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The shame game. We’ve all been guilty of it: someone (a partner, or maybe just a friend) decides to bring up their personal sex fantasies.…
By Nikita Andester
January 3, 2020
So you just learned that you have an STI (aka STD). Or maybe you have a sore down there and you’re panicking.  Take a deep…
By Sofia Gray
December 31, 2019
If you’ve heard of tantric sex, you probably assume it’s having sex for like 8 hours. Many people also thinks this type of sex can…
By Sofia Gray
December 26, 2019
Shorter days, bare trees and brisk air can only mean one thing: winter is here. Some people hate winter: chapped lips, darkness, cold weather, rain,…
By Jaimee Bell
December 16, 2019
Romance novels don’t have the greatest reputation. Most people have an idea of what a romance novel is that’s definitely outdated. Let’s see. Here’s an…
By Sofia Gray
December 13, 2019
Have you ever wanted to be completely at the mercy of your partner? Maybe even do some things you never expected in the bedroom? Erotic…
By Sofia Gray
December 6, 2019
Vaginal orgasms are much sought after and rarely found in the sexual world. While some women claim they have them, many others feel like they…
By Sofia Gray
November 27, 2019
Erotic depictions and pornography in art and paintings are nothing new.  From the erotic cave paintings of the Dordogne to the hentai of today, erotic…
By Sofia Gray
November 26, 2019
#metoo. Brett Kavanaugh. The Access Hollywood tape. Matt Lauer. Left and right, stories of assault, unwanted touching, rape, and unwanted advances are streaming out from…
By Nikita Andester
October 28, 2019
Aside from art, calligraphy and flower-arranging – Japan is widely known for it’s wildly different and often surreal trends and pop culture. It’s the nation…
By Sofia Gray
October 14, 2019