Everything You Need to Know About Selling Feet Pics

The used panty marketplace

Let’s talk about feet. 

What’s the difference between a foot fetish and a foot kink? 
The terms “fetish” and “kink” are often used interchangeably, but they mean totally different things. The main difference between a kink and a fetish is that a kink is more about exploration and variety, whereas a fetish is a sexual necessity. 

“Kink” is a broad term that is used to describe many different “alternative” sexual interests. This can be specifically sexual preferences, desires, or fantasies. A “fetish” on the other hand, is something that is oftentimes psychologically built into our desires. Fetishes can be a really specific requirement (for lack of a better word) that is necessary for an individual’s sexual arousal and enjoyment.

When it comes to feet, most people have a foot kink - they simply enjoy feet, whether it be licking, smelling, touching (you get the idea). This is how they get turned on. Some people, however, have foot fetishes, where the need to incorporate feet into their sex life is essential to them having a good time.

The Psychology of Foot Fetishes…

I have actually previously written an article on foot fetishes - specifically, the science and psychology behind why people find feet attractive. 

The name game…

When it comes to having a sexual affinity for feet, there are many terms that have been thrown around...foot fetish, foot worship, foot kink, foot partialism. Foot fetishism has also been deemed a “podophilia” (which is a condition where the individual’s sexual arousal and satisfaction depend on fantasizing over a specific body part.)

How common are foot kinks? 

When it comes to how many people like thinking about feet (or playing with feet) during sex, renowned author Justin Lehmiller reported in one of his data collections that as many as 1 in 7 people has reported having a foot-related sexual fantasy. The number of people with a true foot fetish is likely to be much smaller - but still, one in seven people thinking about sucking on some toes during sex is still something, right? 

According to Lehmiller, 18% of the people interviewed in that study were heterosexual men and 5% were heterosexual women. Gay and/or bisexual identifying men made up 21% of the numbers and lesbian/bisexual women made up 11%. 

History’s take on why we love feet...

Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, a neurologist, and professor of neuroscience/psychology spent years studying the neural mechanisms that cause human behaviors. The results of one particular study are quite interesting to the idea of foot kinks and fetishes. 

Chronic phantom pain is present in about ⅔ of patients who have had a limb removed. According to Ramachandran, every point in your body has a corresponding point in your brain. When a person loses a limb, the brain essentially works to “rewire” that area of the brain which can often lead to feeling as though you still have a limb when you don’t. This is something that has been replicated in a few different studies. 

I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with foot kinks, aren’t you? Well, the body and mind are linked in so many ways (some ways that we aren’t even fully aware of right now.) And it turns out, a study even further back in time (the 1950s) can explain it even more. 

Wilder Penfield (the person who invented the Penfield Homunculus (also known as the body-image map) may have unintentionally figured out why people have foot fetishes. According to the map, the sensory perception for our feet is located directly adjacent to the sensory area for our genitalia. While simply being located across from each other may not seem like much, in terms of all the different signals that can be fired off in your brain, it’s not a far stretch to see how they could be connected.

How Much Can I Make Selling Feet Pics Online?

While there is no “standard” rate for foot pics, there are quite a few things that factor into how much you could be making selling pictures of your feet online. 

What is the “average rate” for foot pics?

While there isn’t a standard rate, typically, you can charge anywhere from $5 - $100 per image. If you think you have attractive feet and keep them well-maintained, pedicured, etc - the range you could be shooting for is $20-$50 per photo.

Things to keep in mind…

It’s all relative. If you’re selling a picture of your feet with no nail polish and not well-lit, you need to price that lower than say a photo you got taken right after a pedicure in the beautiful natural sunlight. The same goes for videos - if your foot photos are set at a minimum, videos of your feet should be set at a higher minimum. Making your rates realistic is something that’s just good business sense in any venture. 

Custom photos (and things you do with your feet) will always sell for more. 

There are some people who would like to see some pretty specific things done with feet. And if they like your feet, they may be willing to pay quite a bit to see them dressed up the way they’d like or doing something particularly sexy. 

Having your feet dressed in stockings, massaging them with lube or oil, having a specific nail color...these are all things that can be custom requests by people interested in buying your foot photos. If you’re open to these kinds of requests, you could be earning quite a bit extra. 

Where Can I Sell Feet PIcs Online?

When it comes to where to sell your feet pics, there is no shortage of places - trust us! From OnlyFans to Facebook to platforms specifically designed for selling foot photos, here’s an extensive list of platforms you can use to list your feet pics for sale. 

Best: The largest marketplace for buying and selling feet pics
Worst: They take a small cut

Though Fun with Feet is a fairly new platform, they have quickly become one the largest marketplaces to buy and sell feet content. While predominantly focusing on feet pics, they allow creators to sell collections of images, videos, items and so much more.

Fun with Feet make it easy to explore various feet categories. Feet in heels, socks, naked feet, dirty feet, and more. A foot lover's paradise!

As the name suggests, the site has a fun feel to it. It's pretty easy to explore, connect with creators, whilst offering privacy options for those that want it.

Unlike some other platforms, this site takes a commission on sales (15%). But as they solidify their position as market leader in the foot fetish industry, we feel that fee is worth giving up for the extra buyer's you'll likely get.

Best: Wide variety of content and effortless transactions 
Worst: Promotion and Visibility

OnlyFans is a platform that operates similarly to Netflix - subscribers (in this case, “fans”) pay a monthly rate to view your content. Additionally, you can sell other content through DM messages and paywall posts. 

OnlyFans is a great place to sell feet pics due to the easy nature of the platform - if someone wants you to send them a photo in DMs, they simply “tip” you the amount you’re requesting and it’s processed automatically and added to your OnlyFans earnings. 

The downside to this platform in terms of selling custom content is that it can be very hard to gain followers and visibility, with no real way to promote yourself through the platform yourself. You need to rely on third-party social networks like Twitter or Reddit for this. 

If you’re curious about OnlyFans, my “answering every question you’ve ever had about OnlyFans” post is here

Best: Promotion and visibility
Worst: Closing the deal

Twitter is a social networking platform that operates similarly to a “micro-blogging” site - you tweet things, people read them and interact with them. You can follow relevant people (for instance, people who also sell foot pics) and retweet each other to promote. 

Due to the nature of Twitter (and the fact that it’s one of the only platforms left standing that has lax rules on NSFW content), promoting your NSFW content (feet pics included) on this platform can be really easy and fun. 

However, one major downside is closing the deal...you aren’t super likely to come across buyers who want to make a transaction right then and there. Instead, you can use this platform as a way to draw people to the place where you will close the deal (for example, if you sell used panties, you would post intimate photos of yourself/the panties with a link to your Sofia Gray store.)

Best: Wide reach
Getting lost in the bunch

Reddit is a very large network of communities that are created based on people’s interests. This can be anything from cooking to modeling, and yes, selling feet pics. (PS, you can also sell your used panties there!) 

Reddit has “communities” based on common interests (for instance, “Buying Feet Pics”), and you can promote your feet pics for sale to people who are looking for exactly that. Because of the “group” nature of Reddit, it can be very easy to find people with foot kinks. 

However, due to the sheer volume of some of these communities, it can be really easy to get “lost in the bunch” if you don’t have something that makes you stand out. 

Best: Promotion and visibility
Worst: Closing the deal and posting sexual content

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect and “friend” anyone around the world who also uses the platform. It’s the world’s largest social network with more than one billion users worldwide. While you probably don’t want to be promoting selling feet pics to your friends and family, Facebook has a feature called “groups” and this works really similarly to Reddit’s “communities” - you find people who have similar interests and join their group. 

Facebook is great for finding those communities, but Facebook (and Instagram, which we discuss below) have very strict NSFW content policies - so be careful what you post. Additionally, because there is no real “easy way to pay” aside from sending someone your cash app information, this platform is best used like Twitter - promote your feet pics and link to where people can go to buy them. 

Best: Visibility and engagement 
Worst: Closing the deal and posting sexual content

Instagram is a social media network that is build on sharing photos and videos. Really, at it’s core, Instagram is about sharing beautiful photos and videos with your followers. This is why one of the biggest benefits of being on Instagram is visibility. Not only can you edit your photos to have some really nice-looking filters right in the app, but when you post, you can opt to link your Instagram account to various other sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) and post there simultaneously. 

The downside to Instagram? Similar to it’s parent-company, Facebook, Instagram has very strict NSFW rules and using certain NSFW hashtags or posting sexual content can lead to you being banned or suspended. Additionally, closing the deal selling intimate photos of any kind on Instagram isn’t always easy - it’s best to use this as a way to promote wherever your followers are able to actually purchase your photos. 

Best: Selling independently and one-and-done shares
Worst: Visibility and promotion

Snapchat is a messaging app that lets users exchange content (photos and videos) that are designed to disappear after they have been viewed. While Snapchat was never created for NSFW reasons, you can immediately see why this is appealing to NSFW content creators. 

One of the best things about Snapchat is exactly that, your ability to send things freely and discretely to people anonymously. With Snapchat, you don’t share any other personal information, no one sees your number, your email address, etc. If you’re interested in selling other things alongside your foot pics (perhaps things that you don’t want someone to keep forever but don’t mind them seeing at the moment), Snapchat could be a way to do that. Snapchat alerts you if a screenshot of your chat (or photos) is taken. 

One of the downsides to Snapchat is that there is no real way to close the deal and you can’t really promote yourself there. You can send links through the chat which people can then click on - so again, like with Facebook and Instagram, it’s best to use Snapchat as a way to promote another platform that you can actually sell on. 

Best: A whole marketplace of serious buyers
Worst: FeetFinder takes a cut, less control over your transactions

Now we’re getting into the real deal when it comes to selling feet pics...websites that were created for exactly that. FeetFinder is likely the most popular online marketplaces for selling foot pics. 

FeetFinder is a great way to sell foot pics to people who are actually interested in buying them. They verify the identity of their users, so you know that people who get in touch with you about buying your content are serious about doing so. FeetFinder also safeguards your money - the platform is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security council standards - so all payments made between buyers and sellers are secure. 

As with most marketplaces, FeetFinder takes a small percentage of what you make. This isn’t a big deal, you can simply factor that into what you price your photos at. You, as a seller, can keep 80% of all sales. Payouts are also controlled, but they happen every Friday and you need a minimum of $30 in your account to make a withdrawal. 

Best: A whole marketplace of serious buyers
Worst: Need to be a “model” on their site, quite a few restrictions

DollarFeet is another marketplace for buying and selling feet pics. On this platform, you register as a “model” - the application process is pretty simple and you can start selling right away. DollarFeet is different in the way that they operate: they buy the feet pics from you and sell them to buyers directly - you don’t need to interact with the buyer. Some people enjoy this, others want more control over their venture. 

The typical rate on DollarFeet is $5 - $10 for feet pics and videos. If you choose to upload videos, the videos need to be a minimum of 5 minutes long. The downside to this platform is that there are stipulations (like the pricing model) that you need to follow and there isn’t really room to grow in terms of charging more for better quality and custom content. 

If you’re interested in selling feet pics online, check out some of these other places you can do that! 

Pros & Cons of Selling Feet Pics Online…

Are you still debating whether selling feet pics online is for you? There are quite a few pros and cons to this sexy side hustle - so let’s compare...

PRO: It’s way easier than you think 

Taking the pics and uploading them, arranging prices with sellers, and sending them...it’s all so much easier than you’re thinking it is. Any new venture is daunting when you don’t know the process - but once you start selling, you will be surprised at how effortless it can become. 

CON: The content is out there forever. 

This needs to be said for any NSFW content: once you send it, it’s gone. It’s out there. Be comfortable and confident with what you send to buyers or what you post online because the reality of the internet is that once you hit “send”, it’s out there and could potentially be a screenshot taken, and/or it could be passed around without your knowledge. 

PRO: A sexy side hustle.

Some women sell pottery and create cute Etsy items, some sell nudes and feet pics. A side hustle is great, and a sexy side hustle can make you feel confident and badass. 

CON: Inconsistent earnings.

Please don’t rely on your sexy side hustle as a “reliable” source of income, because the reality is: it’s not. Selling anything online can be fleeting, as I mentioned before, and selling feet pics highly depends on the market and if you’re able to connect with customers who are looking to buy. 

PRO: An excuse to get pedicures and indulge in self-care.

Oh yeah - this is the ultimate reason to book that mani-pedi at your local spa. It can be really hard to find the time, energy, and money to indulge in yourself and your well-being. Having an extra reason to pamper yourself is never a bad thing.

CON: May incur some expenses. 

On the other side of the above-stated point...selling feet pics may cost you. Really, it will cost you very little compared to how many feet photos you can sell - but from keeping your feet pretty to indulging in spa treatments or nail polish - there are some costs that can be tacked onto this. 

Tips & Tricks for Taking The Best Feet Pics…

Take care of your feet. 

This one is really a no-brainer - take care of your feet if you want to sell intimate photos of them. Use creams and oils to ensure your feet stay hydrated and picture-perfect. Get pedicures and care for the soles of your feet. Some people even wax the tops of their feet to be super smooth. 

Pedicures are worth the investment. 

While you may not need pedicures constantly, everyone likes nails that are presentable and pretty. Opting for bi-weekly or monthly pedicures can be a great way to not only care for your feet but also ensure they are looking their best at all times. 

Invest in some good photography gear and/or lighting equipment. 

Sure, taking photos with your phone in a dimly lit room works...but if you want to make primo cash for your feet pics, you’re going to need to up your game. Natural lighting is always best - taking sensual foot pics in the sand at the beach is going to look a lot better than in your dimly lit bedroom. Choose your locations and your backgrounds wisely, and opt for quality over quantity. 

Give the people what they want. 

If you notice photos of yourself lounging by the pool with your toes in the water are selling faster than photos of your feet in bed - go for that. If you have some sexy stockings you’d like to try and notice people are loving it, stick with it! Give the people what they want in terms of what kind of content you create. 

Offer something new and exciting. 

There are so many people selling feet pics online. Too many to count - and if you’re one of the bunch, you’re going to want to do something to help you stand out. Offering videos when everyone else is focusing on photos, taking photos in unique and new places, and adjusting your camera angles and positions can help you get a leg up over the competition. 

Be consistent and stick with it. 

As with any kind of content creation, the world of online buying and selling can be quite fleeting. If you feel as though your sales have dropped off, don’t get discouraged. So much of the time, there is an ebb and flow to these things - some weeks will be quiet and others you will make more than you intended. Be consistent in your content creation and promotion and stick with it for the best outcomes.