Dipsea Review: the world of feminist audio erotica

The used panty marketplace

Nowadays, there are so many ways we like to get it on, the options feel just about endless. From buying used panties online to playing erotic video games or just popping on our finest sexy playlist, we all have our own flavor of sexual media that amps up our solo sessions. When the options are at our feet, it makes sense that we reach for erotic content so often. In the bath or while spicing up our same old commute, sprinkling in a dash of erotica sweetens our day.

And in this internet-driven world, the ever-evolving wheel of technology churns out new and unique ways for us to get sexy while solo year after year. Some of us indulge in romance novel ebooks, others stream porn for free, and some even still write slash fiction of their favorite Harry Potter characters getting busy. But in this endless flow of erotica content, there’s one other way to get your kicks that gets less media traction than others, one you may have overlooked: the thrilling world of audio erotica. 

Thanks to Jamie Bell’s tireless research on all things audio erotica, we already know what makes it so great: the space for self-exploration, the way your imagination takes the reins, the woman-focused content, and how your mind can tailor each audio clip into your ultimate fantasy. But Bell and anyone who listens to the stuff often can tell you one thing’s for sure: while there is a wealth of divine content out there, not all erotica is on the same level in terms of delivering quality content and a unique plot. 

Just like how the breadth of video porn ranges in quality and kink, new things are consistently emerging on the audio erotica scene to push the genre into new territory and explore ways to drive audiences wild. Many in the audio erotica world have found their audience by addressing the biggest problem in the mainstream porn industry: virtually all of it is made with the man’s gaze in mind – and his gaze alone. Just like in hetero sex lives, our porn suffers from the misguided belief that only men feel the howling frenzy to get down and dirty with others. It makes sense; until very recently, women were seen as passive actors in their own sex lives. Even today, women’s health is still under-researched, and we’re somehow mostly in the dark about squirting – even though it’s 2020.

And when it comes to the queer community? Well, we were all invisible until the past decade or so. Although “lesbian” pops up in many a search on PornHub, when you actually watch the videos, you’ll quickly notice that the scenes are performative, and mostly designed for men to get off to (like, scissoring – it’s not really a thing the way that porn makes it out to be).

If only some of the porn out there were made with men’s pleasure in mind, that would be fine and dandy, but the problem is this: when we focus way more on cumshots (seriously, the phrase “creampie” is ubiquitous on mainstream porn sites) than we do clitoral orgasms, we’re leaving out about half the population’s capacity for pleasure.

Audio erotica is taking steps to change that. But although many audio performers and writers are headed in the right direction, the content still can fall into some of the same tired tropes of conventional porn: man takes charge and dominates, woman dissolves under his touch, man’s semen is the star. 

Seeing this saga repeated in a new medium, one company sought to change all that for good: Dipsea.

What is Dipsea?

The first site dedicated wholly to feminist audio erotica, Dipsea is a subscription-based erotica experience like no other. They put it best when they call themselves “a female-founded company empowering women to tap into their sexuality on their own terms, and to feel more powerful in and outside the bedroom.”

With this dedication to self-assured intimacy, Dipsea is dedicated to giving listeners the best experience possible, and it shows. They pride themselves on being “relatable,” “feminist,” and “celebratory.” 

Founded in 2017, the app has continued to gain traction out in the world, and when it hit the scene, the founders quickly landed funding from big names including the folks who back Spotify. But it isn’t just any old erotica company; the work over at Dipsea is so groundbreaking in the porn and erotica industry that the company has even gotten mainstream recognition, including a 2019 article in The New Yorker where the author said that what made the erotica good was how “Dipsea avoids...melodrama so thoroughly it seems to have created a genre of its own.”

What sets it apart?

The New Yorker hit the nail on the head. Dipsea is audio erotica, yes, but it’s not the dry, kind of overblown read you’re used to. You know, the stuff that sounds like people reading bad fan-fiction in their living room. Instead, the app hosts over three hundred carefully curated scenes, and add new content weekly. In each piece, there isn’t one reader: there are a handful of actors bringing the scene to life, playing the roles to set the stage. In fifteen minutes or less, each scene reads like a small play, where close encounters are given undivided attention. By the end, both you and the characters ought to be sated. They aren’t a regular audiobook jaunt, either. Dipsea’s pieces would better be described as an NC-17 podcast for people looking to get hot and heavy, or a radio play with a whole new sexy bent.

This isn’t just a general layman’s audio erotica journey. There are many things that put Dipsea in a league of its own, but the most important thing of all is this: the power all parties have during intimacy. Every character, even when they surrender to the moment and are submissive, has agency in the sexual experience as it unfolds. 

And you know the characters got consent because they talk about it. In the Dipsea fantasy realm, communication is everything – and it’s sexy. Most porn has no communication in the sack. Nobody asks for a new position or talks about condoms – in mainstream porn, sex just happens, almost on accident. Not with Dipsea. When you listen to the scenes, it’s not unusual to hear people murmuring “a little faster” or “higher” while their partner is going at it. These little pauses only add to the fantasy and help the listener dive deep into the experience of how it would feel for a lover’s hand to change pace. If anything, these moments of clear communication bolster the fantasy rather than detract from it.

That’s not to say their scenarios are all hyperrealistic. Dipsea still delivers that fantasy content (I mean, how often do you just happen into a threesome at the end of a house party?). But when they do, they make sure it’s a scene with incredible sex you can actually picture yourself having. 

To make the content even better, Dipsea spares no expense when it comes to quality writing and acting. Their trick? Choosing actors who don’t go overboard. Some erotica is dripping with that raspy voice, the narrator already breathless while ordering coffee from a barista. That unrealistic delivery can pull folks out of the moment. Instead, Dipsea hires actors. You won’t find pornstars screaming at the top of their lungs. Instead, the actors deliver their lines casually, and the flirting that builds up to the grand crescendo feels organic. 

Attention to detail is given from top to bottom, and what makes it work even better is the use of curated background noises. Although they’re minimal, they make a difference in painting a complete picture, like a few choice props in a minimalist play. The sounds of tall grass grazing someone’s legs as two people hike before the big crescendo, for instance, or the slide and rustle of opening a nightstand drawer for a condom. These details may sound like fluff, but when working in tandem with the fresh acting and unique scripts, Dipsea delivers something you probably haven’t heard before.

Who’s it for?

Dipsea is erotica for anyone with a sex drive – especially anyone who wants a little scene-setting before sex begins. If context only sweetens the deal, and anonymous porn clips don’t get you where you want to go, then Dipsea has your name all over it.

But although the content is genuinely for whoever wants to listen to it, the folks at Dipsea have made it clear that they flipped the script on erotica expectations by focusing the lens through the female and nonbinary gaze. It seeps through every piece they have. Even when one has a cis, male narrator, the pleasure of his female and nonbinary partners is the centerpiece of the show.

You can even see it in the way they value communication, making it a great and safe space to explore sexual content for people that really value hearing consent, communication, and boundaries get center stage.

Dipsea strives to be radically inclusive because they know sexuality isn’t just for one cookie-cutter woman. Their emphasis is on everybody having space to enjoy the ride, and their actors come from a diverse range of ages, genders, races, and ethnicities. The characters are likewise diverse. Listen to pieces featuring artists, business executives, and baristas, unleashing fantasies no matter your current career or goals.

How do I listen?

Like all good modern content, there’s more than one way to give Dipsea a listen. If you’re on your computer, head to their website. On your phone, download the app for the iPhone or Android, so you can listen to these scintillating stories on the fly. Think of it like a sexy podcast service, or audio erotica Spotify Premium.

To explore, head over to their site, where you’ll be greeted with a handful of sexy options for samples in two different dropdown menus to specify what you’d like a taste of. Start by indicating what configuration of canoodling you want to hear about:

  • Her and Him
  • Her and Her
  • Her and Them

Each one is primarily focused on the experiences of folks with she/her pronouns, but anyone who falls on either side of those three configurations should feel invited to give it a whirl. Once you have the dynamic set, further hone in on your ideal sampling of the erotica experience, by indicating one of three levels of heat:

  • Have a ménage à moi
  • Feel inspired for later
  • Get hot and heavy

If you’re hooked after one lesson (and trust me, you will be), download the app or sign up on your browser – and you’ll come across the only barrier to diving into this erotica world: the payment page.

Paying? For audio erotica?

I know, I know. When we’re bombarded with free sex content day in and day out, it can feel like a stretch to pull out the wallet and cough up the dough, but hear me out. 

In every other creative content realm, we readily pay for services. We buy new books, stream shows on Netflix. Even listening to Spotify for free gives artists a few cents per spin. But when it comes to erotic content, we have a hard time seeing why we should have to pay. But the thing is, the people who write the scripts, act the parts, and maintain the website are working hard to create quality content. Like everyone else, these erotic artists (because that’s what they are) deserve a living wage. 

And earning a living helps these artists keep cranking out quality content to give you unforgettable thrills. While many folks are convinced all porn should be free, it’s high time we should start rethinking that. When content is consumed without pay, it perpetuates a cycle of keeping people at the margins of society and underserved by society for creating sex content. Many people in porn don’t get paid at all for videos, and many videos on sites like PornHub are shared without consent and without giving the participants the credit they deserve. Of course, new content is coming out all the time on mainstream sites that are checked out and crediting every person involved, but the majority of porn out there only benefits the viewer.

Paying is worth it when you think about the fact that these actors and writers are getting the chance to keep working on something they love, all while helping a company like this uphold their commitment to ethical content. When you pay to play, everyone wins – and you get what you came for: pleasure, feminist-style.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

To unlock all the audio and access new ones as they emerge on the scene, you can opt for two different payment plans: an annual subscription, and a month-to-month one. Both are reasonable. For an annual plan, you’ll only pay $47.99, billed up front. Although it sounds like a pretty penny, it actually averages out to just under four bucks a month.

Monthly memberships are over twice as pricey at $8.99, billed monthly. If you give a month membership a go and decide you want to commit for the long haul (and if you’re into audio erotica, you will), switch to the annual plan to save five dollars a month.

Although that price tag may give you pause at first glance, think about what you’re getting: a great experience, quality content, and the peace of mind that you’re giving money to a company that helps writers and actors continue their creative life in the world. 

What’s the experience like?

Once you’re all signed up, the first impression you get from the front page is something that looks a little like Spotify or Netflix, but sexy. Different images and titles greet you, and each track has a row of little fire symbols below it, so you know just how spicy the content is. If you’re looking for audio that makes you blush without getting too explicit, a one-flame recording may hit the spot just right. But if you want to get down to business and release into the moment, shoot for the stars and indulge in a full-strength, three-flame experience. 

Tailoring the ride doesn’t end with just how hot things get either. Refine your searches by browsing one of nineteen delectable categories: new releases, fan favorites, queer stories, straight stories, group stories, hookups, couples, rough, romantic, off-limits (think coworkers, teachers, or infidelity), serialized stories, chill stories, him + you, her + you, zero to sixty, shortest stories (to get off in less than ten minutes), voyeur, and vacation.

While there are the categories of “her + him,” “her + her,” and “her + them,” for the trial pieces, once you get into Dipsea’s meat of their offerings, you’ll find a few other slices to enjoy, including “her + her + her,” “her + her + him,” and “her + him + him,” plus a few other group sex and voyeurism-focused situations that are sure to please every adventurous palate. With the group sex tracks, you can fulfill those fantasies you’ve harbored, ranging from your bi+ boyfriend getting it on with another man under your tutelage to having a foursome with another hot couple while on vacation. 

With something truly made for everyone, you can explore the configurations that drive you wild, and expect new content each week. With the exception of the “shortest stories” segment, each piece is roughly fifteen minutes long – perfect for a solo sesh with your vibrator.

Whichever piece you pick, don’t expect the track to dive right into sex. Instead, the scene is built slowly, achingly, one block at a time. That way, even though it’s only fifteen minutes of fun, you get some crucial context that helps you feel invested in the sex. When you know people’s motivation, the eventual payoff is that much sweeter.

The slow burn is part of the appeal. As tension heightens between characters, you get to ride along with their inner sexual yearning right from the get-go, aided by a deviant inside glimpse of at least one character’s thoughts. Your desire rides the same arc theirs does, even in these humble beginnings.

As it builds, so does your own anticipation, and the scene escalates until you’re basically as ready for action as the characters are, until you crash in your own finale right alongside them. Sated, you can rate the piece with a thumbs up or down – and if you’re up for it, start the whole ride all over again.

Not satiated? Dipsea offers one other kind of track. A unique experience, take a whirl with the ones that put you right in the room in a whole new way by browsing the “her + you” or “him + you” categories. Instead of the track being about other folks getting it on while you listen to the story unfold, these feature a fantasy someone addressing you. Teetering somewhere between jerk-off instruction and immersive porn experience, these pieces take you on a ride. In each of them, a favorite character from another track is looking to satisfy you in particular. They talk as if they’re touching you, guiding you to climax by proxy. Ready for the ultimate thrill in one-on-one audio erotica? Give one of their free samples a whirl as soon as you sign up for an account to see what the buzz is all about.

Unlock your most sex-positive self

Dipsea may not be a household name yet, but this sexual journey is one for the books. Gone are the days of limiting our romantic and sexual fervor to breadcrumbs given to us by men who only care about getting themselves off first – this is one site built for the rest of us, by the rest of us, and with everyone’s true sexual awakening first and foremost in mind.

You may need to drop a few dollars for the full experience. But hey, isn’t your fullest sexual self worth a few bucks a month?