The buyers on Sofia Gray – for the most part – are completely pleasant individuals, trying to make an online purchase as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, as with any transaction you’d  like to know as much about the item as possible before purchasing, to ensure it will fill your specific needs. This is something that seller’s welcome, as it usually creates a rapport and trust between both parties, which typically concludes with a sale for that seller.


While that process is the norm for most sales, there are a few buyers who are slightly more “inquisitive” than the rest.


We’ve put together some of the weirdest, wackiest and hilarious questions, requests and messages sellers have received from real life buyers. We’ve redacted the messages to preserve the users anonymity.


1.“Can you just send me a brand new unused pair of underwear


Why even bother visiting a used underwear site?


2.“Would you be able to send me a video of you cleaning your house in the panties


Cleanliness is close to godliness.


3.“Could you get your mom to wear them


We can confirm that this buyer has no idea who the seller’s mom is.


4.I saw your panties for sale and I have to have them but I don’t have any money right now, so I was hoping I could trade my underwear for yours


Not sure if that would be a fair trade.


5.“I don’t want your panties, but in one of your pictures I saw really nice lamp in the background, what would you want for that


Hey buddy, this isn’t eBay.


6.“Are you a Cubs fan If you’re not, I don’t want them


Cubs fans are hardcore.


7.Can I get a side of fries with those


And a diet coke?


8.This pair of panties says it has been peed on. How many times exactly I’m expecting a minimum of two


That is just “peedantic”


9.I've been browsing the site now for a while and your pictures aroused me the most. Do you accept runescape coins


I don’t know how many of our seller’s are runescape players, but I can’t see many accepting.


10.“I will trade you ten of my finest cows for 5 pairs of your used panties


Fifteen cows or we walk.


11.“How do I know you've worn this underwearCan you send some sort of DNA confirmation in the package


Jerry Springer: “You are… the owner of those panties”


12.“I'm really into plus sized girls, but I feel like I have a connection with you. Can you wear panties twice as big as your normal size for me


This seems very impractical.


13.“I'm 55 with a wife and children. Does that make you feel weird


It didn’t, but now it does.


14.“Is poop out of the question


It never hurts to ask.


15.“Where are your mother and father from


How would that in any way affect the underwear?


16.“I’m new to this whole used panties thing and I’m really nervous, can we just take things slow I don’t want us to rush into anything and get my heartbroken.”


Somebody give this guy a hug.


17.“If I send you my own underwear, could you wear that instead


I guess it would depend on the size.


18.“Could you deliver the underwear to my friend's address He has no idea they're coming”


What an amazing prank. Let’s hope he collects the mail.


19.“Hey, this is Kevin your cousin. Didn't expect to see you on here. How’s the family


That’ll make a for a fun family gathering conversation.