4 Ways to Make Money Doing Sex Work Without Getting Naked

The used panty marketplace

When people find out that someone is a sex worker, they probably assume that they’re getting naked on camera for their OnlyFans account. While this is often true, there’s a wide variety of jobs that you can get in the sex work industry. You might be surprised to learn that some of them don’t involve taking your clothes off at all or even showing your face.

Interested in making money with sex work but nervous about getting naked? We’ve got the jobs for you.

Phone sex operator

If you still want to flirt with people but want to stay anonymous, becoming a phone sex operator could be right for you.

Why it could work for you
Phone sex operators don’t have to see their clients in person, but they do talk to them over the phone or a video chatting app. Some sites even offer texting, which is even lower stakes.

Phone sex operators can work from home on their own schedules. It’s a great side hustle if you have another 9-5 job, since evenings and weekends are the most popular call times. Once you sign on, you’ll wait for calls to roll in. There will probably be downtime between your calls as well. This will give you time to get some work done around the house, do a face mask, or watch your favorite TV show.

Working in the phone sex industry can be fun! Talking with a client is almost like acting. You get to figure out the best way to satisfy your customer while keeping them on the line as much as possible. You may even develop your own sexy voice that you can use on the phone. It can be sexy to act like somebody else, and it might improve your dirty talk skills in the bedroom with your partner!

Most phone sex operators set their own rates. They’re paid per minute, so the longer a client is on the line, the better. One site lets you set your rate between 99¢ per minute to $5.99 per minute, but some have no cap. You can make a decent amount of money if you’re willing to sign on regularly and keep the clients talking to you as long as you can.

First steps to become a phone sex operator
First, you’ll need to find a company to work for that’s currently hiring models. We have a comprehensive blog post about the best sites to consider that will help you a lot.

Depending on what site or service you use, you’ll probably have to include a profile picture and a bio for people to read. Your picture doesn’t have to be naked, but it can be provocative to get people to call. Just a picture of your face is fine. For your bio, talk a little about yourself and things that don’t have to do with sex. Your clients will want to learn more about you!

Once you have your profile set up, you’ll be ready to take calls!

Sell used panties/items

Did you know that you could make money selling your used panties? Why not jeopardize on something you wear every day? You can even add other used items to your shop like stockings, bras, sex toys, and even bodily fluids.

Why it could work for you
You wear panties every day. That means that the main part of this type of sex work is already done! There’s no large investment or even the need to be particularly popular online when you start.

There are optional ways to get more business for your shop, but selling used panties can be a set it and forget it system. You simply wear the underwear, dry them out and store them in an airtight bag, and wait until someone wants to buy them. You can also take commissions so you already have someone who’s guaranteed to buy the panties.

Selling your used underwear can actually be an empowering experience. It can be sexy that there are random people out there who love your natural smell. That makes the job even more enticing!

You can set your own rate for your panty sales. Sofia Gray, the top panty selling site in the industry, says that their sellers move about eight pairs per month on average. If you can get $50 per pair, that’s an extra $400 in your bank account every month! That’s enough to make it a fantastic side hustle.

First steps to selling used panties and other items online
Most people don’t try to set up their own panty sales. Instead, they go through a site that already gets traffic that can draw in their own customers for you. If you have clients from other types of sex work that you want to sell to, you can always make arrangements on your own or send them over to the site.

Sofia Gray is probably your best option. Not to toot our own horn, but Sofia Gray has the lowest fees for a site of our size. We get a massive amount of traffic from all around the world, and they’re looking for exactly what you’re selling.

On Sofia Gray, you get to set your own prices, and you get to keep every cent from each sale. In exchange, you simply pay a $14.97 listing fee, which covers four months. You can list your first product and start making sales almost immediately!

There are other sites to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown:

Scented Pantsy is probably your next best bet after Sofia Gray. This site has a great reputation and can help you through any issues you have. 

Panty Deal says they have over 1,000,000 panty sellers and that they’re the largest marketplace in the world. This can be an advantage, but it will be more difficult to make your panties stand out with so many sellers on one site. They don’t charge transaction fees and let panty sellers set their own prices. Just note that their fees are a little high at $19 per month. 

You’ll need to get some panties to sell, too. Pick ones that you think customers would be attracted to. Thongs sell well for women, and jockstraps sell well for men. You can get a discount for buying a certain number of panties at a time at lots of lingerie retailers, so shop before you buy!

Next, you’ll wear the panties. The longer you can wear them is better, as you can usually charge a higher price for the extra scent they’ll provide. However, just a day or two is fine, especially if you’re wearing them at the gym or while you have sex or masturbate. Just make sure to keep your vagina healthy, since wearing the same pair of underwear for many days at a time can be bad for you.

Once you have your panties listed, you’ll make your first sale! That means it’s time to ship them to the customer. You’ll dry them out and place them in a Ziploc bag to keep the scent in. It can also be a good idea to include a bonus item inside, like a polaroid of you wearing the panties. It will give your package a nice personal touch and make it more likely that you’ll have repeat buyers.

Once you’re comfortable selling used panties, you can even branch out to sell other materials, like bras, stockings, or even sex toys. It can be a great way to diversify your income and find new customers who wouldn’t have looked you up before.

If you’re interested in selling used panties, we have tons of resources to help you. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Selling Used Panties for tons of great information to get you started!

Financial dominatrix

Findom is a fetish where submissive individuals (who are mostly men) pay a dominant person (who are mostly women) for nothing in return except their sexual pleasure from giving the money away. It’s commonly seen as easy cash flow, as women have an agreement with their sub to pay them a certain amount of money, sometimes per month, just to fulfill their fetish.

Why it could work for you
The thing that excites women about becoming a findomme is the money. Findommes can make a substantial amount from performing this service. Some women claim to make $1,000 in two weeks doing this, and you might even be able to make more if you can get your services off the ground! It can really be staggering how much money men are willing to send these women for nothing in return.

Being a findomme can be a great way to make some extra cash, but it can also be more than that. Many women who enter the field are already into BDSM, so they might get turned on from the whole affair. Some customers will want you to humiliate, degrade, or even blackmail them in exchange for the money. You have to decide whether getting involved in this kink is comfortable for you.

In some cases, you might be able to become a financial dominatrix without showing your face or body. However, you’ll probably have to take at least a few shots to promote your business to get men talking to you. They don’t have to be naked, just provocative. After that, you can deny any requests from your clients to send pictures or videos. That might actually get them more excited than you sending them!

First steps to becoming a findomme
The path to becoming a findomme can be more difficult than some other sex work professions. Generally, people need to find a way to get to know who you are before they’re willing to buy from you. Many will want to see sexy photos of you, but they don’t have to be naked photos. If you’re not comfortable with this, you might still be able to get attention, but it will be more difficult.

There aren’t any sites for findom specifically that will help you find clients. You’ll have to find them yourself. Twitter can be a great hub to get to know your potential clients, especially when you use the right hashtags to promote yourself.

Although no sites exist that specialize in findom, you might be able to find clients on existing websites like OnlyFans, Fancentro, and Chaturbate. You can get your money through tips on these sites.

If you want more guidance for how to become a findomme, we have a whole article about it!

Erotic writer

You may not think of writing erotica as sex work, but it checks all of the boxes. It’s definitely a way to create a job around sex that doesn’t require nudity or even showing your own face. If you’ve always enjoyed writing, especially about sex, erotica could be just the thing for you!

Why it could work for you
Upon first glance, writing erotica is pretty easy. You pick a scenario with a pair of characters (or possibly some extra participants), then write about the hot sex they have. Writing a short erotica story of 5,000 words or less might take you only a few days. So what’s the catch?

Well, you’ll need to find a way to sell these erotica stories. Most people choose to post them on Amazon or another ebook selling website. This can be challenging, since the market has become very saturated with self-published books.

Don’t get discouraged, though. If you’re a good writer who can turn out work pretty fast, you can make a decent amount of money selling short stories or even longer books. It could even turn into your full-time job!

Keep in mind that you need to be a pretty good writer to do this. Plus, writing sex can be even harder than writing an essay in college. It takes work and practice! Here’s how you can get your first story under your belt.

How to become an erotica writer
Before you can start making money, you’ll have to write your first story. The best way to do this is to choose a scenario or trope for your characters. Most stories in the erotica and romance genre use tropes so that readers will know what to expect from your work and will be more likely to buy it. Some common tropes include:

  • Friends to lovers
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Fake dating
  • Second chance
  • Friends with benefits

Those are basic ones, but you could always take things in a kinkier or supernatural direction if the mood strikes you!

Now, you’ll have to get into actual erotica writing. You might find that writing sex scenes is harder than you thought. A lot of mainstream, successful writers even struggle with them. One tip is to try to loosen up before you start. Maybe have a glass of wine or do something sexy to get yourself in the mood. You could watch porn or read another piece of erotica to get a little excited.

Don’t feel the need to go outside of basic anatomy terminology in your story too much. No one actually thinks calling a penis a “love snake” or a vagina a “wet cave” is actually sexy. It just comes off as comical. Words like “pussy” and “cock” are your friends.

Once you have your book completed, you’ll need to post it on Amazon. There are a lot of steps involved, including choosing a cover, writing a blurb, and navigating Amazon’s publishing system.

Luckily, we have a comprehensive article covering the process, from writing to publishing to promoting your book!

Sex work doesn’t have to involve being naked on a cam site every night. If showing your body isn’t something you’re into, the jobs we’ve talked about will still let you get a piece of the pie!