How to Create An OnlyFans Tip Menu & Add New Ideas

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Creating a tip menu is an important part of being an online sex worker of any kind. Whether you’re on OnlyFans or Chaturbate or something else entirely, a tip menu can (and should be) one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. 

What Is A Tip Menu? 

Along with your biography (that should explain who you are and what you offer), a tip menu should be one of the first things a potential customer sees on your page. Why? Because not only does it show what you offer, but it shows what you can do for your customers. 

Tip menus are often used on camming websites but have become popular on platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans, too. 

How do tip menus work? 
It’s pretty simple: tip the amount, get the reward. Anyone looking at your profile can know that a $10.00 tip will get them a personalized voice message, or a $25.00 tip will get them a dick rating. This is a great way to encourage and incentivise people to tip you, and it’s a good way to stay connected to your audience. 

What goes on an NSFW tip menu? 
That’s entirely up to you - but some common things include photos, videos, bundles (photos + videos), erotic audios, voice messages (dirty talk), sexting, dick ratings, etc. 

How do you collect this money? 
Collecting cash earned through your tip menus should be just as easy as collecting it for other services - but this highly depends on the platform you’re using. On OnlyFans, for example, your fan can simply tip you in a private message and you can send the goods straight away. 

How to Create a Good Tip Menu

Creating a good tip menu is all about marketing yourself and your services. It’s about catching your customer’s eye and getting them to tip you a certain amount in exchange for a little gift. 

How to establish tip menu prices…
If you’re stuck for ideas on tip menu pricing, just look around. So many NSFW content creators have tip menus! Get some ideas on things that are common, what typical prices are and then from there, you can gauge what you would charge for each service. 

Some common tip menu choices include: 

  • Dick ratings (where the client sends a solicited nude photo and you let them know your honest thoughts and rating, typically on a 1-10 scale) 
  • Videos - personalized and custom or ones that aren’t available to the public 
  • Photos - personalized and custom or ones that aren’t available to the public 
  • Video & photo bundles - bundling things together (like a “set” where you are in the same lingerie but the item includes multiple photos and/or videos) 
  • Erotic audio - personlized and custom or ones that aren’t available to the public (this could be dirty talk, it could be orgasm or sex audio, etc)
  • Sexting ($2.00 per minute, 30 minute maximum)
  • Mix & Match - choose any five items from the list for a discounted price

Choosing the prices for these things is too subjective and really should be based on you (your audience size, your comfort levels, etc). However, some of the common prices for these things are listed below (as inspiration). 

Dick Ratings: $5.00 - $10.00
Custom Photo: $5.00 
Erotic Audio (dirty talk, up to 2 minutes): $10.00
Erotic Audio (orgasm, up to 2 minutes): $15.00
Custom Video (up to 2 minutes): $15.00
Custom Video (up to 5 minutes): $20.00

As you can see, you can charge more for things that are longer in length and/or custom made. You can also mix and match - something like “Erotic Audio (orgasm) + Custom Photo for $17.00. Here, they are essentially getting the custom photo for $2.00 instead of $5.00, which is going to get them to purchase more. A few extra dollars may not feel like a lot, but this is a really great way to keep people interested and buying. 

You want to be really clear in what you’re offering (and what they are getting/when). 
Your tip menu should list clear prices and clear processes. If someone orders a custom video, perhaps you can list that they will receive it within 24 hours so they are not expecting it immediately. Or, if someone orders a custom erotic audio with an orgasm, again - a 24 hour delivery window seems reasonable - but if you don’t list it, your customer may expect it right away which could lead to a bit of a problem. 

Three Essential Marketing Techniques To Use with Your Tip Menu

There are some tried and true marketing techniques that can do wonders for you and your content creation business...

List prices that end in .99. 
Have you ever wondered why prices often end in .99 (or sometimes even .69)? This is a very common marketing technique. According to various studies, this is a marketing tactic that plays on our psychology - prices that end in .99 increase sales with the customer often focusing on the left digit which often leads to customers believing they are getting a good deal. Don’t believe me? Check out this study, and this one, and this one - they all say the same thing! 

“Price skimming” is great.
Another clever marketing strategy is “price skimming” - introducing a new product (or in the case of your tip menu, a service) at a higher price and then gradually reducing it to the price you want it to stay at. It’s a great way to capitalize on the introduction of a new item and then lower it, allowing for more people to splurge on it because it’s gotten cheaper. 

“Bundle pricing” is essential. 
Bundling certain services together (that make sense) is an amazing way to ensure you and the customer are getting the most out of your transactions. Some things that bundle well together may include photos and videos, voice messages and dick ratings, etc. 

Other Things to Keep In Mind When Creating a Tip Menu

When you’re creating your tip menu, there are some other things you should keep in mind - these things will be specific to the NSFW content creation field. 

Does the menu work with the platform? 
You need a tip menu that works in conjunction with the platform you’re using. If you’re on a pay-per-service platform like OnlyFans or Patreon where fans can tip you with real money for the menu, that’s great. However, if you’re working with a platform (like a camming website) that uses tokens instead of money, you will need to account for that in your menu. Instead of using real dollar prices, you will need to convert those dollar prices to token prices to ensure you’re still getting what you need. 

Are both you and the client getting a fair deal? 
One of the most important things you need to ask yourself before you release your finalized tip menu is this: is this a fair deal? Am I getting what I need out of it (being paid enough for the service I am providing) and are my clients going to be getting what they need at a fair price? These two questions are big ones and ones that could make or break your tip menu success. 

Does your tip menu need to be updated regularly? 
Yes! Perhaps not super regularly, but your tip menu will need to change at some point. Why? Maybe you would like to offer new services, or stop offering certain ones for a period of time. Also, your tip menu should grow and adapt with you - if your audience is growing, perhaps changing some of the prices a bit higher may be beneficial. If you are finding yourself in a tip-slump, putting certain items on sale may help! 

It shouldn’t be plain and boring - put your own style into it. 
One of the biggest things (that we have yet to mention) is the style of your tip menu. Your tip menu doesn’t have to be boring! Actually, it should represent your unique style. It can be colorful or minimalistic, it can be bright or dark - whatever your vibe is, that’s what it should be. Your tip menu, above all else, should be easy to read and understand at a glance - but otherwise, have fun with it! 

You can place your tip menu on more than one platform! 
Utilize all the platforms you’re on, even the ones that promote your main platforms. For example, you can post your tip menu on OnlyFans, of course - but why stop there? The Twitter and Instagram accounts that promote your OnlyFans - post them there, too! This way, you’re reaching a broader audience and people outside your fanbase get an idea of what you offer. 

How to Actually ~Create~ A Tip Menu

Now that you have some ideas on what goes on a tip menu, let’s talk about how to actually create and implement one. Some platforms will simply want you to put your tip menu as text in your bio - if this is the case, you have two options: you can put your menu as text OR you can upload an image of your tip menu (created with a graphic design platform) and have it your “pinned post” (if the site allows this). 

Tip Menu Pinned Posts (Images)
If you’d like a tip menu image, there are tons of (mostly free) platforms you can use to create this. A personal favorite of mine is Canva but Adobe Photoshop is another option. Simply open one of these platforms, choose a long rectangle size image and start designing. Feel free to add your own colors and style into the mix - but make sure your tips are legible and the menu is easy to read. 

Then, once you’re done creating it, simply upload it to the platform of your choosing, go to the post settings and click “add as pinned post” (or something similar) - and voila, it will be pinned to the top of your profile. 

Tip Menu As Bio Text 
If you want to simply have your tip menu in your bio text, that’s also fine. Most people avoid this, as your bio text automatically is shortened and people have to click the “read more” to see the entire thing. However, if creating a graphic isn’t your style or not possible, this is the next best thing. Be careful, though - a lot of bio texts have word or character limits. 

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