Dating Apps for people with Fetishes

The used panty marketplace

Only twenty years ago, the idea of a piece of technology like Tinder becoming a household name was unfathomable. Now, even my grandma knows what it is. In fact, it’s rare and borderline shocking if you haven’t used it. I mean, how else are you supposed to get laid? Wait for fate to guide you toward a handsome stranger, ask them on a date, then suffer it before inviting them up to your apartment for a “nightcap?” Yikes. That’s a whole lot of patience for a shag.

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. make hooking up a breeze and in some cases, can even lead to true love. Unfortunately for the kinkier among us, mainstream apps like these are by and large, unbearably vanilla. 

Sure, every now and then you may come across someone looking to get freaky in their own special way – the guy with a diaper fetish, for example, dressed as a baby in his profile pic or the BDSM babe clad entirely, if scarcely, in leather. Still, you’re going to have to weed through and vet a whole lot of people before you find someone willing to indulge your fantasies.

Thankfully, the kink community has been blessed with its own host of fetish-specific apps that make finding like minded partners easy. No need to endure the awkwardness of telling a new partner about your kink. Fetish-positive dating apps offer users a space to be who they are with people that are not only accepting, they’re just as kinky as you.

Want to give it a go but don’t know where to start? Here is our selection of kink-centric dating apps, including one made just for panty lovers like us. 


One of the most popular fetish chatting apps and social networks, KinkD is designed for singles and couples into bondage and BDSM. Self-proclaimed “Tinder for kink,” it works on the same swiping premise we’re all so well acquainted with, but not exclusively. It also gives you the traditional dating site-like option of filling out a profile and paying for a subscription membership. As always, no money means limited swipes. Sigh.

Because it’s focused on a single kink, it’s a good app for anyone looking for a new partner – dom, sub, switch, whoever gets you off. Consensually, of course.


Whiplr is a messaging app that connects kinksters who keep it classy. Though the thread connecting every user is that they’re all down to clown*, the app is surprisingly demure. No suggestive pics allowed and even the profile setup options aren’t overtly sexual. 

For example, when prompted to select your kinks, some of the options include objects, behavior, accessories, sounds, and odors (that’s you Sofia Gray shoppers). If you guessed from the name that this was just another app for whip-gripping S&M fanatics, you’d be wrong. It’s open to kinky folks of all shades and colors (yes, including gray). 

As an added bonus, Whiplr organizes meetups for BDSM enthusiasts they call Brunch n’ Munch. Because what better way to get people in the mood for a kinky group sex romp than with a big ol’ meal. Sexy.

*Not to be confused with insane clowning, which you’ll find on JuggaLOVE, the Juggalo dating site. (Not really)


If you know that sexuality, like gender, exists on a spectrum and you’re looking for an inclusive sex-positive community where you can join other non-binary individuals in their quest for better, more fulfilling, and more explorative sex with people they connect to on a deep, meaningful level, look no further.

As you may have gleaned from that description, #open is an app that caters to progressive millennials: singles, couples, throuples, and all. Less geared toward raunchy one-night-stands than other fetish dating apps on this list, #open is all about communication, inclusivity, education, and making meaningful connections with other likeminded people.

But don’t get confused. The app’s politically correct users are just as horny as the users on any other fetish dating app. Users should prepare for some quality kink. 


Though many fetish dating apps make space for non-singles in their communities, few are made specifically for polyamorous, also known as ethically nonmonogamous, individuals. Feeld offers a solution. Some of the apps unique features include couple accounts, group chats, Facebook incognito mode, and 23 different sexual identities to choose from.

Like on Tinder, Feeld is a location-based dating service that allows users to swipe through profiles and start chats with users who like them back. It’s an easy and inclusive way to explore your desires with as many partners at a time as you wish.


Speaking of nonmonogamy, here’s an app geared toward people who are already in a relationship, but not in an Ashley Madison kind of way. Made for swingers, Fantasy is an app that matches users based on their sexual fantasies and kinks. Scroll through a feed of saucy stories, click to like the ones that make you hot, and you may just get the chance to live those fantasies out.

When signing up, users are prompted to make two lists of kinks and fetishes: a public one to be revealed on their profile and a “secret one” visible only to those with whom they match. Join to find out what the internet’s kinkiest fellows find too saucy for their public profile. Something hot guaranteed!

Panty Fetish Alt

Last, but certainly not least, an app perfectly suited for the sellers and shoppers of Sofia Gray! Panty Fetish Alt is an app made especially for the panty-enthused. Connect with likeminded kinksters, chat, and arrange dates to make your dirty knickers fantasies come true. Find a partner that turns you on and you may even get to exchange underwear for free.

If you’re into used underwear, you already know that breaking it to your partner can be risky and intimidating. Panty Fetish Alt’s mission is to nurture kinky relationships with the people who get you. When you use this app, you can play the field with the confidence of knowing that all your potential partners are just as kinky as you.