Extra Lunch Money Review

The used panty marketplace

If you’ve ever fancied making a little cash on the side with your adult side hustle, then have we got a treat for you! Today we’re going to be reviewing the popular adult site Extra Lunch Money and seeing if you can make a pretty penny on it. The site itself isn’t as big as some of the well-established titans out there. But, they still get thousands of visitors a month which could certainly turn into one of your customers.

So, let's get started!

What Is Extra Lunch Money?

Extra Lunch Money or ELM for convenience's sake, is an adult marketplace founded back in 2011. Since then, the site has grown in popularity with the wave of independent models that arose during the fansite boom. What separates this site from the others is the fact that it is advertised as a marketplace. Many people consider it to be the Fiverr of adult content. Models can post promotions and services that they’re willing to offer in order to be hired by users. Likewise, users have the freedom to create custom jobs and hire the models that apply.

We’ll get onto the various services the platform supports a little bit later. But for now, it’s just important to know that ELM is a great place to sell your digital content without needing to build a brand as other fansites require.

Extra Lunch Money Credits

It’s important to know that payments through the site aren’t done using cash directly. Instead, users and models will carry out all on-site transactions using credits. These credits can be bought in bundles of 10, 15, 50, 100 and 150 with the value being roughly $1 to one credit. ELM incentivises buying larger quantities with bonus credits awarded for bigger packages. Also, those who use crypto payments can buy credits in packages of 200 with a bonus of 16 credits.

A good thing about using credits on the site is that thing’s don’t seem as expensive. Parting with virtual credits is a lot easier than parting with hard-earned cash so it helps users to be a little more liberal with their spending. Also, credits make for smooth use of the website. Once the users have credits in their balance they can browse the site and purchase content as they please. No need to enter card details and checkout for every transaction.

Pricing on the site usually will have photos going for as little as 2-3 credits whilst photoshoots can be 20+ depending on the model and size of the collection. Videos tend to be on the higher end at around 10-15 credits each but there are still some cheap clips that you can pick up for around 5. 

Getting Started With Extra Lunch Money

Getting started on the site is really straightforward and completely free. In order to sign up, you will need to register your email address which can be verified by clicking the authentication link attached to the sign-up email they send you. Once you have an account you’ll need to set up your personal information. This includes:

  • Twitter Handle
  • Phone number for texting services (Not personal phone number)
  • Personal profile and bio

After this, models must complete the authentication step in order to start selling on the site. Authentication works by:

  • Uploading a photo holding a sign to verify your identity
  • Uploading a photo holding a government photo ID to verify your date of birth

As expected, this is an adult site so users have to be 18 or over to use the platform. Verification can take up to 24 hours to complete so in that time you can start getting your content ready. Failing to plan is planning to fail after all!

Services Extra Lunch Money Offer

Now it’s time for the juicy part. This is going to cover all of the ways that you can make money using this platform. The services can be broken up into three different types

  • Download Now
  • On-Demand Services
  • Custom Jobs

Download now is content that has been premade by the model and uploaded so that it can be accessed instantly after purchase. On-demand services are things which have to be ordered like physical goods or camming/sexting services. They are only acquired after liaising with the model. Finally, there are custom jobs which by nature are the slowest as they rely on creating a post, and then picking the best model applicant for the job. 

ELM has an extensive list of services so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Selling Photos & Videos

Similar to sites such as ManyVids, models can upload content to their profile which can be bought and viewed instantly by users. You can choose to upload individual pictures or a collection in a photo shoot, the choice is yours. You’re also your own boss as you get to decide the number of credits each video or image is worth. Of course, it’s best to find a balance between giving them a good deal and taking home a decent paycheck.

Models usually struggle with finding the correct pricing for a video so our advice is to follow a rule of pay per minute. However many minutes the video is, charge 1 credit. For instance, a 10-minute video should go for 10 credits. Of course, if you’re confident that people are willing to pay more for your sexy clips then by all means increase the price.

Promote Camming Accounts

ELM hasn’t quite implemented their own live camming functionalities just yet so as a compromise they allow models on the site to promote their Chaturbate account. Chaturbate is one of the largest camming companies on the internet so it makes sense to grant models this feature. Clicking on any of the models displayed on this page will bring you to their personal Chaturbate account. Seeing as ELM is free to register it just makes it another way to drive traffic towards their camming streams. 

ELM does actually have a section dedicated to live camming where you are taken to another gallery of model profiles. By clicking on their profile you are taken to their MyFreeCams account which is a popular third-party camming site. This is likely intended to serve as compensation for not having their own camming service yet. However, users still win because they get to see their favourite models camming regardless.

They also offer a section where models can advertise their private cam shows. If a model on the site specialises in offering cam shows over Skype or anything of that nature they can advertise it on the “Live Camming” menu. As most payments for these shows are handled externally, models charge their clients in credits on the site as a method of payment. Sometimes it can be tricky to find an adult payment method to carry out these transactions so ELM credits are the perfect way to get paid for your shows.

Alternatively, those who are simply advertising their live camming and like to conduct business elsewhere will likely post an ad for 1 credit. So read the fine print first.

Sexting Features 

Within the sexting section of the site, you will find a plethora of models willing to send naughty texts throughout the day. If you’re a model getting started and don’t want to show too much skin then this is a great way to get paid without getting naked.

Models simply connect their phone number to ELM. From here customers can choose to contact you. Once customers pay to contact you it will create a unique phone number connection between you and the client so no personal numbers are used. You and your customer now anonymously text each other through ELM’s web interface where they will be charged your rates per text.

This is quite a nifty feature as it protects both the user's and the model's personal information. Of course, we always recommend that you use an alternative phone to your personal one as it’s never wise to mix business with your personal life. 

Custom Requests

Custom requests are what make ELM the Fiverr of adult content. The service works as follows: On the custom request page, users can submit a request for any kind of service. So long as it falls within the guidelines of the website. The general rules prohibit any activity involving individuals under 18, extreme violence, scat, messy play, incest and nonconsensual sex. Anything safe and sexy within these parameters is perfectly fine to request.

Users can ask for specific items of clothing that have been treated in a particular way, unique roleplay fantasy videos or anything else that pops into their mind. The customer will create a post describing the service they’re looking for alongside their budget for the production. Models can then apply for the job just like any other freelancing site. From here the client can pick their favourite candidate and proceed with the project. Credits are released upon receiving the service and everyone’s a winner!

Sellers Page

On a freelancer site, good feedback and ratings increase your trust and hence improves your value as a member of the site. Funnily enough the same applies here on Extra Lunch Money! The “Sellers” page is a gallery that features the profiles of the most liked and trusted sellers on the website. Users that visit here are in search of someone who is going to provide a great service, be responsive and live up to their word. Hence why it’s important to make sure all of your interactions with customers end on a positive note.

Being featured at the top of the “Sellers” page boosts the number of people who see your profile and is essentially free advertising, which helps to incentivise models to provide a good service. Users also have the option to filter by different settings like recently joined and recently online so it helps to give newcomers a chance for some exposure. Starting from the ground up can be difficult as you won’t have much content and your account won’t be very trusted so it’s a nice feature to give back.

Sales Page

Fiverr freelancers get the chance to promote their services and so do the models on ELM! The “Sales” page is reserved for any promotional offers models might be running. It could be percentage discounts, buy one get one free or even totally free content to provide sneak peeks of upcoming work. However, this page is also reserved for any additional services that they might be offering such as selling used underwear.

Having promotional offers from time to time is a great way to get some traffic over to your profile. Try doing seasonal discounts for holiday events like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it.

Extra Lunch Money Referral Program

The platform is totally aware of the importance of clout, hence they have a referral scheme. If you’re a model with a large following, being a part of their referral program can earn you a nice little passive income. The scheme works by taking your unique affiliate link and sharing it with other potential models. If they sign up using your link this will be tracked and a small percentage of what they make will be given to you by the company.

Hence it’s quite common to see models who are a part of the site posting their affiliate links in social media bios. Just make sure that it’s not against the social media platform’s terms of service as some do not allow links to adult sites.

Payouts Using Extra Lunch Money

Sellers on Extra Lunch Money keep 60-65% of their earnings on the site depending on their seller status. New and less established sellers will make 60% whereas verified long-term sellers will be making 65%. Your seller status is determined by a point system where you can acquire points for completing successful sales on the website. The more sales you make for increasingly valuable services, the more points you are subject to earn.

Your point score will correlate with a seller status: Seller Plus, Bronze, Silver and finally Gold Seller. This will be displayed on your profile for all to see, improving your trust amongst any potential buyers that stumble across it.

In order to get paid you have to reach a minimum withdrawal limit. This limit varies depending on the method you use to get paid. 40 credits is the standard limit for anyone receiving payment via checks or ACH bank transfers. The limit goes up to 55 credits for models attempting to withdraw using US wire transfers and 105 credits for international wire transfers. 

ELM uses Paxum to pay their models. Provided that there aren’t any penalties given to your account, payouts will occur once a week between Tuesday and Wednesday. The payout will add up the sales made from the weeks before not the current week that you are being paid. Hence you won’t receive any money until you’ve spent a minimum of two weeks on the site.

Final Thoughts

Extra Lunch Money lives up to its name as they are a great service if you’re an aspiring model looking to make some cash on the side. They provide a great user experience for customers with an easy-to-use site and some unique features like custom requests, which would otherwise have to be handled in the DMs. Not to mention their amateur tags tool which allows you to filter content by hundreds of different categories and fetishes.

As for the model side of things, they’re super easy to register with and provide a great level of freedom when it comes to providing a variety of services. The only downside that we’ll say is the site is primarily catered towards straight buyers and sellers which does miss out on quite a large demographic. However, this is likely not due to negligence on their part, but rather optimising their site for their user base. 

One final thing to consider is that they don’t receive overwhelming traffic when compared to popular fan sites. But, sites like OnlyFans are much more competitive and require an existing following to do well. ELM provides better exposure for newcomers.

All in all, Extra Lunch Money is certainly a great free supplement to your modelling career, so why not use it?!