How Live Cam Sex With a Stranger Totally and Completely Changed My Life

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Live cam sex with a total stranger literally changed my life. Not just my sex life, but my actual life.

I’ll get into more details below, but for now, let’s focus on this one truth: there are lessons in everything...even surface-level sex with a stranger through a webcam.

Having live-cam sex with some hunky foreign guy wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, it was never something I set out to accomplish or had even given much thought to before...but when the opportunity arose, I couldn’t just ignore that, right? 

It was practically my duty as a sexually active, independent, confident woman to take this opportunity to experience something I’d never done before and would likely never do again.
So I did.
For 6 months, I had no-strings-attached live-cam sex with a total stranger...and it was life-changing.

I Felt Empowered

The idea of showing all of yourself to someone through the lens of a camera, expressing your lust through a computer screen and trying to captivate someone’s attention without ever physically laying a hand on them can be daunting. 

Not to mention that whole “the camera adds ten pounds” thing...I mean, it might not be an exact science but it certainly feels like a camera can pick up our flaws and leave them on display for everyone to see. 

But really - once you let yourself be seen like this and are appreciated for what you are, you feel like you have literal superpowers. 

The first time I stripped naked in front of my camera was terrifying, but those fears quickly faded when I realized the power it gave me. Having someone waiting, watching my every move, asking to see more, to experience’s absolutely insane what having that kind of power over someone can do for your self-esteem.

Another reassuring fact: if the reaction was positive, that’s great, let’s continue - but if it wasn’t positive, all I had to do was turn off my camera and the entire problem went away. There was zero obligation involved.

I Explored My Sexuality

I honestly had no idea people did this, and once I learned people did this, I was completely intrigued by the idea.

I never thought I’d have the courage to experience it, but then I just kind of fell into a situation where it was possible. It was like finally getting an inside look at something I’d ever only speculated about. 

After experiencing it myself, I totally understand the appeal. 

Diving into this kind of no-nonsense sexual escapade taught me so much about my sexuality at a time when I hadn’t really opened up those parts of myself yet. Not only did I know how to turn a man on, but I quickly figured out how to satisfy myself, too.

It Was a Dirty Little Secret I LOVED Having 

There I was, sitting in my English Lit. class, thinking that somewhere out there, some tall, dark and handsome guy was smoking his cigarette, counting down the minutes until I would strip naked and pleasure myself to the thought of him on camera. 

Having that kind of secret is intoxicating and leaves you feeling revved up, ready to drop your panties and unleash that pent up tension as soon as you get home.

It Gave Me a Safe Way to Experiment With New Kinks

As a relatively inexperienced young adult, it was thrilling and exciting to open myself up to something so completely different from anything I’d ever experienced before. And along with this new territory came new experiments.

Navigating my way through different kinks, trying them out on myself, by myself, with someone else was the ultimate low-risk experiment. I was alone in my room, but not alone in the experiment. It gave me the courage to try things I hadn’t gotten up the courage to try with a partner yet. 

And obviously I loved the added bonus of having the power to drive a man absolutely wild by teasing and promising, withholding and then delivering.

I Fell in Love with Lingerie

I was a single college student with a maxed-out credit card - most nights were spent buried deep in textbooks and eating over-saturated microwave noodles.

Most of my wardrobe at the time consisted of leggings and loose t-shirts. I was maybe able to dig out a ripped jeans/tight shirt combo for a bar night with friends between exams, but I wasn’t exactly feeling my sexiest self.

Having someone to impress, someone to dress up for, someone to experiment with pushed me to explore all new kinds of lingerie styles.

Like many women, I never really knew if lingerie was “for me” - I had always assumed I could never look and feel as good as the Victoria Secret models showed on the posters in stores. I was eventually able to find a style of lingerie that fit me and made me feel sexy and confident - which completely changed the way I viewed myself.

I Realized What I Wanted in A Man (and What I Didn’t) 

To say this hunky stranger left an imprint on my love map would be an understatement. We had been hopping online to get each other off for about 4 months when it hit me: this was absolutely not the kind of guy I’d want to marry in the future. 

He was hunky, polite and fun - but our personalities and world-views were completely and totally off from each other. I’d never been able to see something so clearly, and in my entire dating history, I’d never been able to be this honest with myself. 

Once I was ready to settle down, I knew that I wanted someone who gave me this kind of thrill and excitement, but also someone who connected with me in ways I wasn’t experiencing right now.

It Was Self-Exploration, on Every Level

Exploring and experimenting with something totally new and out of my comfort zone was gave me a whole new perspective on dating and life.

Not only that, but it gave me a reason to explore my own body. Female masturbation is so rarely talked about and I have no idea why because it is truly such an incredible way to connect with yourself and figure out what you want in bed. And once you figure out what you want, your entire approach to dating and sexual relationships with other people is completely different.