Have You Ever Thought About Getting a Genital Piercing?

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If you’ve always been curious about piercings that can bring you and your partner's sexual pleasure, you’ve come to the right place. These include piercing your tongue, nipples, penis, or clitoris.

Getting a piercing like this is definitely kinky, as it sets you apart from most vanilla people. If you showed certain people at the bar your Prince Albert, they would probably faint. The act of piercing can be really sexy, and then you get the extra pleasure every time you bone.

Is a genital or other sexy piercing for you? Let’s find out.

From the consultation process to aftercare, Lacey and Tracey deep dive into the important details you need to know before your first sexual piercing.

4 Reasons People Get Sexual Piercings

1. Aesthetics

You might be really turned on by the way your clit piercing looks while you jerk off, or how your nipple piercings show through a tight shirt when you wear a bra. You might like sticking your tongue out at people to show off your tongue piercing.

Piercings make your you look unique and illustrates your personal brand. If you like how they look, that’s more than a good enough reason to get one.

You might also enjoy the way partners look at you now that you have your piercing. Some people find others with piercings to be wild, intimidating, or even slutty. If you like how people perceive you with the piercings in, that’s a great way to get across your personal style and let people know about the wild ride they’re about to go on.

2. Enjoying the taboo

Piercings are still a little taboo and naughty in our culture. Maybe not ears and noses, but definitely anything below the belt. It can be very sexy to know that you have a secret clit piercing while you go to your boring office job. You might also feel like you’re undercover, that it’s exciting that no one knows you’re kinky even if you have something marking it on your body.

3. Reclaiming their body

Some people get piercings as an act of resistance against people who tried to control their bodies. If you just got out of an abusive relationship where your partner told you you couldn’t pierce your nipples, it can be mad empowering to get them done. It can even be a rebellion from growing up in a prudish household or a religion you no longer subscribe to.

Also, if someone has some sexual trauma and has trouble climaxing, a piercing might be able to help them orgasm again. That’s the power of the piercing.

4. Sexual pleasure

This one’s the most exciting for a lot of people. All of the piercings we’ll write about today can enhance your sexual pleasure. Sometimes they’re good for the person with the piercing, sometimes they’re good for the person who’s having sex with the person with the piercing, and sometimes they’re good for both of them!

Piercings have really helped some people in the bedroom. They make them more confident, but they also rub in just the right way that makes them climax. If a little piece of metal can do all that, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to try it out!

Now we’re going to go through each piercing one by one to talk about them in detail. There are many different options for piercing each erogenous zone. It might be a little overwhelming, but we’ll break it down so you can see what sounds best to you.

Tongue piercings

Tongue piercings have been around since ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures. They’re one of the most common piercings today. They declined in popularity for a while, but women age 18-25 have started getting them more frequently again. Tongue piercings are cool because people of any gender can get them, but they’re still not super popular among men.

How it ups sexual pleasure

Tongue piercings are useful during intimate behavior in two ways.

First, they definitely make kissing more fun. Introducing a new element into the mix is exciting for you and your partner, and there’s a sexy temperature difference between the cold metal and your hot mouths.

If someone has never kissed anyone with a tongue piercing, they’ll practically beg to kiss you to see what it’s like. That’s not the worst move anyone’s pulled in a bar.

Tongue piercings also make oral sex super interesting. The piercing adds extra stimulation to a clit, and the temperature difference comes into play too. Whether the person is into temperature play or not, cold jewelry can be jarring and exciting.

These piercings can change the sensations of blowjobs, too. Some people report that it feels the same, but it seems like it depends on how the person uses their ring. The temperature difference, again, can be key.

Plus, you can get a vibrating tongue ring to put in for eating someone out or sucking their dick that will definitely up the action. It’s like little bullet vibe that has the added sensations of a tongue. Sign us up.


The different styles of tongue piercings aren’t as varied as we’ll see with other piercings. However, there is some variation.

Generally, you start with a straight barbell, and the tongue is pierced with a 14 gauge needle. After your piercing has healed, you might choose a stud with a bead backing or a ring.

Piercings are almost always situated in the middle of the tongue. However, you can also get the tip pierced or a midline piercing just placed off to the side.

Piercing process

After you’ve chosen a reputable piercing parlor, your piercer will make sure that your tongue is long enough and that they can see the veins. This makes sure you’re suitable for a piercing. They’ll then pierce the tongue and slide in the jewelry. We’ll talk about the cleaning process later.

Generally, a tongue piercing takes two to four weeks to fully heal. This is incredibly fast for any piercing, even ears and noses. This is because the mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. You’ve probably noticed that if you’ve ever scalded your mouth on some soup.

Tongue piercings are probably the least extreme options on this list, but they definitely do help with getting your rocks off. This might be a good starter piercing before you decide if you want to move onto your genitals.

Nipple piercing

Nipple piercings kind of have a bad rap as being “trashy,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of people who think pierced nipples are sexy, and if you’re one of them, don’t let the haters stop you!

Basically everyone has nipples. This means that nipple piercings are an all gender party! People of all sexualities can enjoy these piercings, too. (Dudes, it’s not just a thing for women and gay men!)

How it turns you on

Nipple piercings work in many different ways. First, they’re aesthetically attractive. They make it so your nipples are always hard, which is definitely a visual treat for both you and your partner.

Nipple piercings can increase feeling in people with nipples that aren’t very sensitive. This could really up someone erotic pleasure, because they’re opening up an erogeous zone that they’ve never gotten to fully experience before!

Plus, these piercings feel really good when they’re played with, and there’s many different ways to do it. Flicking, pulling, sucking, slapping, and massaging are all exciting. If you’re into some extreme shit, you can attach weights to them for a good pull.


Nipples can be pierced in a few different ways. A horizontal piercing is the most popular. However, these piercings can also go vertically or diagonally. That would definitely get people’s attention!

In terms of jewelry, the most traditional look is probably barbells, bars with a ball securing it on both ends. Another choice is a ring. These look great, but you’ll want to make sure that you won’t accidentally tug them so much that the piercing gets pulled out. This is particularly true if you have long hair. 

Piercing process

This is a more intimate piercing, so you should decide what gender you would feel comfortable doing this sort of piercing for you. The employees will understand, so you should be up front so you can be as comfortable as possible.

It’s hard to say what your pain level will be. Some people say it barely hurts at all, but others call it one of the most painful experiences of their lives. Plan for it to be painful, because if it’s not, then it will be a pleasant surprise. Remember, if you’re getting both nipples done, you’ll have to feel the pain twice. It can be harder going getting the second one done if you know how much the first nipple hurt.

It takes about 12-16 weeks for your nipple piercings to properly heal. You’ll probably be tempted to play with them like a new toy, but don’t! This ups the chances of bacteria getting into your piercing. You should avoid oral contact with your nipples for at least two weeks. (Human mouths are sort of germy.)

Penis piercings

Many men cringe at the idea of male genital piercings. They assume it will hurt so bad and possibly ruin their dick. However, piercings on the penis can feel super good for all parties involved. Plus, a lot of people think they look hot as hell. There’s nothing more masculine than having a literal piece of metal in your cock, right?


There are a surprising number of ways to get your dick pierced. We’ll go in depth about a few of them. It can be hard to visualize what all of these piercings actually look like, so here’s an illustrated chart to help you. (If you want to see pictures of actual cocks with these piercings, Google Images with SafeSearch off is your friend.)

The Prince Albert is probably the most common male genital piercing. If you think you might want to try out a dick piercing, this is the place to start. The piercing goes through the urethral tube and out behind the head of the penis. Because the tissue is quite thin in this area, there is generally very little pain during the piercing process.

Another common piercing is the frenum. It’s pierced side to side right below the lip of the head. This piercing is most commonly placed close to the circumcision line. (We’ll talk about penis piercings for uncircumcised dicks later, as this is a little more complicated.)

An Apadravya piercing goes straight through the head at a slight angle, which bisects the urethral tube. This piercing is very compatible with other piercings, since it’s at the very top.

Here are some less common (but still sexy) male genital piercings.

Lorum: Like a frenum, only lower. It’s located at the natural dividing line between the shaft and the scrotum.

Hafada: A scrotum piercing. This can be placed basically wherever you want.

Guiche: A horizontal piercing on the perineum (aka taint). 

Ampallang: A horizontal piercing through the glans.

Foreskin piercing: Exactly what it sounds like. When the foreskin is retracted, it rests like a vertical frenum.

A note on uncircumcised penises: it can be possible to get any of these piercings, even if you’re uncircumcised. However, they may not be suitable for everyone. If you get a piercing on your shaft, it might rub against your foreskin, causing discomfort. Also, if your foreskin is too tight, the piercing won’t fit underneath the skin, so you won’t be a good candidate for these piercings. Make sure you get a good piercer who knows about uncircumcised penises. Since they’re less common in the United States, some piercers may have never seen one before. This isn’t what you want.

How they feel for you and your partner

All of the different penis piercings do different things for your sexual experience. 

Some dick piercings are mostly ornamental. These include Hafada, as well as piercings on your scrotum or pubic mound. If these excite you, that’s great! Just don’t expect a ton of difference in pleasure from them.

If you’re looking for something that will please you, Apadravya piercings are a great way to go. They increase the sensation in your penis and create massive orgasms.

Another piercing that’s great for your pleasure is a Guiche. Since the perineum is an erogenous zone, particularly in men, it can feel really good if someone plays with a piercing here, either with their tongue or with their teeth. Don’t count it out!

Certain styles are made to enhance pleasure for your partner. Apadravya and Ampallang styles are impactful for your partner, whether you’re having anal or vaginal sex. The barbells are capable of stimulating the G-spot. Plus, these piercings help increase stimulation in the cock, too.

Prince Alberts stimulate the G-spot, but they’re great for the prostate, too. Frenum piercings give the cock a ridged feeling, which is great for your partner. Make sure to do your research so that your piercing will give you the kind of stimulation you want.

Piercing process

Male genital piercings aren’t just something you can walk into a piercing parlor and have done like a nose ring. You’ll need to schedule a consultation with a piercer so they can make sure that your anatomy is compatible with the piercing you’ve chosen. If it’s not, they might be able to suggest other penis piercings that will make you just as happy.

The exact process will depend on the piercing. Generally, the piercer will sterilize the area, tell you to take a deep breath, and then pierce your dick or other genital area.

It’s hard to say how much this is going to hurt. They usually don’t hurt more than any other piercing, so if you’ve had one of those, you can expect roughly the same. In fact, a genital piercing can be easier than a piercing to your cartilage like your nose or your upper ear, because genital tissue is very soft and there’s little resistance.


There are many different vaginal piercings you can get done, but none of them are on or in your vagina. They’re actually vulva piercings, and can include your labia and clit. 


Labia piercings are great, but they’re mostly ornamental. They don’t cause a big difference in stimulation like clitoral piercings do. So if you’re looking for more sexual pleasure, it might be best to go all in.


The vast majority of people don’t actually pierce their clit. They pierce their clitoral hood. Piercing your clit is super dangerous and can make you lose feeling in it altogether. Many piercers won’t even attempt it.

You can pierce your clitoral hood either vertically or horizontally. Vertical piercings are generally done with a barbell or curved barbell, while horizontal ones are done with a ring. This is because the ball of the ring will sit on top of the clitoris where the ball of a vertical would be instead. This means that the jewelry rests on top of the clit, putting it in a great position to stimulate you.

Here are some less common female genital piercings:

Triangle: A horizontal piercing just underneath the shaft of the clit, at the base of the hood.

Princess Diana: Like a Vertial Hood Piercing but located off to the side(s) of the hood.

Fourchette: Same as a guiche piercing in men. Done on the perineum. 

Princess Albertina: Urethra piercing, like the Prince Albert in men.

Here’s another helpful diagram of some of these piercings. If you want to see one that’s not on here, you can find basically anything you want to know online.

How these piercings help you get it on

Female genital piercings are usually worn for the wearer’s pleasure. Your partner might be turned on by how they look or how they feel when they go down on you, but they’re not going to make penetrative sex feel much different.

However, these piercings can make sex feel very different for you. They generally affect how intensely you feel sensations in your clitoris, and create something to rub all up on during penetrative sex. 

Genital piercings can help people who are recovering from rape or trauma orgasm again. Similarly, people who can’t orgasm may have an easier time after they get a clitoral piercing.

If you’re into BDSM, genital piercings can be used to torture a sub by pulling on them or otherwise manipulating them. Just make sure you’re not pulling hard enough to rip them out, because wowza, that would hurt.

Piercing process

Like for a male genital piercing, you’ll need to go to a consultation to make sure that your body is made for the type of piercing you want. Some people don’t have enough tissue around their clitoral hood to hold a piercing, and some people don’t have long enough perieniums to accomodate a fourchette.

The piercing process is just like it would be for piercing a belly button. You’ll likely feel insecure and exposed, but just remember that your piercer probably pierces vaginas all the time and is completely unfazed. Since the needle is going through thin skin, it’ll happen fast. It shouldn’t hurt too bad, since it’s piercing the clitoral hood and not the actual clit.

Healing takes about two months if the piercing is properly maintained.

Play piercing

Let’s talk about needle play for a second. 

One of the ways kinky people experience sexy piercings is during play piercing. When you engage in this type of play, someone is pierced for sexual gratification, not to keep a permanent piece of jewelry in the hole.

This practice produces an endorphin high that can last for hours, and definitely cause orgasm. It can also be a type of power play between dom and sub.

If you’re experienced with needle play, you might be able to try out a piercing during this practice. However, needle play is definitely an expert part of BDSM because of the risk of infection or injury.

Remember that getting a piercing at a parlor is definitely nothing like piercing play. Some people get turned on during the process, but you shouldn’t be inappropriate with your piercer. Pulling unconsenting people into your kink is super skeezy.

Just because you’re excited about an erotic piercing doesn’t mean you’re into piercing play, and vice versa. It’s okay to experiment, though.

The perk of erotic piercing over piercing play is that you get to keep the piercing. Having sex with the jewlery in and feeling the new sensations is a huge part of the fun of getting a sexy piercing.

Piercing safety

Choosing the right piercer

Piercings can be lifelong commitments, like tattoos or babies. Some piercings will close up if you take the jewelry out, but they might not heal fully. Also, some don’t close up and will be open forever. For this reason, you need to choose the right piercer for you to make sure everything is safe and how you want it to be.

Don’t go to the cheapest parlor you can find. Just don’t do it. It might seem like a good deal, but the quality usually shows. Sometimes cheap shops will screw up, making the jewelry crooked or not how you wanted it in some way. There’s even the chance that the shop is not clean and sterile, which could give you an infection.

One way to find a professional piercer is to look at the Association of Professional Piercers database. Members of this association must adhere to an intense code of conduct, and are well-trained at what they do.

If you don’t have any piercers near you who are part of this database, visit the shop and do an evaluation. Is it clean? Does the shop have a business license? Ask to see the shop’s autoclave, which is what sterilizes the jewelry. You should also look at their portfolio to find out if they do genital piercings and have completed the kind you want.

If you can’t find someone in your area who you trust, consider going on a piercing road trip! You’ll have a built in souvioneer, and you’ll get your piercing done at a place that makes you feel safe.

Piercing risks

Piercing is very safe, but you should be aware of some of the risks associated with the practice. If you’re worried about any of them, most can be avoided by keeping your piercing clean and not screwing around with it until it’s healed. You can always talk to your piercer about these risks and how common they are.

The most common risk is infection. This is most likely to happen if you touch your piercing a lot while it’s healing. If you choose cheap jewelry, you might have an allergic reaction to it. Some people can only tolerate pure jewelry like stainless steel.

There are some less likely risks that you should know about. If a piercing goes through the urethra, it’s possible that scar tissue could form and narrow the urethra. This might make peeing a bit of a challenge. 

With a tongue piercing, there’s a possibility that it will chip your teeth. This happens especially if you play around with it and tap it against your teeth a lot. Also, it may cause your gum line to recede if you rub it on them too much.

Lastly, if you have any piercing with a ring, be careful that it doesn’t get snagged on anything. It is possible to rip out your piercing, which can cause major damage and hurt like a bitch.


After you’ve gotten your piercing, it’s your responsibility to keep it clean and let it heal. Your piercer will give you specific aftercare instructions. Listen to those first and foremost. But here’s an idea of what aftercare will look like.



You need to rinse your mouth out with a sea salt solution two to three times a day. Since you’ll be eating, you need to get any bacteria out. It’s also a good idea to brush your teeth after every meal, so you might want to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you when you go to work or out on the town. Don’t worry, it’s all in the name of better sex.

When you’re starting to heal, eat soft foods. Chewing will feel different, and your tongue will be sore. You should also avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, giving oral sex, or kissing with tongue.


For the first few weeks, it might be best to wear a loose-fitting shirt that’s made of cotton so that the piercing can breathe. This might mean going without a bra for a while. Free the nipple piercings!

Clean your piercings twice a day with saline solution. It’s best to soak your nipples in cups of it for seven to 10 minutes to really get the full effect. If you have any scabs, don’t pick at them.


Keep your piercing clean. Care might change for your individual piercing. Generally, you should clean the piercing with saline solution twice a day.

Your piercer might want you to wait to have sex for a while, depending on what you had done. Defer to their judgement.


You won’t want to wash this piercing with soap, since you never need to put soap in your vaginal area. Clean with a sea salt or saline solution twice a day. 

It’s important that you don’t let the piercing come into contact with any bodily fluids for the first few weeks while it heals. This includes both saliva and semen. You can have other sex, but you should use a condom for at least two weeks. Plus, if having sex is pushing on the piercing and it’s hurting, change positions or give it more time to heal.
Intimate body piercings can boost your confidence (like selling used panties), make your pussy or dick look great, and help you get off in the bedroom. Whether you’re into needles or just want a little bling, it’s never too late to try out something new.