Everything You Need to Know About Buying Sex Furniture

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I don’t know about you, but one of the worst things I can think of when it comes to living room sexcapades is sticky leather sofas and trying to MacGyver your way into a somewhat comfortable position while still trying to maintain some kind of sex appeal. 

The struggle is real...but it doesn’t have to be. 

When shopping for furniture for your new home, there are a lot of things that you want to keep in mind...style, comfort, durability... adding “was designed to enhance your sex life” to your check-list might seem like a bit of a stretch - but hear me out. 

When we were decorating our home, we lucked out with this really lovely couch that is stylish, comfortable and super-wide, which makes it comfortable for practically any sex position we’d want to try. 

Still...it wasn’t built for sex. Don’t you wonder what it would be like to decorate your home with furniture that was specifically designed with your next orgasm in mind? 

Whether you are looking to decorate an entire living-space (or playroom) with climax-friendly furniture or you’re a bit more limited with your options and are just looking for that one discreet piece of erotic furniture to slip into your living room to spice things up a bit - everything you need to know is in this post.

What is Sex Furniture? 

When you think of “fuck benches” and sex gliders, you’re likely picturing a dungeon-esque adult playroom that sends those tingles of anticipation to your naughty bits. While some sex furniture was made for playrooms, many pieces of furniture designed for sex was also designed with discretion and multi-functionality in mind. 

What is sex furniture? Sex furniture is basically any kind of furniture that is designed to aid in a sexual experience, in some way. This can be anything from a sex swing to a couch with curves that will hug your curves in all the right ways, making it more comfortable and easier to achieve orgasm. 

When it comes to erotic furniture, I have to admit: I was a bit spooked. 

Firstly, it feels a bit bold to buy something to put in the middle of your living room that was so clearly made for sex. When you think of sex couches or benches, you imagine something in your mind that could not possibly be just an ordinary couch. Like many others, I assumed that’s what sex furniture was - furniture that was so very obviously made with the intention of being used for sex. 

Even if we ended up buying something a bit more discreet, wouldn’t it be noticed that this was a piece of sex furniture we were asking our guests to sit on? 

Once I started my research, I was pleasantly surprised - to say the least. I realized sex furniture can be basically anything you want it to be. Whatever the price point, sex position or part of your home you’re thinking of - you can find a really nice piece of erotic furniture to fit your desires.

How? The internet.

The internet thrives on porn and anything related to porn, which apparently includes sex furniture. The possibilities are practically endless, with a lot of furniture companies allowing you to have input in not only the material and colors used but the basic design of the furniture, too! 

What a time to be alive. 

You can have a statement piece or you can buy something that’s collapsible/foldable, hidden and discrete. Whether you’re in a tiny studio apartment or a big mansion-esque house with its very own 50 Shades of Grey style playroom - there are tons of options that can suit your situation. 

Sex Chairs & Sofas 

Sex chairs and sofas can come in so many different shapes and sizes - but in the end, they all have one thing in common: they are designed to make sex easier (and feel better) for both you and your partner. 

While there are way too many sex chairs and sofas to go through - in my research I kept seeing the same names over and over again. These chairs and sofas bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “love seat” - and here’s why. 

The Tantra Chair ($1,299 USD)

If subtlety is what you’re going for, anything that looks like the Tantra Chair is going to be what you’re looking for. To your house guests, this may just look like a super modern, stylish lounge chair - but to anyone with an erotic imagination, it’s a playground built for sexual bliss. 

With a few creative aspects left to your choosing, you can design your own Tantra chair on their website. Every dimension of the Tantra chair design is made to maximize your sexual experience.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper but that still has this same kind of design - there are a few different chairs that have modeled their look after the Tantra. You can find this same feel with both the Esse Liberator (which is a bit cheaper, at around $900 USD) and the Divan Tantra Buddha chair (with a price of around $700 USD).

While the Tantra itself certainly isn’t a cheap chair, furniture is expensive in general, and paying a bit more for furniture that will give your sex life a boost seems fine to me! 

Based on the reviews - the Tantra chair is worth every penny.

“The Tantra Chair is the most amazing thing that ever happened to my sex life, ever.” - says this avid Tantra Chair user named Chris. 

“When we received it, we were blown away with the beauty of the design, it looked amazing in our room and still does!” - says Sarah and her husband, on this Quora forum. 

The Adela Chair ($3400 USD)

Mexican artist Andres Amaya is being thanked by very satisfied lovers all around the world for his unique design of a chair called the Adela, which quite literally lets you rock your way to heaven. 

This chair is anything but subtle (just looking at it, you will immediately know exactly what it’s made for) - but with specifically designed footrests and handlebars that make the chair perfect for riding (or being ridden by) your partner, it’s worth it.

Coined as “a chair for love”, the Adela belongs to a collection of erotic furniture that proposes a home away from taboos, composed of elements that reflect the essence of being human. 

That sounds like a purpose I can get on board with! 

Queening Chairs ($100 - $500 USD)

Are you looking for something a little more discreet? Maybe something to level up your oral sex game in all the best ways? Honey, you need a queening chair. 

“Queening” is the act of a woman sitting on someone’s face to receive oral sex...you know, like the damn queen she is. Most of the time this is a dom/sub thing, but it could just be a regular Tuesday night where you want to ride your hubby’s mustache like a proper lady. 

However, the thought of sitting on someone’s face has always seemed a bit daunting to me because, well, I have an ass that won’t quit and I’d hate to accidentally suffocate my own husband by riding his face too hard. 

Enter the queening chair. 

Queening chairs or stools can be pretty customizable. There are chairs that have smother boxes, for the more dominant queen...and then there are chairs that are more basic and discrete, for the “I just want amazing oral sex on my birthday” queen. 

Whatever kind of queen you are, you won’t be disappointed when the time comes for you to take your rightful place on this throne. 

Sex Pillows, Wedges, and Blankets

While you can use your normal pillow to prop up your hips and get to just the right spot, there are actually pillows and wedges that are designed for this specific purpose! “Love cushions” (or pillows/wedges) are designed with angles that keep deep penetration (and amazing oral sex) in mind.

How do I choose a good sex pillow or wedge?

When you’re looking for a pillow or wedge, there are three main things you want to keep in mind: size/shape, durability, and weight. 

What you want in these things will vary depending on what kind of wedge you’re looking to buy. For example, a full-size ramp will obviously be quite heavy - but a simple wedge you can slide under your bed when you’re not using will be much lighter. 

A good pillow will be hand-stitched and have a strong thread, meaning it’s less likely to break. Although pillows are meant to be light, pillows designed for sex are usually a bit heavier because they are built to be durable (because rough sex is a thing a lot of us like to enjoy). 

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo ($250 USD)

Liberator is one of the more popular brands out there when you’re looking into sex furniture, and pillows/wedges seem to be something of a specialty for them. 

While you may think a wedge is a wedge, Liberator is known for having quality products that range in anything from a cute little heart-shaped pillow that could pass for a decorative cushion to full-sized body ramps that are not at all discrete, but totally worth it to own. 

Liberator’s highest-reviewed product is this wedge/ramp combo, which has been coined “the best invention for sex since the bed.” 

Toy-Mount Sex Pillow ($145 USD)

When it comes to masturbation, one of the most common problems (for me, at least) is that I have to actually hold my vibrator, meaning my hands aren’t free to do other things. 

Well, sex pillows have changed that - because many of them are designed with slots that you can stick your vibrator into! Like this one (also from Liberator), that offers you hands-free pleasure to let you get the most out of your solo playtime

What are sex blankets?

Things sometimes get a little messy...and who wants to be rushing to throw a load of laundry in after you’ve just had the best orgasm of your life

Sex blankets are designed for wet, slippery, messy fun while protecting your furniture or your bed. The most popular blankets would be something like this vinyl sex sheet or this fluffy throw, both designed to let you get down and dirty without worrying about the mess afterward. 

Sex Swings, Gliders, and Benches

You may be thinking sex swings are a little out of your comfort zone, but to be honest, sex swings don’t have to be as intense as you’re thinking. In fact, there are lots of sex swings that are easy to use and easy to put away. 

Also, there are about a billion ways to use sex swings - so you will never get bored with this purchase. 

For the Bendy...Yoga Swing ($60 USD)

Bendy babes and youthful yoginis gather - for this yoga swing can help you find insight, wisdom, peace of mind and jaw-dropping orgasms. 

Did you know yoga swings can double as sex swings? 

Well, you’re welcome! 

For the Beginners...Sportsheets Sex Swing ($70 USD)

If you’re just looking for a way to test out a sex swing without making a big investment (and also think you may need some guidance on using your sex swing for the first time), Sportsheets has you covered. 

Many of their products (this one included) come with instructional DVDs so you won’t have any trouble figuring out easy positions that feel amazing. 

For the Adventurous...Trinity Classic Sex Swing ($80 USD)

If you’re looking for 360 degrees of fun, this spinning sex swing is what you need. It has a strong build that is sure to hold you and your partner, a support bar at the top for leverage and you can even buy a swing stand for it. 

What’s a sex glider?

Sex gliders (also known as monkey rockers) are self-powered machines that you control by rocking back and forth on. You can arm the glider with a dildo, allowing every rock to be a thrust in the right direction - or you can find one that is made for use with a partner to help put a little zing into their groove. 

Lovebots Love Glider ($400+ USD)

This love glider is one of the most comfortable and stimulating rides you’ll ever take. Padded thigh rests give you an amazing position over the dildo of your choice, and you can use your own body movements to control speed and depth. 

Although gliders are fairly expensive, who can put a price on this kind of orgasm!? 

What are sex benches and why do I need one?

Fuck benches are very much a thing, and with one of LA’s hottest lesbian couples using them - don’t you want to see what all the fuss is about? 

Benches are for more than just penetration - take your foreplay to the next level by using the bench to get yourself into new and interesting positions that allow you to do all kinds of nasty things with your lover. 

The Bondage Bench ($400+ USD)

One picture made this bench famous. 

With a sturdy steel frame, straps for bondage play, and a super comfy headrest - this bench was made for prolonged-foreplay followed by erotically sensual (and yet completely raunchy) love sessions with your partner. 

Adjustable Fuck Bench ($600 USD)

Marketed as “more than just a fuck bench”, the Jim Support Adjustable Bench is designed for practically anything - lovemaking, spanking, bondage, rimming and more. 

Soft padding, high-density foam on a thick plywood base - this beauty is even upholstered in thick, black, waterproof vinyl. This thing was built for a lifetime of orgasms. 

Fuck Bench with Shackles ($570 USD)

Looking for something less vanilla? Well, there are benches that come equipped with shackles or restraints to bring that intense bondage fantasy to life. 

This bench, in particular, is extremely sturdy (made from steel) with adjustable knee and elbow pads. Think high-quality workout bench turned erotic furniture. 

Cages & Sex Beds

While having a BDSM cage in the middle of your dining room isn’t exactly what you want to be the focal point of your Christmas dinner this year, there are still tons of ways you can incorporate a cage into your house. 

While it may need to be set up in the bedroom or a playroom, having a cage in your house adds a whole new level of suspense to your partner play. 

A sub might lock themselves in the cage before their partner gets home from work, dripping wet with anticipation of the fucking they are about to get when their partner comes through the door. 

Coffee Table Cage ($1900 USD)

While discretion isn’t super possible when we’re talking about a literal cage, it’s not completely off the table, either. Okay - bad pun, but I couldn’t help it...let’s talk about this awesome coffee table cage

Use a coffee table style cage to restrain your naughty lover while you sit and watch tv, sipping your coffee, making them wait for it. And wait for it....and wait for it some more. 

Want to make it a bit more discrete? 

Use the cage to hold throw pillows and blankets when you’re not using it, so unassuming guests won’t know that your bratty little sub is going to be locked up in there later tonight. 

Stand Up Cage ($800+ USD)

This jail-cell style cage is the ultimate playroom accessory. 

With locks in three different places, your sex slave isn’t going anywhere without your permission. Want to add a little tease to the game? Well, the three doors open separately, meaning you can toy with your partner by opening one door while keeping the others closed...so close to freedom, and yet - not at all. 

Cages like this are typically constructed with top-quality steel and are definitely more for adult playrooms and dungeons rather than living rooms. 

BDSM Kennel ($800+ USD)

Want to treat your partner like the dog they really are? Why not lock them in a kennel? Just because your pet is in a time-out, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and a nice view. 

BDSM kennels can be used for kennel play, degradation play, pet play and so much more. 

The Depot Dungeon Bed ($3000+ USD)

Isn’t any bed a sex bed? 

Well, there are beds that you have sex, and then there are beds that are made for sex. 

The difference is astounding. 

Take the Depot Bed, for example. This bed has a super bold look, and with the right tweaking, this bed can be used in any kind of slave roleplay or dungeon scene you and your filthy friends are into. 

The Dore Alley Bed ($3000+ USD) 

This bed is stylish and elegant - you wouldn’t really think much of it in a bedroom unless you knew what it was for. Unlike the Depot Dungeon bed, this bed isn’t a dead giveaway that it’s used to enhance your sex life. 

If you stumbled across this bed while taking a house tour at a party, you may just think “hmm, that’s an interesting bed - I’ve never seen anything like it before” - meanwhile, your hostess is counting down the seconds until you leave so she can be chained to it and pleasured mercilessly by her lover. 

DIY Sex Furniture 

If you’re a DIY junkie - consider this your greatest challenge. 

There are tons of ways you can DIY yourself some great looking, sturdy, functional sex furniture. You could be like this guy, who builds furniture specifically to suit his spanking and flogging fetishes. What a visionary! 

Building homemade sex furniture is a great idea for many reasons. There are also a ton of instructional videos and articles out there on things like building your own sex swing, turning your coffee table into a spanking bench or building your own sex chair

Why DIY sex furniture? 

Well, for one, furniture is expensive! And furniture designed to give you great orgasms is understandably even more expensive. If you’re not at a point where you can splurge on sex benches and dungeon accessories - DIY sex furniture might just be a happy medium for you.

It’s totally customizable. 

While many sex furniture shops will let you have a hand in the design process, nothing you get at a sex shop or online will be one hundred percent exactly what you want, because it’s mass-produced. Even things that are custom built when you order - chances are there are some things you’d like to add to it (or remove from it) that you just can’t do.

With DIY sex furniture, you’re totally in control. Do you have a specific kink or fetish in mind? Why not build a chair that is meant specifically for that?

It’s fun! 

It’s a hobby - like photography or fishing...except this hobby will help you have better orgasms. Which, let’s face it, is a pretty great reason to pick up a hobby like welding or wood-carving. 

You can make one-of-a-kind stuff. 

With DIY sex furniture, you have the opportunity to line your home with completely original, unique and beautiful furniture that is designed with your orgasms, your home and your body in mind. 

You could start a business! 

If I’ve learned anything from all of this sex furniture research, it’s that SO MANY PEOPLE want to buy these things. Who knows - maybe you could start your own fetish furniture business!