Earn those red wings by having sex on your period

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It’s 2020, baby. Self-driving cars are hitting the roads. People carry computers in their pockets that connect them to anyone else in the world. You can have sushi delivered to your front door at basically any time of day. 

So why is it that some of us are still so turned off by something as commonplace and part of being a human animal as a little period blood? It’s a brand new decade, and if you ask me, we should call it quits on pretending it’s not there or being embarrassed to have it. Just like they’ve always been, periods are here to stay.

So instead of being children over something that happens to about half the population for at least a chunk of their lives, let’s grow up, accept it for what it is...and stop denying ourselves some damn fine sex in the process.

That’s right. Being on your period is a prime time to get your freak on – and in case you didn’t know, you should be having all the period sex. Why trust me on this one? Because I’ve been there. Like, lots. I once spent just under two years (straight) on my period. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. No, I didn’t let it stop me from having a satisfying sex life. 

I was young, and besides that almost never-ending period, I was feeling myself. I wasn’t about to let a little something like blood get in the way of my fledgling sex life, so I did the thing, acted like a (young) adult, and had some conversations with my partner about us getting sexy during my period. And although that significant other was pretty much the worst in every other regard, I gotta give them credit where it’s due – they were super cool about earning their red wings. That’s because they weren’t about to not have orgasms because they were afraid of a little blood. And neither was I.

So as someone who’s arguably had way more period sex than the Average Joe (think three times a week every week for almost two years, plus all the other period sex I had after), I feel pretty dang comfortable being an authority on all the reasons period sex is rad.

Being grossed out by period blood is so last century. Get with the groove and start thinking about how you can get frisky all month long.

What’s the benefit to period sex?

I’m not just advocating for you all to have more period sex just because it’s an option you have. Although that’s a good enough reason for me, the truth is that your body is a small miracle at all times. It knows what it’s doing. Even as someone who turns her nose up at “womb power”, TERF-y garbage, I know that anything our bodies do is something to marvel at – breathing, stretching, thinking, and even at its worst, having a hormonal cycle. 

Because a period is just a part of that sweet body of yours, period sex can help you have some kind of ownership over what’s happening in your body. There are four big reasons you should be having fun while you’re flowing: 

It’s a way to appreciate your body

The first time I heard someone talk positively and proudly about period sex was just weeks before my first bizarrely long period (it “only” lasted for a month). I was sixteen and at something campers and counselors alike lovingly called “hippie camp” for teens, watching this panel of tatted, paisley-wearing adults talk about their periods and answer our nosiest sex questions honestly. 

This one woman in particular talked about how having sex on your period was a powerful way to honor your body. I was young, obviously, but I’d  never thought of it that way before. But when I started having issues a few weeks later, it helped me to know that a grown-ass woman said it was cool to be active during it.

So, I tried it. And she was right. That same sentiment goes for all of us. No matter our gender, we’re all taught that periods are something we should be embarrassed by, something to sweep under the rug. Hygiene products are advertised as “discreet,” and don’t get me started on that whole idea of using blue liquid in the commercials. 

To be constantly told that your body is nasty for a totally normal thing that happens each month (or hey, each day if you’re anything like I was!) has some serious negative impact on your ability to love yourself.

But the truth is that there’s nothing wrong with your bod – no matter who you are. Anyone having a period deserves to love themselves as much as possible. And for some of us, that means getting extra sexy and having some fun in the sack.

If that sounds like your way to make the most of your flow, experiment with how your sexuality evolves during your period – and no matter what you find out, honor that feeling. If there’s a rush of desire (or even just curiosity!), see where it goes. Get into some steamy make-out sessions. Whip out that vibrator to explore just how far your lusty ‘tude can carry you. Getting frisky while you’re on your period is a powerful way to reclaim the space your body takes up and to feel sexy no matter what anyone says.

That being said, if honoring your body means hiding under a pile of covers, binge-watching Jane the Virgin and eating your weight in popcorn, then by all means, don’t have sex on your period. The important thing is to focus on what works for you and makes you happy without thinking about what you’re “supposed to” want to do.

Sex helps with cramps

I know. When you’ve got major cramps, is there anything that sounds fun? Sometimes you just want to nap until it's all over. But did you know that penetration of any kind can help chill those nasty cramps out? When you’re getting railed (or even just fingered), that pressure can help relax those tense muscles that are clenching in your body and causing those cramps in the first place. 

Some people are intense and opt for crunches or cardio on their period to help ease their pain, but personally, I think sex sounds about a million times more fun. As your partner, your toy, or your partner’s toy is going to town inside you, remember that you’re doing your body a solid and helping make your period that much more enjoyable.

But if you have a condition like endometriosis that can make penetration hurt (especially during more sensitive times of the month), you should still be having sex during your period. Non-penetrative acts can be just as beneficial. That’s because an orgasm contracts your uterus, helping you work through those same cramps and ease the pain. 

So give your clit some love, ask a lover for a sensual massage, or receive oral if you want to feel great while your body’s busy doing its thing. If your partner is as cool as you deserve, they’ll soon be giving you ripples of relieving pleasure, which brings me to my next point...

Orgasms are just good for you!

It turns out our favorite little death does more for us than just turning us to jelly from crown to toe. When you cum, you’re doing your body a big favor each and every time. It’s not just uterine contractions that can relieve cramps. By releasing a rush of endorphins, your orgasms work way better to alleviate your pain than Midol ever did.  Plus, I think we’d all agree that cumming sounds more fun than popping a pain reliever.

Orgasms’ benefits don’t end there. On top of helping us with our pain, they do a lot of other nice things during our period – like help clear up our skin. I don’t know about you, but whenever I had my period, I would have some major pimples along with it. That’s because our hormones are all in flux. Thankfully, orgasms are shown to be good for your skin. They increase your blood flow, raise your estrogen levels (which helps with collagen production), and reduce stress. All those perks work together to give you that extra special post-gasm glow that can help curb any pimples that might have blossomed during your period.

With all those perks, its no surprise if you notice your mood improving, too. If your period regularly has you feeling kind of bummed out, orgasms are to the rescue again! Thanks to those same pain-fighting endorphins, they boost your mood and give you a shot of vitality in an otherwise low energy time. 

In addition to benefiting your skin, an orgasm is a great way to boost your immune system – for real. When you cum regularly, you may enjoy up to 30% higher immunoglobulin levels, kicking germs to the curb so you can spend more time having fun. 

Best of all, your period is nature’s lube!

If you aren’t sold yet, there’s one final perk to having sex on your period: instead of being grossed out by a totally natural process, think of it like an additional lubricant. Spit dries out after awhile, and is actually not a very effective choice (so there), and lube can have some nasty chemicals. Thankfully, your body is to the rescue, producing a natural lube that’s perfectly compatible with all your toys, lovers, and condoms.

And I’m sure you know this, but period isn’t just a rush of straight up blood. It’s actually a blend of things (including blood) that gives it a unique texture and makes it the prime candidate for lubing up when you’re rip roaring and ready to go to town.

Get down in new and exciting ways!

If you’ve never gotten frisky during you or a partner’s flow, you may imagine that sex looks something like a crime scene afterward. While a super heavy flow can make a little bit of a mess, the reality is that most of the time, sex on that crimson wave is totally stress-free. Since you already know now that your period actually makes for some pretty stellar lube – thanks, bod! - it comes as no surprise that period sex just isn’t as messy as we make it out to be.

If you’re nervous about ruining your sheets or couch, lay a towel down before you get going. It’s up to you to make it fun and not clinical or sterile. If you’re anything like I used to be and struggle with a long-ass cycle, it may be worth your while to have a dedicated sex blanket that’s there for all kinds of messes like blood, but also for wax, coconut oil, or any other fluid that may come up. 

You don’t have to be fancy about it. Anything a dark color or that you don’t mind staining will do. But if you like things high brow, you can always invest in a dedicated sex blanket like the ones from Liberator

Most of the time though, if you’re having a light day, you’ll be surprised by how totally fine you are without any blanket at all. Which is good because, hey, hopefully your sex doesn’t take place in the same spot every time. You may be spicing it up in other rooms.

That’s where the shower comes in handy. When you’re worried about getting messy, the spot where you go to scrub yourself clean is an ideal space to have sex. Thanks to your body’s natural lubrication, too, you don’t need to worry about the water drying you out too much down there, and any mess you make can just be tidied right up in the nice warm shower water after. 

This ideal spot is perfect for those of you getting inducted into the world of period sex. If you’re not sure period sex is for you, trying it out in the shower offers you a sexy, and (literally) steamy place to get it on without worrying about cleanup afterward.

These are just two suggestions for period sex, but you can really get it on wherever you want. Just keep an open mind, communicate with your partner, and be flexible about how things unfold. 

Get creative with your sex

As with any totally new sex practice, if you’re not sure this is what you want in the long run, the best way to find out is with some intentional solo play. Explore your body and see what kind of pleasure works for you during your period. Our bodies change pretty significantly during this time, so what feels good for you then may be different from what feels good for you right now. 

With so many hormones flooding your body, you will probably be way more sensitive than if you were having sex during a different time of the month. Because of that, you need to be open to shifting your sex routine.

There’s no perfect fit for everyone, but there are some things that tend to work well for more people. Since penetration can help alleviate your cramps, consider integrating penetration into your period sex routine. Even fingering can help you loosen up and relax those tense parts of your body, so you can stop hurting and start riding those waves of pleasure. Experiment by yourself first, and be sure to listen to your body’s needs so you can best explore what feels good. 

For some, the nipples are way more sensitive on our periods too. That means nipple play is something you can play with more. Maybe you’ll even have your first nipple orgasm. Still, some people’s nipples are so sensitive during their periods that any touching can be a total buzzkill. But you’ll never know how your body swings unless you give it a try.

You can also enjoy penetrative vaginal sex as much as you want with you and your partner (or just your favorite toy). As I said earlier, think of your period as nature’s lube, meaning you’re nice and primed on a dime. 

If you decide to play that way, consider standing, kneeling, or doggie style. That way, no blood will get on your sheets, bear skin rug, or whatever else you’re usually having sex on top of.  By getting creative with your penetrative positions, you and your partner can cut down on clean up time. Go ahead and devour each other...without having to plan ahead for tidiness’ sake too much.

The elephant in this sexy room

There’s something we need to address before you start having period sex. If you’re in a straight (or straight-assumed) relationship, it sometimes seems like sex only happens one way: penetration. If you fall into that camp, consider your period a great opportunity for you to broaden your definition of what it means to get sexual.

Instead of assuming penetration is your only ticket to sex city, some other experiences can be just as (if not way more) pleasurable. One way to do that is through oral. Don’t shy away from it just because of a little period blood. Your partner probably won’t really notice the blood (and if they do, it’s no big deal). If they’re feeling tentative, they can always lick your clit and bring you to orgasm all day long. By focusing on your clit alone – or even a good old rim job – you can keep your menstrual cup, sponge, or tampon in so there’s no mess, and you’re both finishing satisfied.  

If it’s your thing, anal is also a great option to explore and play with during this time. The heart of it is this: a period is a prime time to play with different things – toys, your partner, a finger – to uncover what kinds of sensations work for you, and what turns you on the most. 

This is your chance to try new toys or explore some kinky twist in the bedroom you’ve considered trying on. Whatever it is, by expanding your definition of sex (and catching up with the rest of us in the LGBTQ+ community who’ve been doing that since the dawn of gay time), you’ll be opening up your understanding of pleasure and deepening your relationship to both yourself and your partner at the same time.

My final advice to the straight folks in the room: a period is 100% NOT a time for you to only give oral and wait until your period is over for you to get yours. Your body is always lovable and always sexy, and you deserve to receive pleasure no matter the time of the month.

Have fun, but be safe!

Just because you’re on your period, you aren’t in the clear for avoiding getting pregnant. It’s still a possibility, so using birth control or other protection is a must. Also, keep in mind that you can still  catch and spread STIs at any time of the month. A period isn’t some magic limbo that means you can have sex without any hangups. If anything, receiving oral on your period can put your partner at risk for catching your STIs/STDs, since there’s extra fluid involved. 

To be safe, always wear protection with nonmonogamous partners, get tested regularly, and have the STD talk with every new lover in your life. 

Period play is fun…

So fun, in fact, that some used panty buyers request period stains for an added flair to their purchase. If that doesn’t banish the idea that nobody finds you sexy on your period, I don’t know what will. 

Now that you know all the myriad ways to cherish your bod during your period, remember it’s important that you do you. Find what works for you. Whether you try sex just to help ease up your cramps or your period has you feeling like some lightly bruised fruit just begging to be eaten, you can have a great time getting your groove on while your flow’s in town.