Adult Entertainment Jobs Perfect for a Side Hustle

The used panty marketplace

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So when money is tight the smart savvy adults among us look for a new way to stack up some extra cash. I’m sure many of us have been there searching all over the internet for a side hustle that is in line with your skills and more importantly something that interests you and gets you motivated to work on it. 

But what if your interests lie within the realm of adult entertainment? Well, today we’re going to run through some of the best side hustles within the adult entertainment industry that you can get started on right away! 

What Are Adult Entertainment Side Hustles? 

Side hustles are generally small business ventures that people carry out in the hopes for it to add a supplementary income to what their current day job pays. So, adult entertainment side hustles are simply small businesses that fall within the adult industry. Now not all of these hustles on our list require the removal of your clothes but they will still involve being 18 or over in order to solicit the type of services we’re talking about.

An ideal adult entertainment side hustle is one that can help us to earn some residual or passive income for all of our efforts. The trick is to work smarter and not harder. For all of the hustles on the list, we’ll give you some ideas and tips but do your best to take inspiration and think beyond what’s on the surface. Another feature of a great side hustle is one that is scalable, meaning it can grow into a large business and ultimately make you rich! Even if you enjoy your day job, a business of passion can also be extremely fulfilling. 

So, let’s get into it.

Selling Used Underwear 

A lot of us are quite aware by now that the used underwear fetish is extremely popular all over the world. There are thousands, dare I say it millions of used underwear lovers looking for their next sexy used underwear seller to purchase from. The fascination with used panties makes sense as sexual arousal involves all of our senses. A lot of the time we are focused on the look, the feel and the sounds of sex but our sense of smell is often neglected.

So why sell my used underwear online? Well, for starters it’s super easy to do. Buying a bulk of different underwear for cheap, taking some pics wearing them and then adding your markup is about as simple a task as any. And thanks to some smart folks on the internet you don’t have to worry about the hassle of creating a website, as used underwear marketplaces already exist.

Just a few tips to note on this side hustle. Whatever adult platform or marketplace you use to sell your used underwear make sure your profile is complete and full of content. Buying used underwear isn't always just about the panties. A lot of the buyers want to feel like it is connected to a real person so putting a bio with some sexy information and pictures of yourself always helps. Besides, you don’t even have to include your face in the images.

Also, you have to remember that people are parting with their hard-earned cash here so they want to make sure that they can trust you. Nothing is more of a red flag than a barebones profile that has no bio and barely any pictures, so put in a little bit of effort now to reap the rewards later. 

Running this as your own business is great as you ultimately decide how much you get paid. The average used underwear item sells for $20 - $60 but it can vary massively depending on your following or simply how badly the other person wants it. There are viral stories of girls selling single items for hundreds or even thousands at a time. But we have to start somewhere. Doing bespoke or custom offers is another way to add an additional markup to the underwear. Most of the time people will want sweat, ejaculate or partially soiled underwear to pleasure themselves with but there are those who love to pay extra for their fantasy to be brought to life.

Some people might have reservations about selling their used panties to a stranger due to not knowing what they’ll do with them. But, luckily most people these days don’t have access to a cloning facility so as long as you follow some basic safety guidelines you should be perfectly fine.

  • Always use an alias when creating a shop or selling used underwear online. Using your government name is always a bad idea as having adult affiliations can often affect people's daily professions, not to mention it’s a big privacy and safety risk.
  • Never share your home or personal address with buyers. This one probably goes without saying but there should be no reason to provide your personal
  • Don’t talk to anyone you aren’t comfortable talking to. As you are providing the service ultimately you make the rules. Hence if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable you have no obligation to talk to or do business with them.

Find A Sugar Daddy 

Some of you might be thinking finding a sugar daddy isn’t a side hustle and we’d be inclined to say that you’re right. However, providing a sugar baby service that your sugar daddy is paying for can definitely be classed as a hustle. A sugar daddy, for those who are unfamiliar, is a rich and typically older man who provides gifts for a young woman in exchange for companionship and sexual favours.

The gifts that a sugar daddy provides can range from jewellery to cash to holidays and lavish experiences. There are really no rules to what the sugar daddy will provide you with it all depends on the arrangement that you come to. This brings us to our next point. Being a sugar baby (the female counterpart to a sugar daddy) is not escorting. While they are both transactional relationships being a sugar baby is primarily a long term relationship where the woman provides companionship and not explicitly sexual favours.

For a sugar baby, the hustle is the emotional and temporal investment into the relationship. While the sugar daddies financially support you to uphold their end of the bargain it doesn’t come without effort from the female's side. You will be expected to keep them company at parties, dinner dates, message, call and if you’re lucky come on holiday with them. Sex is discussed within the terms of your relationship and while it is implied it is not imperative.

To get this show on the road you are going to have to find a sugar daddy first so let’s briefly touch on this. The best way to find a sugar daddy is over the internet. There are a plethora of websites and apps dedicated to matching up potential sugar babies and sugar daddies such as SeekingArrangement, RichMeetBeautiful and WhatsYourPrice to name a few. But there are other more organic ways to do this online like through Reddit threads like r/sugarlifestyleforum.

A sugar relationship is quite an elaborate arrangement to set up but it is growing in popularity due to the increasing number of people working demanding jobs that detract from their romantic relationships. So if you're down on rent payments or need some expenses paid, get searching.

Premium Snapchat 

This is a feature of Snapchat that has become very popular amongst celebrities and adult models alike. Every year models make millions in revenue from subscriptions to their Premium Snapchat so here is how you can get a piece of this action.

First of all, in the adult field, Premium Snapchat is primarily going to be used to send nude or pornographic pictures and videos to adoring fans for a monthly subscription fee. If this isn’t your style then there are plenty of other hustles on our list that might tickle your fancy but for now, let’s stick with Snapchat. The Premium feature of Snapchat is actually a built-in feature of the app meaning there isn’t any additional downloading and set-up required, just a couple of tweaks to some settings. This might come as a relief for those who already have quite a large following on Snapchat.

To set up a Premium Snapchat download the app from your app store and fill out the information to create a standard account. Next click on your profile to access the settings menu represented by the gear icon. Once on the settings menu scroll down to privacy controls and here we will find various options on who can interact with you and how. For all of the options change the setting to “My Friends” this makes it so that only people you have accepted as friends of the Premium account can view your stories and snaps. Congratulations, your account is now Premium!

Now, all that is left to do is collect payment from those who wish to follow you and we’re on our way to a successful side hustle. Most models with Premium Snapchats will collect money using mainstream payment processors such as PayPal, Venmo and Cash App. While you could get off on a technicality it is against their terms of service to solicit adult content using their application which could lead to bans and frozen accounts. To be on the safe side you can try using alternative payment methods suitable for sex work like Paxum, ICEPAY and a few others out there on the market.

Setting up the account is the easy part. To make money using Snapchat we need to promote it as best as we can. The easiest way to start out is to include links to your premium Snapchat in the bio of your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. With special emphasis on Twitter as they allow adult content to be shown so it serves as a great way to upload some free snaps to get the fans interested.

Finally, add Snapchat to any existing fan sites that you are a part of. Sites like LoyalFans, Manyvids and OnlyFans have special social media promotion features with some allowing fans to set up a subscription directly. Like with most adult entertainment side hustles you decide what your content is worth so depending on the quality of content you are producing make a reasonable offer.

Private Calls 

Private calls are essentially video calls with an interested fan where models agree to talk, strip and masturbate on camera for the pleasure of their caller.

There are various ways to set up private calls with a client such as through third-party sites like MyFreeCams, Chaturbate and ManyVids which will have secure live calling features. These services do take a commission of what you earn but some see it as a small price to pay for the security and free exposure to clients these sites bring.

However, some cam models opt to carry out calls independently over Skype and other video calling software to maximise their cash. While this does allow you to make more money, models have no protection from scammers that prey on the vulnerability of those new to the game. We advise that if you are going to go down this route accept payments first using an adult-friendly payment processor before taking part in the call. Scammers can carry out chargebacks on mainstream payment processors that will refund their money and freeze your account due to adult content violating their terms of service. Allowing them to get away with a free private call.

For those who are shy or new to the private calling community, it doesn’t have to be as intimate as video sex sounds. Some models opt for only their camera to be on with the option to allow the caller to only communicate via text chat. With private calling sites this is of course something that can be regulated so just another thing to bear in mind.

Determining the rates to charge for your private calls can be difficult but it should really depend on what the caller wants and what you think your calls are worth. A good option to get an idea for this is to find an existing adult star who has a similar look and services to you and base it on their rate. There is bound to be someone out there ready to call you up.


Following on from private calls we have the larger scale camming alternative which has proven to be very profitable for those willing to put in the work. Camming is essentially a video live stream of yourself being sexy and getting off. Fans can watch you live and interact via a live chat that usually comes equipped with a tipping feature.

To incentivise tipping models will usually put tip goals in their bio explaining what sexual acts they will perform for that sum of money. If you’re good at what you do, viewers will be willing to make it rain in your chat in order to get off to your live content. 

Camming does require skill as in order to entice viewers you have to be able to stand out from the hundreds of other live cam shows. So, usually, this does require a good performance. Outside of this, the only costs will be investing in a good camera, lighting and decent backdrop or performance area that you can look good and be comfortable in.

As for sites that you can live cam on there is no shortage. There are dozens of sites dedicated to adult camming including some of the biggest players in the adult industry like PornHub. Not to mention most popular fansites these days have live camming features integrated into the site. So the best advice is to simply take your pic and start streaming. Successful cam models always stress that consistency is the key. Making sure that you have a schedule of when you’ll be live streaming so that fans know where to find you is essential.

Make sure that you are promoting your live streams on all of your social media also, increasing your exposure, pardon the pun, using your social presence is a powerful tool at your disposal. 

Phone Sex Operator 

As promised, here is a great side hustle idea that does not require you to remove your clothes. You will have to have that patented sexy phone voice but that's nothing a little bit of practice won’t solve. Although we are living in an era where private video calls are an easily accessible option lots of people still love an old fashioned phone sex session. 

Again this hustle does require some practise but once you develop the skill it’ll be there for life. Besides, there are sites that even offer some basic training and there’s plenty of content and tutorials out there. Becoming a phone sex operator in this day and age usually consists of signing up to a website to start receiving calls. Sometimes websites take a commission of what you earn but it’s only fair as they are providing the callers. Once you’ve signed up you can log in to start receiving calls. Only sign up to the site using a burner phone or number that isn’t linked to any personal information for safety reasons.

You won’t be bombarded with calls nonstop. There is going to be a lot of downtime in between calls so most people will be doing something else until a caller connects, the perfect time to work on other business ventures here and there. When callers connect you will be charging them a rate by the minute. Some sites allow you to set your own rate while others will have a slider that caps out at a certain number. Of course, the higher your rates the fewer clients you’ll get but it’s all about how long you can keep them interested and on the phone. For operators that use lower rates, they will want to aim for volume and call duration to maximise their earnings.

Some phone sex operators go at rates from as low as 30¢ a minute to as high as $20 a minute. Lower rates can average out to make up to $60 a night meaning there’s definitely some money to be made if you can pick up a few shifts a week.

If you’ve never dabbled in phone sex before it’s probably good to know that most callers are going to be horny and will likely want to talk about sex. Some will be masturbating while they talk to you and some will be on the brink of climax when they call, so some calls will only last a few minutes at a time. Other callers might just be a bit lonely and need someone to talk to so you might even have a general chit chat about life. Every call will be different and that’s what keeps you on your toes and why many operators find the hustle so fulfilling.

A few sites that are worth looking into are Arousr, NiteFlirt and TalkToMe. Most of them offer additional services like text chat operators and video calls but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. 

Content Creation 

We can say with a high degree of certainty that most people are aware of the new fad of fansites that are revolutionising the adult content we watch. Never before have we been able to see exclusive adult content from so many aspiring models all over the world. Considering that the business model has been tried and tested with many models making good money off it, it makes sense that you’ll want to be a part of the craze too.

When registering to a fan site you’ll want to consider a few things like; what is going to make me stand out? How many models are there already doing this niche? Can I take an idea and do it better? All these questions are referring to the type of adult content you will be posting on the fan sites to entice your viewers to subscribe for more. It’s always good to cater towards what the popular sex crazes are at the moment and also be inspired by other looks that models are going for that you might be able to pull off.

For instance, if you’re a model that’s into cosplaying then why not specialise in sexy cosplaying or if you have a particular kink like BDSM then by all means give the people what they want. Becoming popular within a niche can sometimes prove to have better results in gathering loyal subscribers compared to having a large following outside of the fansite.

Ultimately having an external following is important as this is one of the best ways to reach new people. By promoting your content on social media and giving sneak previews to entice them into checking out your profile, it could result in new potential customers. Posting previews on popular Reddit threads associated with your kink or niche is an awesome way to get some good promotion as some of these subreddits have a few hundred thousand followers a pop. 

The best part about growing a following on a fansite is that it eventually becomes a passive income. Once you have a substantial amount of subscribers, that's money in the bank every month for what could be seen as pretty minimal effort, not including the lifetime money made from referral schemes. Just make sure to invest back into the account and interact with your fans. Giving them what they’re requesting is a great way to make them feel connected to you as a content creator and keep them on board.

Here are a few fansites for you to check out if you’re looking to get started; IsMyGirl, LoyalFans, OnlyFans and there are also some OnlyFans alternatives that you might want to take a look at if your market is too saturated.

Selling Feet Pics 

Fellow fansite models might be thinking this falls under their profession and you’d be right. However, this fetish is so popular that people are soliciting pics outside of fansites on just about anywhere they can. It is estimated that 18% of heterosexual men and 21% of gay or bisexual men have fantasised about feet with more and more people in mainstream media opening up about it. 

When we say feet we do mean just feet. Some models make significant earnings from selling pictures of their feet without the buyers ever seeing their faces. A great platform to get started is of course your local fansite but also dedicated platforms like FunwithFeet a marketplace exclusively made for selling feet pics. 

Of course, the same rules apply here as with soliciting any adult content. In order to remain safe try not to give away any personal information such as government names and addresses etc. A good way to sell more feet pics is to talk to and negotiate with interested buyers. There may be a particular pose or clothing item they want you to wear in the picture that would cement their purchase. 

Again this is something that you will want to promote on social media and threads such as Reddit. Once upon a time, this was where people used to connect for these sorts of transactions so give it a try.

Virtual Girlfriend Service 

Will encompass texting and calling but ultimately not all sexual just for companionship or you set the rules. A virtual girlfriend is a woman who provides companionship, affection and attention for their other half in exchange for money. Think of it as being a sugar baby that never meets up with their partner and payments are regularly scheduled. 

The virtual girlfriend service has grown significantly over the last few years with the increasing number of people working demanding jobs, alongside the pandemic that forced many people into isolation. With this service, many of the men requiring it may want sexual stimulation in the form of pictures and videos but it is not a necessity. Rather some men simply want someone to talk to during the day and give them gratification in the form of female attention.

So what will your job be as a virtual girlfriend? Well, the terms of your services will vary depending on what you negotiate with your client. But for the most part, you will be expected to message, engage with them over social media and voice and video calls at certain times. Of course, some of the perks of having a girlfriend are sexual which can also be discussed for fees that you find appropriate.

Opportunities as a virtual girlfriend are usually found on dedicated websites such as MyGirlFund and GFRental. The amount that they pay for this service is difficult to put a price tag on as every virtual relationship is different hence it’s best for you to use your discretion.

For your safety please do not use any real names or personal social media accounts that are linked to it. It will also be a good idea to invest in a burner phone where you can carry out business with any of your clients. A bonus of running this side hustle is you can work with as many clients as you have time for. When you have multiple clients on board that's when the serious money starts to roll in.

Become An Adult Mentor 

Last but certainly not least on our list is becoming an adult entertainment mentor. If you have experience in the adult industry and a particular set of skills you have acquired over a long career why not share your expertise with the newbies. Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back and even earn some money on the side by helping one of the biggest industries in the world.

As a mentor, you have plenty of options. Try creating a website and starting an adult blog. By sharing pro tips, opinions and takes on everything there is to do with that particular niche of the adult industry you will naturally gain a following. It’s not uncommon for popular blogs to be approached about marketing opportunities where people will pay you to advertise their business, how easy is that. 

You could also consider starting a YouTube channel and becoming an influencer. Granted the algorithm doesn’t take too kindly to adult content especially when it comes to monetising videos. But the likes of adult star Mia Malkova have found ways to keep things relatively clean even when talking about adult content and develop a healthy subscriber count. Once you build a significant enough following you can offer additional services that can improve the value of this side hustle.

Advertising coaching services on websites like Fiverr where clients will pay to have video lessons delivered by you are just one of the ways to sell your knowledge in this particular field. 

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration from the adult side hustles on our list. With these businesses, you can be creative and innovative or simply follow the formula like many others. Sometimes there’s no need to try and reinvent the wheel. Be safe and go get paid!