friendly and playful chatter.

Are You a Good Fit for Phrendly?

Do you think you or someone you know could make a decent income on Phrendly? Both men and women from both sides of the equation can benefit from using this service. Guys who need help flirting and gaining confidence with women can practice their skills and learn new, more effective ways to break the ice. Ladies craving attention from attractive males can get exactly what they need with no strings attached. Or, if you’re simply good at flirting (especially over text) and need to boost both your confidence and checking account, this website may be the perfect fit.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog before you go for more unconventional but highly lucrative ways to earn money online.