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Porn for Women, By Women

Say hello to Sofia Lush, the porn site for women, by women. Through the years, porn has become the most consumed form of entertainment available online. However, there has been a great disparity between the content that has been made primarily for men and those which have been made female – friendly. Of course, we understand that fantasies and desires are completely subjective meaning the videos could be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender. But, most adult content online does nothing more than portray the female lead as an object, that is there for no other reason than to be enjoyed by the male actor or actors. The female team here at Sofia Gray had seen enough of this blatant prejudice, but instead of pulling out their banners and going on a march, they created a solution. Sofia Lush was born… How do we know what women want? First and foremost, the platform is run entirely by a female group who love porn! Meaning they’ll probably have a little insight into what the average woman is looking for when viewing porn. Not only this, we’ve surveyed the users of Sofia Gray and other female-oriented adult sites to gather information on what they would want from a female-friendly porn site. Using this information we were able to produce a platform that we believe is perfect for the womanly porn consumer. Do...

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A-List Celebrities Who Sold Their Used Underwear

Celebrities, for the most part, are not short on cash. So their reason for getting involved in the used underwear trade must be different to that of a traditional seller. That being said, it’s not the first time we’ve seen A-listers dip their toes in the adult industry for the fun of it!  Regardless, we’re excited to see a few household names jump on the underwear bandwagon. It must be noted that most of these famous faces did not actually sell their underwear themselves, they were either sold in an auction after being collected by someone else or donated to an auction for a charitable cause. We hope this is just the beginning and after testing the waters we’ll eventually see their notable monikers appear on Sofia Gray!   Fergie   A former member of the Black Eyed Peas and superstar solo artist, Fergie is one of the biggest names in the music industry, so much so that people are dying to have her worn garments. To help raise money for a NNLSDropin, a charity which aids asylum seekers, she donated a pair of her autographed undies which were then sold on eBay.   Sacha Baron Cohen   The UK born funny-man, known for his unique roles of Borat, Ali G and Bruno has seen soaring success in recent years and become one of the hottest commodities in the...

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19 Hilarious Questions From Used Underwear Buyers

The buyers on Sofia Gray – for the most part – are completely pleasant individuals, trying to make an online purchase as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, as with any transaction you’d  like to know as much about the item as possible before purchasing, to ensure it will fill your specific needs. This is something that seller’s welcome, as it usually creates a rapport and trust between both parties, which typically concludes with a sale for that seller.   While that process is the norm for most sales, there are a few buyers who are slightly more “inquisitive” than the rest.   We’ve put together some of the weirdest, wackiest and hilarious questions, requests and messages sellers have received from real life buyers. We’ve redacted the messages to preserve the users anonymity.   1.   Why even bother visiting a used underwear site?   2.   Cleanliness is close to godliness.   3.   We can confirm that this buyer has no idea who the seller’s mom is.   4.   Not sure if that would be a fair trade.   5.   Hey buddy, this isn’t eBay.   6.   Cubs fans are hardcore.   7.   And a diet coke?   8.   That is just “peedantic”   9.   I don’t know how many of our seller’s are runescape players, but I can’t see many accepting....

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What Countries LOVE Used Panties? Official Facts & Figures

Who knew the world was so panty crazy? We did. A new phenomena to some has taken the media by surprise, that the used underwear industry is truly massive and still growing. However what is still somewhat unknown to the layman is the depth of the used underwear market. No, the trading of panties does not stop at college dorms or at the basements of those living with their parents, it travels to the streets of Mumbai, the beaches of Melbourne and every other corner of the world where there is an internet connection and fetishism. At Sofia Gray we wanted to give outsiders a little insight into our world of underwear and show how your nations stack up in our statistics of lovingly used panties.     If you enjoyed these statistics remember to give the post a share and if you have a blog of your own, we’ve added an embed code for you to use the infographic on your site. That’s all from us for now, opt in to our mailing list so that you don’t miss another post!   Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this...

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