5 Kinks You Might Like If You Buy Used Panties

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f you’re on our site, you’re probably into used underwear. But are you interested in adding something new and risque to your sex life? 

In a recent survey, 84% of people say they’d like to have more kink in their relationships. This makes sense, since changing it up in the bedroom has become much more normalized in recent years since the publishing of The Popular BDSM Book Which Shall Not Be Named. (You can read more of our opinions about that here.) When people feel comfortable, they can discover new kinks and explore the kinks they know they have.

If you’ve been looking for something new to try, here are a few ideas, tailor-made for those who like buying used underwear. These might even inspire you to try something new when you make your next panties purchase.

Salophilia (Sweat Fetish)

People with a sweat fetish, otherwise known as salophilia or osmophilia, get turned on by the smell or taste of sweat. If you enjoy smelling used panties, you might already know you’re into this. In fact, Workout is the most popular scent on our site in the United States and Australia. You’d be in good company. 

It’s possible that this kink is prevalent because of the pheromones contained in sweat. Smells are a huge part of memory, so if you catch the scent of a hot girl at the gym and remember your last one-night stand, you might get turned on. There are some people who like tasting sweat, especially for the salt. This often makes people lick salt off their partner, particularly in places more likely to accumulate sweat like the armpits, feet, and ass.

If you’re interested in trying out salophilia alone, try heading to a sauna or going to a particularly sweaty exercise class at the gym and see how you react. To try it out with someone else, engage in some cardio before you have sex. And during sex, make sure to try out some of those acrobatic moves to get the sweat pouring down your chests. You can also always buy a new pair of Workout used panties to try things out.


Roleplay is a pretty common fetish, but it’s a classic. It’s great to be able to pretend to be someone else and have sex with a new personality, too. There are endless possibilities, so this kink should never feel monotonous.

An easy way to try out roleplay is to ask your seller on our site to roleplay with you before you make your purchase. You could pretend you’re ex-lovers, or she’s your boss, or some other scandalous scenario. Don’t be afraid to ask her if this is possible; sellers know how to keep their boundaries and will tell you if the scenario is okay. Once you get your used panties, you’ll be even more excited to rip open the package.


Clothing fashion sport concept. Part body picture with thermoactive underwear. Attractive fit woman promoting sporty clothes.

Voyeurism is spying on people while they’re having sex, changing clothes, or doing other intimate activities. This is a very common kink, with some studies actually finding that it’s the most popular fetish. 46% of people said they were interested in voyeurism, and 35% of them said they’d actually engaged in it at least once.

This can be a tricky kink to navigate, because if it’s done without the knowledge of the person you’re watching, it’s a crime. Therefore, any Peeping Tom activities are a huge no no. Remember that kink is all about consent, and that includes everyone involved in your activity, even non-active participants.

If you’re looking to explore this kink by yourself, try looking for a sex party. These events allow you to watch people have sex while everyone is consenting. You could also make an arrangement with a cam girl where she would pretend she didn’t know the camera was on. To try it out as a couple, arrange a time when your partner will masturbate and you can walk in and “surprise” her. You can also try sexily undressing and pretending you don’t notice your partner is there.


Young sexy woman shows a leg for business man at desk

We’ll bet you know what squirting is. It’s when a woman ejaculates during sex, and it’s all the rage. Everyone wants to talk about whether it’s a real thing or whether it’s just pee. (Good news: it’s not pee.) It happens when a woman’s g-spot is stimulated juuuust riiiight, and some women have an easier time doing it than others (and some never have). 

Many men are extremely into squirting. Want proof? The popularity of squirting videos on Pornhub drastically increased between 2013 and 2015, and it’s been in the top 20 categories of videos on their site ever since. It’s a huge fetish, and the fluid that’s associated with it can be very sexy.

To try it out solo, find a Sofia Gray seller who’s selling panties with the Masturbation scent. You can even search for “squirting” and easily find the sellers who are offering that option. If you want to help your partner squirt, try having sex in cowgirl or doggy positions. She might have some luck using a g-spot vibrator on herself and taking her time until she gets the hang of it.


Watersports (also called golden showers or urolagnia) is incorporating urine into sex. This can be a very divisive even amongst the kinky population, but it’s a very unique experience that you should consider trying at least once. 

This kink can involve either peeing on someone, getting peed on, or drinking pee. Urine isn’t actually sterile, despite common belief, so drink at your own risk, but the levels of bacteria are very low, making most piss play practices very safe.

To try this out alone, you can try looking at some porn. You can also buy a pair of urine-scented used panties from one of our sexy sellers to help you get the full experience while you watch. If you want to try out watersports with a partner, make sure the giver drinks lots of water beforehand. The easiest place to start out is the shower, since there will be no messy cleanup. It’s a really no commitment way to get your feet wet (maybe literally).