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Porn. It’s everywhere these days. Whether you watch it regularly or not, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s always one click away. Every Google…
By Nikita Andester
March 9, 2020
Let’s just get one thing straight: we all judge how other people look. Denying this simple fact of life is pointless, really.  It’s a normal…
By Jaimee Bell
February 28, 2020
Strippers or exotic dancers are a huge part of our cultural zeitgeist, but they’re also very stigmatized. We’re more than happy to see Jennifer Lopez…
By Sofia Gray
February 27, 2020
If you’ve always been curious about piercings that can bring you and your partner’s sexual pleasure, you’ve come to the right place. These include piercing…
By Sofia Gray
February 25, 2020
When we think of kinky sex including floggers, wax play, or restraints, we generally don’t include disabled people in that image. If someone thinks of…
By Sofia Gray
February 20, 2020
It turns out we have more inspiration than ever to get frisky on the regular. While I’ve obviously always known that orgasms are amazing, it…
By Nikita Andester
February 18, 2020
While it can range from “just alright” to “I think I might pass out from euphoric bliss”, most of us can agree that sex is…
By Jaimee Bell
February 13, 2020
Nonbinary genders have come under fire recently as everyone debates they/them pronouns. Amateur grammarians get out their dictionaries and say how singular they/them is “grammatically…
By Sofia Gray
February 6, 2020
There’s been a pretty big battle over circumcision in both sex positive and parenting circles lately. On the one side, people say circumcision is absolutely…
By Sofia Gray
January 31, 2020
People have super strong opinions on pubic hair.  Particularly, there’s a lot of judgement against people who choose to go au naturale and grow what…
By Sofia Gray
January 13, 2020