How To Find A Sugar Momma

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Relationships are constantly evolving as we grow and learn a lot about our society. Different types of mutually beneficial, weird and wonderful relationships are popping up at a rate that is hard to keep track of. However, on today's agenda, we’re talking about the Sugar Momma, and more importantly how to find one.

What Is A Sugar Momma? 

The term sugar momma is thrown around a lot these days and most of the time in a comedic sense. However, a sugar momma is a very real position many women play in a relationship, so allow us to explain. A sugar momma is also referred to as a Cougar in the relationship and is a term typically used to describe a woman who dates and provides financial support for their male counterpart in exchange for companionship and sexual intimacy.

In most cases, the men are usually younger than the Cougar but of course, there can be exceptions. The connotations of being a cougar suggest that you are a powerful woman on the hunt for her male prey but that’s only really half correct. Cougars are often wealthy and powerful women but are in the market for an equal as opposed to a toyboy.

The reason for most women becoming a sugar momma is because they have struggled to find men their own age, or have not got enough time to invest in their current relationships. Cougars, being as successful as they are, are commonly hard-working and driven women meaning that the lucky lad they choose to financially support has to step up and match their energy and desires.

What Is A Cub? 

Cub is the term used to describe the male receiving the support in the relationship which should hopefully help the whole cougar thing make sense now. As the relationship is more about support and taking care of another person as opposed to seeking them out and using them. Although the arrangement of being a cub sounds like a cakewalk, having a beautiful older woman splash her cash on you for good sex and good times, it's not always this cut and dry. A good cub has big boots to fill as they must be as mentally stimulating as they are physically.

Cubs are often taken to dinner dates and made to mingle with their cougar's older and sophisticated friends. So it's essential to be cultured, charming and witty if you don’t want to embarrass your woman. Later on, we’ll get into some do’s, don’ts and top tips to being a successful cub in the relationship but for now, it’s important to understand that you’re more than just a sex-machine.

Much like a traditional relationship cougars and cubs need to have mutual interests that they can bond over. A cougar needs someone that will be there emotionally, hence why most sugar momma relationships are exclusive.

Best Ways To Find A Sugar Momma 

So now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Or if you just scrolled ahead here it is anyway; the best ways to find a sugar momma. In this field of dating, there are a lot of scams out there so we had to dig deep to make sure that you’re investing your time, money and effort into something that will increase your chances of finding a sugar momma. 

Dedicated Dating Sites: Given that we’re living in a digital age, using the internet to connect with various people of similar interests from all over the world, at the click of a mouse is a pretty advantageous position to be in. Some of these dating sites might sound familiar and others totally new but all have shown promise in the realm of finding a sugar momma. The premise of most of the main dating sites is to match people based on their interests. As the world of sugar mommas grow so do your chances of finding one online.


Contrary to Zoosk, SugarBook is a dedicated sugar platform that helps people find all of the financially based relationships that they’re looking for. Cougars looking for cubs, Sugar daddies looking for sugar babies they’ve got it. With a tagline like “Where Romance Meets Finance” you know you’re in the right place. So how does it work?

Signing up to the website is completely free and asks the user to select their role. You can choose from a sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar momma, cub etc. From here you can upload a photo of yourself and state the terms of your ideal relationship or fantasy. After this, your profile will be displayed to loads of others out there giving you the chance to find your perfect match. The site offers features such as instant messaging and private photo sharing but some of these are locked behind premium subscriptions.

This isn’t the only dedicated sugar relationship service on our list so keep on reading.


The dating site CougarLife is specially designed to help older women find younger men and younger men find older women. Obviously, this doesn't explicitly define the terms of a sugar momma relationship but you’re certainly looking in the right place. The way the site is designed sets you up for success when searching as users create their profile in a few simple steps. First fill out some basic information about yourself, your relationship status, the area you live in etc. Then add a photo of yourself and define what you’re looking for. Here you can select if you’re looking for something long term, short term, a bit of fun or anything goes. 

By adding this, alongside your own bio and one-liner, you’re all set. Not to worry if you hate filling in too much information about yourself they have some great prompts and these fields about yourself are totally optional. Of course, the more you say, the more trustworthy and appealing your profile seems so use your discretion.

After filling out your information you will be able to see all of the cougar profiles in your local area that meet your search preferences. Simply click on the person you like and message away. The site comes with additional features like the ability to request to view and share private photo galleries with your cougar interests.

So if you fancy yourself as a serious candidate then get yourself out there!


Available on the Google Play Store but yet to reach the App Store is the dedicated app for sugar relationships. With over 1million installs and 37,000 reviews, it’s safe to say it’s one of the best sugar apps on the market. You start by creating a profile and filling out what you’re looking for. If you’re a cub then you’ll be in search of “success & wealth” whereas cougars will search by “looks & charm”. Once on the app, it will display all of the local candidates with numerous filters giving you the option to search for the person that’s right for you.

Some filters consist of age, ethnicity, education, net worth and relationship status in order to narrow down the right one for you. Again some of these filters are locked behind a paywall however it all depends on the value you place on finding that cougar or cub you’ve been looking for. 

Once you find your cougar candidate you can start things off by sending them a message and see what happens next. Some people complain that there aren’t enough people aware of the purpose of Seeking so if you’re not interested in any sort of sugar arrangement then it’s probably best to keep it on the mainstream apps.


Everyone’s favourite forum had to make the list as there is literally a thread for everything on here. The subreddit r/CougarsAndCubs is the perfect safe space for individuals to talk, vent and seek advice from fellow cougars and cubs in the community. A lot of the time people who were part of the community would fear judgment and it would be difficult to talk openly about this subject. But thanks to Reddit, this serves as the perfect place to get some pointers on finding your very own cougar and even connect with some using the thread. 

Using Regular Dating Dating Apps To Find Sugar Mommas

Now that we’ve run through the best websites for finding sugar mommas what happens when we want to get serious and take our search on the go. We can branch out to the mainstream apps that everyone is using If we know what to look for. Granted a lot of the previously mentioned websites will have apps for mobile but they won’t be anywhere near as smooth and seamless as some of the most popular dating apps on the market.

Look For High Education - A good education doesn’t always mean you’re rich but it definitely shows drive and determination, something our sugar mommas certainly possess. Using sites such as Elite Singles and searching by the level of education is a good way to narrow down the sugar mommas.

The site claims to acquire over 100 thousand monthly members with 85% of them having reputable higher education achievements. So while it isn't dedicated to finding sugar mommas we can inadvertently use this matchmaking model to find some.

Most dating applications nowadays encourage users to put information about their occupation and education history. So, if you stumble across any PhD’s be sure to shoot them a message.

Increase The Age Filter 

As we previously mentioned cougars tend to be much older than their male partners so this is where we take advantage of the age filter. All dating sites offer the option to set the minimum and maximum age range you’d like to search within. On average, sugar mommas tend to be between the ages of 35-55 which is likely what you want to set your options to. If you’re a cub on the other hand the most desired age range is usually between 18-37 so it’s honestly all down to yours and their preferences lining up.

Set Your Location To Wealthy Areas 

If you’re not too familiar with where the affluence in your area lies then it might take some searching around. However, the chances are your sugar momma isn’t going to be slumming it out with the students. Finding locations with expensive real estate or work complexes closer to the city will typically be where people with money live. All we have to do now is set our location within a reasonable distance of these places.

Most mainstream dating apps these days allow you to set a custom location. Sometimes this might come at the price of a premium subscription but consider it an investment in your future. Just make sure that the location you choose is within a reasonable distance for you to travel. You have to be on time if you want to make a good first impression.

Be Honest In Your Bio 

The best way to improve the quality of your matches is, to be honest about what you’re looking for. Of course, this will affect the volume of matches that you’re normally used to, but after all, we are looking for a very specific arrangement.

Your bio should still be interesting and be about you. Talk about your passions, interests and why you like them. This helps to give an insight into the type of person you are instead of rattling on about the type of sugar momma you’re looking for. Another thing to mention is to keep your bio concise. No one likes reading pages of information, particularly on a person they don’t know yet so get to the point.

One final tip that usually helps to intrigue sugar mommas is to end it with a question that gets them involved. Something that gets them thinking about you two as a collective, something along the lines of our first holiday destination?

There are many layers to writing the perfect bio to attract sugar mommas so it might take some trial and error. The main thing is to get writing Casanova!

Places To Find A Sugar Momma IRL

We understand that some might not be as tech-savvy and into the online dating world so we made sure to explore all options when it comes to finding a sugar momma. In the days of old people used to meet face to face and build connections that way, so if you’re slightly more “old fashioned” in your approach to meeting women then stay tuned for where to find them.

High-End Restaurants & Hotels 

If we are to find a sugar momma we need to start thinking like one. Successful and driven women highly value their time, hence they look for the best service and facilities regardless of the cost. Therefore many of them are likely to be staying in the best hotels or dining in high-end restaurants. 

Some sugar mommas are already in existing relationships and acquire their wealth from their husbands. Used to being spoiled and living a lavish lifestyle again it makes sense that they would be hanging around in high-class hotels. 

So, do your best to learn and infiltrate these social circles. Definitely check out the hotel lobby bar and learn as much as you can about how to interact with them and develop a keen eye for spotting a sugar momma.

Expensive/Exclusive Gyms 

Joining the nicest gym you can find is a good way to increase your chances of running into a sugar momma. Motivated and successful women will likely look after their health too and you can bet that the wealthy clientele will only settle for the best. 

Search for gyms with all the accessories, spas and facilities as this is an indicator of a good gym. While enjoying your workout you can increase your odds of finding a sugar momma. Also, who knows, this could serve as a great opportunity to show off your youth and athleticism to help attract your wealthy woman.

Charity Events 

Once people reach a certain level of wealth and comfort they start thinking about how they can help others. This is typically when people start to get involved in charity work and use their money for good.

Volunteering at charity events is the perfect way to start getting to know donors and organisers who might be looking for a young companion. Charity events can range from auctions, fairs, races and much more so be prepared to help out in whatever way you can. A handsome young man that loves to give back is an exciting prospect for most women.

Just make sure to mingle as much as possible. Numerous people attend to volunteer and help out too, so it’s important to work out who the big dogs are in the organisation.

Work At A Club 

When we say club we should probably specify that we’re talking about the chic and luxurious country and nightclubs. Obviously, the option to join and attend these clubs is always on the table but if you're not living within your means then it might not be worth it in the long run. A much more financially responsible option could be working as a valet or bar staff at these lavish establishments, in order to find the sugar momma you’ve always wanted.

Working as the handsome bartender has its perks as you serve them drinks and strike up a conversation about how you’d love to take them out for one. As cliche as it sounds, country clubs and expensive nightclubs are full of wealthy men and women so getting a job there is one of the best ways to surround yourself with them while still getting paid.

Not only that but being surrounded by the activities and lifestyle you can learn a lot about what the other half like to talk about. Investments? Tennis? Current affairs? So remember, service with a smile!

How Much Does A Sugar Momma Pay? 

A complex part of the arrangement that is important for us to discuss, is the financial support that your sugar momma will provide. The honest answer is that every sugar momma will differ in how they pay their cubs. After all, it’s not as simple as just paying for an escort. This is paying for a companion and intimate relationship that is an integral part of their life.

After doing some research, sugar mommas often like to cover their cub's expenses like rent, bills and gym memberships while others will be spoiled with expensive gifts and presents. Some sugar mommas do however like to provide a monthly payment to support their cubs, some explaining that they receive upwards of $3000 a month. 

One thing is for sure, when spending time with your sugar momma it’s unlikely that you’ll have to spend a dime. Dinner, drinks and even holidays will be covered as part of the financial rewards of being a loving partner to your cougar. 

It all depends on where you met, how you met and the terms of your relationship with your sugar momma, so just be aware of the various ways you can receive financial support.

How To Have A Successful Sugar Momma Relationship 

For those who are very new to this and need some tips before they jump in both feet first pay attention. There are some important stigmas that need to be cleared and some do’s and dont’s to go through despite how obvious they might seem.

Sugar Mommas Are Not Desperate For Sex 

While there might be some exceptions to the rule don’t enter the relationship or start things off by leveraging your sexual intimacy. Most women, especially rich and confident ones can have sex as and when they please. So their desires will be much more companion based, enjoying your personality and company. So be charming and not sleazy.

Be Cordial Talking Online 

Although you might have something that a sugar momma wants, it’s not an excuse to let your manners slip, even when talking online. The social circles they are used to surrounding themselves with are commonly respectful, especially on first impressions. Despite the fact that they want your companionship, it does not mean that they are desperate for it. So bear this in mind when conversing online.

Take Pride In Your Appearance 

Even though you’ll be making an emotional connection it helps to be easy on the eyes. It doesn’t mean wearing your most expensive designer brands but looking well-groomed, hygienic and smelling nice. Being clean and presentable goes a long way with women in general so your cougar will certainly appreciate this.

Be Clear With Your Intentions 

Communication is essential when starting any relationship. Being open and honest about what you’re looking for with your cougar candidate is the best way to create a healthy and sustainable relationship for the foreseeable future. If you would like to be exclusive and intimate or infrequent and casual it’s important to lay the ground rules early.

Don’t Take Liberties With Their Money 

Although the relationship is clearly money-motivated on your end of the bargain it’s essential that you don’t overspend their money and make them feel used. Being a sugar momma comes from a caring place so the last thing they want to feel is like they are being exploited. This relationship is very different to a findom relationship as they do not gain gratification from their money being spent by their partner. 

The take-home point. Don’t push your luck.

We hope you found these tips useful and remember us when you’re on your private yacht alongside your sugar momma! We wish you all the best with your search!