How to Have Your Sexiest Game Night Ever

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Some people just love games. The joy of competition, the rush of adrenaline with can be addictive.

If you or your lover are one of these people, there’s no reason not to bring this excitement to the bedroom.

How games can help your sex life thrive

Sex games are tried and true ways to spice up your sex life. They allow you and your partner to play with one another in new and exciting ways.

You don’t have to turn to sexy games only because you’re having some trouble keeping the spark in the bedroom—although they can be good for that. No matter your relationship situation, playing against or with each other will increase intimacy and create an orgasm-like excitement if you win. (And doesn’t everyone win if you both come?)

Trying out new things is one of the best parts of being with one (or several) people for a long amount of time. Now that you’ve mastered your mainstays, you can take a turn at something different.

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19 games to amp up your sex life

1. Truth or dare

We’ve all played this one at an eighth grade slumber party, or maybe during a drinking game in college. It’s always a little risque, but you can add even more heat by playing with your partner. 

You should choose truth questions that will let you learn more about your partner sexually. “What’s one fantasy you’ve been too afraid to tell me about?” “What’s the maximum times you’ve orgasmed in a row while masturbating?” “What type of porn do you secretly watch?”

It might be tempting to bring these questions to a place where you’ll ask about past sexual experiences, like asking when they lost their virginity or who they had the best sex with besides you. This is probably a mistake. It’ll bring down the mood and could make you jealous. Games are supposed to be fun!

For dares, feel free to go out of your comfort zone. It’s not a huge dare to ask your partner to make out with you. You also might want to wait a few rounds to give a dare that’s going to involve stopping to have full-on sex.

If you think you’d do better with this game if you had some help, you can get couples truth or dare sets. Talk Flirt Dare is a card game that lets you pick cards from one of these three categories and play them out! It can be played with a group, so if you’re poly or just have some raunchy friends, it might be a good fit. 

You can also try Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare. It’s the kinkier version of Truth Flirt Dare. Some of the questions include “Would you rather have sex in the bath or shower?”, “Would you rather eat chocolate sauce or ice cream off your partner's body?” and “Would you rather spank or be spanked?”

So yeah, we dare you to try out this game.

2. Mirror image

This one’s pretty easy. Sit down facing your partner and touch them how you would like to be touched. They’ll mirror your motions, which includes anything from kissing to caressing to wherever you want things to go. Then switch and let them show you their moves.

3. Strip Scrabble

Scrabble isn’t just for English majors and librarians anymore! Play the classic board game, but only with sexy/dirty words. You’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

To up the ante, have whoever gets the shortest word each round take off one article of clothing!

If you don’t have a copy of the board game, Words with Friends will probably work. (It just probably won’t accept some words that should totally count, like “hatefucking” and “clitblaster.”

Don’t stop at Scrabble. Any two person game can easily be turned into a strip version. Try strip chess, Battleship, or Connect Four.

4. Choose Your Pleasure

Do you sometimes have trouble figuring out what to do in the bedroom? The card game Choose Your Pleasure can help. 

Choose Your Pleasure has 26 cards, split in half for the guy and the girl. (So not the most inclusive game, unfortunately.) Each card has two scenarios that you and your lover can pick between for when you’re getting down. The game can change depending on who picks their favorite scenario.

Here’s some examples of the cards:

For him:

- Kiss your lover's lips' or Kiss your lover's neck

- Perform a striptease for him or Give him a lap dance

- Perform oral sex on him while he stands or Perform oral sex together in the "69" position

For her:

- Make love to her in a position of her choosing or Tie her hands behind her back and make love to her in any position

- Make love in the spooning position (side by side) or Make love in the cowgirl position

- Explicitly describe what you want to do to her or Talk dirty while making love

So maybe this game isn’t for the kinkiest among you, but it can be a good jumping off point. Plus, you can always include your kink in these scenarios.

5. Let’s try this at home

We all know that porn is pretty unrealistic. However, lots of people like it. 98% of men and 73% of women said that they’d watched internet porn in the last six months, according to one study. So chances are, your partner is watching it.

For this game, each of you will pick out a porno that’s your favorite or includes a sex act you’d like to enjoy. (Make sure it’s something that isn’t a strong no on your partner’s kink list.)

Now watch the movies, noting what the actors do. Pay attention to everything from positions to sounds they’re making. Now, try to replicate one (or both!) of the movies as closely as possible. This might give you the opportunity to let out your inner freak.

If you have trouble replicating the movie exactly, like getting into a flexible position or squirting, roll with it! This can also be a funny exercise. There’s nothing better than a little mutual laughter during sex.

6. What’s your fantasy?

It can be difficult to tell your lover your fantasy. Sometimes the main hurdle is voicing your desire out loud, after being told it was deviant for so long. This game can help you get your secret fantasies out in the open.

Get a hat, bowl, or jar, and cut some paper into strips. Then, you and your partner will write down at least three (but preferably more!) of your fantasies. Once you’re done, you’ll go through the slips together.

This exercise is good for couples at any stage of their relationship. If you just got together, you can use this as a kink icebreaker. If you’ve been together for a while, maybe there are still some kinks you haven’t shared. Maybe there was a porn video last week that unexpectedly got you going!

You can use this time to talk about what kinks you might have in common, and which you might be willing to try. But keep things light, and don’t have any fights. If you want, you can try one of the fantasies out right away!

7. Monogamy

This game is a spoof on Monopoly, but without any of the “OMG I’m so bored just kill me” ness. You don’t have to be monogamous to play the game (although it is designed for two people).

During Monogamy, for every space you land on, you’ll pick up cards that are either intimate, passionate, or steamy. The further you want to go, the more cards you’ll pick up! You’ll have to see how long you can resist your partner. There are over 400 action ideas, which makes it possible to play this game again and again.

The person who wins gets to choose between 50 sexy fantasies which the two of you can then bring to life. 

There are three levels of play which get more and more intimate as they go, so there’s a place to start if either of you are a little shy. If you’re not, the game can get a little kinky, too!

Some people might find the idea of playing a structured board game a little un-sexy. However, it can be a nice change of pace and give you ideas for new things you’ve never tried before!

8. Seven minutes in heaven

I’m sure you’re familiar with the eighth grade party staple, even if you never played it yourself. You go into the closet for seven minutes and fool around with them while everyone at the party speculates what you’re doing.

You don’t have to be at a party to play this game. Simply go into a closet or enclosed space and set a timer for seven minutes. See what you can get done! When the timer goes off, you have to least for a little while.

If you’re into public sex, consider sneaking off to a closet or bathroom during a party and playing this game. It can really add to the urgency, because you probably shouldn’t fuck in your friend’s coat closet for longer than seven minutes...right?

9. Advent calendar

You know the advent calendars that have chocolate in them, that you open every day in December until Christmas? Why not sex-ify the tradition?

First of all, you can use an “Advent calendar” at any point in the year. The whole point is just to have an excuse to a) get gifts and b) try something new. Maybe it’s a good idea for your lover’s birthday month?

There are some calendars that contain sex toys. Actually, a lot of them do. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t in stock since they’re made for Christmas, but bookmark them for when October or November comes around. Then, once you get it, you can hide it away for any time of year.

An ultimate option is Lovehoney’s Best Sex of Your Life Couple's Sex Toy Countdown Calendar. It offers 24 sex toys to try out with your lover. It includes items like anal beads, a blindfold, hot rocks, and a couples vibrator. It includes $280 worth of toys for only $130. But alas, it’s out of stock for the season. Again, bookmark that shit. Set an alarm on your phone.

The Lovehoney x We-Vibe Seventh Heaven Romance Gift Box is still on sale, but it’s on clearance, so get it fast! It’s made to be a week long, which explains its lower price tag. It includes a tickler, satin ties, and a wearable vibrator, among other things.

There’s also the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set! Even if you hated the book (trust me, we get it), there are some good BDSM items in this calendar. You can enjoy a whip, kegel balls, and nipple clamps. This one actually is in stock, and clocks in at $114.

Another popular gift calendar option is lingerie. These can be a little tricky, because a cheaper one is going to be one size fits most. The Lovehoney 12 Nights of Seduction One Size Lingerie Gift Box says it fits size 4-12. Luckily, they also have a plus size version for everyone else out there.

You also probably shouldn’t expect this lingerie to be super high-quality. It’s more about the novelty of the thing. The good news is, you now have 12 excuses to get into some panty ripping action.

10. Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game

When you’re first getting into BDSM, the whole process can be really intimidating. So you get someone blindfolded and tied up...then what?

This game offers a whole deck of 52 cards to give you loads of ideas. You can each pick a card, or keep your card a secret from your lover (as long as you’ve decided on a safe word). The game also contains four “Switch” cards, which can be used at any point while you’re playing to switch up the dynamic, so the restrained is now the restrainee. If you have a locked in BDSM power dynamic, you can simply skip these cards.

The game also comes with a satin blindfold and two silky restraints. It gives you a list of household items it suggests you include in your play, too.

11. Twister

This one might seem a little cliche, but there’s nothing to help you loosen up like a quick game of Twister. Maybe the two of you just had a fight, or you had a rough day at work. Playing Twister and touching each other’s bodies can help relieve your stress and get you laughing again.

Plus, if you want to play naked Twister, did you know that you can buy a fitted bed sheet with the iconic pattern on it?

Who would have guessed you’d find yourself moaning, “Left foot red?”

12. Find the spot

This is a game that doesn’t take a ton of time to play, and can just be incorporated into your normal session.

First, think of a spot on your body. Then, have your partner kiss, lick, and nibble every part of you until you find it. You can give hot and cold clues, or leave them in the dark for expert mode.

13. Sexy coupons

So you know those coupon books you used to give your mom when you were younger, with coupons like “1 free hug” and “clean my bedroom?” We can take this concept and make it sexy as hell. Forget I said anything about your mom earlier.

Check out these Great Sex Coupons, which include 22 tear out coupons you can give your partner so they can redeem them when the time is right. Consider sticking them in their lunch at work, in their purse, or next to their toothbrush. The only bummer is they probably won’t last you very long, but for the small price tag, it’s worth it.

Another choice is the Sexy Dirty Hot Orgasmic Mind blowing SEX COUPONS book. Reviewers say this one is pretty sexy, so it might be better for kinkier couples.

Then there are Sex Checks. These adorable coupons really do look like checks, and you can personalize them, too. 

I’ll show you what I mean. One is written for “an erotic trade on the virtual market.” You can choose between a naughty online chat session, a link to an X-rated website, an erotic email, a sexy text message, or other. These give you a little more room to play, and can let you get a little more kinky. (Like for this card, you could write in “film a porno and post it on the PornHub amateurs section.”)

Who ever thought paying with a coupon on a date could be sexy?

14. Random Kamasutra generator

One of the things that couples can get in a lull about most is sex positions. If something feels good, why change it?

Well, because it’s fun, and there’s always the chance you’ll discover a new favorite.

Try downloading the Kamasutra Sex Positions app on Google Play or iKamasutra on the App Store. Both will generate a random sex position from the kamasutra on command. Your challenge is to replicate it!

Just make sure you don’t get injured, because some of these can get a little crazy. If something doesn’t feel good or seems unsafe, skip it and go to the next one.

15. Race to the Finish Line

For this game, all you have to do is try your best to be the first one to come. Just race and do your best to win!

Then, whoever wins gets to help the other person finish, which is a pretty good reward.

Alternatively, try it on expert mode: try to be the last one to come instead, while doing your best to make your partner come.

16. Sex dice

Sex dice are sort of a cliche for sex games, but they work well for a reason. They’re easy to use, the results are random, and you can bring them out over and over again. It doesn’t have to be like the scene in Bob’s Burgers where he kept getting Lick Foot. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing.)

You can start out easy with the Ultimate Roll Bedroom Sex Dice. It’s a pretty basic set that has what you’d expect. You roll all four dice and get suggestions for foreplay, oral sex, props, and sex positions. I also like this foreplay set because it doesn’t have any sex positions or genital specific language. This lets queer couples join the fun as well.

If you’re looking for something more complex, there’s the Sexy 6 Dice Game. It involves rolling six dice, each with a different facet of your scenario. That literally gives you 720 different options. The game also comes with a kinky edition, with suggestions like “complete darkness,” “the dom decides,” and “gag.”

Since I’m a bit of a dork, I was also excited by this set on Amazon. They look like a set of dice from Dungeons and Dragons (although admittedly missing the iconic D20). You roll different dice based on what you want suggestions for, and you can generate 60 foreplay options and 24 sex positions. Just keep in mind that the sex positions are all for cis straight couples.

A reminder: once you’re done, make sure you put them in a secure place like your sex toy drawer. This comic demonstrates that they probably don’t belong in your game cupboard.

17. Nookii

Another structured board game is Nookii. It says it “lets you play your way around your lover's body in three different ways, performing a variety of increasingly intimate actions.”

There are three levels of intensity: Mmm, Ooh, and Aah. These help you get more and more excited as you play. You probably don’t want to start out with the more hardcore stuff and stop playing partway through to screw. 

Gameplay takes only about 30 minutes, at which point you should be turned on enough to get down to business.

18. Poker

If either you or your partner like to gamble, you can go all in with a sexy poker game.

If you already have the materials for regular poker, you can easily play a strip version. However, this will probably involve friends, which you may or may not feel comfortable with. 

Luckily there’s Poker for Lovers. It follows all of the same rules as poker, but you don’t gamble money. Instead, you use chips that have sexy tasks listed on them. You can play many different poker games, including Texas Hold 'em, 5-Card Stud, and 5-Card Draw. There are different sex acts for him and for her, but you might be able to mix these up as you see fit, especially in a kinky setting.

19. Oral Fun

Are you an oral sex fanatic? There’s a board game for that!

Oral Fun, which has the tagline “The Game of Eating Out Whilst Staying In,” lets you and your partner give and receive oral in a myriad of ways. There are lots of charming rules, like the fact that you’re racing to space 69 or that the person with the longest tongue goes first. That’s the tone they’re going for.

The game asks you to provide some materials yourself that wouldn’t go well in a game box, like flavored lube, small food items like fruits or candies, ice cubes, fizzy drinks, and a blindfold.

So whether you want more fun in your sex life or want an excuse to get a little bit kinkier, sexy games can do that for you! 

Roll the dice and see what sticks.